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" Scotland's Quaintest Burgh "

It's Lost Links and Landmarks Restored


Saltland in Retrospect

The Town of the Nineyards and "My Lord's Garnel House"

The King's Highway and the Town's Ancient Vault       

A Historic House: The Venerable Saracen's and the Stage Coach       

"The House the Smuggler's built:'' Red Coats in Saltcoats 

Romantic " Elensport " and a Vanished Railway    

Through the Dockhead on Breezy Braes and Byways 

Ships and shipping Days; Neptunes, Sea Dogs, and " Captains Courageous"  

Haunts of the Close Mailling ; through the Hole in the Wa', House with the Painted Room 

The Rock of Romance: Castleweerock, the Windmill, and the Ancient Craigwell   

The Town End to the old Kirk Stile and the Manse : The Chapel on the Chapel Brae 

Footprints or the Monastics: through the Cloister and Orchards 

Up "the Hedges:" the House of Miss Stevenston of Dykes, the Chapelwell 

From the Town Cross to the old Post Office: Memories of the Floods 

Howfs and Famous Dignitaries and Dwellings of the  Drakemyre           

In the Heart of Old Saltland: the School, the Earl's Girnal, and the Quaint House that became the Headquarters of a Quaint Burgh  

Transformation of Saltland into a Burgh

The Kirk of the Burghers: Peggy Vicars 

Helen Morial's Hadge, Jean Moria's Lane 

Revolutions that the Railway made. The Historic Goat House 

The Crown of Kyleshill to Parkend: Volunteer Days; Seabank 

Weaverland: the Old Raise Road

The Weavers in the Days of Waterloo:" Parliament of the Plainstones" 

The Town's Charter and the Earl of Eglinton.  Saltcoats' Distinguished Roll of Honour  






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