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Taken from the Largs & Millport Weekly News July 1905

Transcribed from the Largs and North Ayrshire Family History Society Newsletter Winter 1997


Allan,  John,  Labourer Fairlie

Allan,  Robert,  Farmer,  Patry Cumbrae

Arbuthnot,  George C, residenter,  Beachhouse

Arbuthnot,  William,  shipowner,  Largs

Armour,  James,  Farmer,  Milrig

Barr,  John,  farmer Constablewood

Barrr,  John farmer,  Craigton,  &c.

Barr,  William,  farmer,  Routenburn

Beith,  James,  mason,  Largs

Beith,  James,  Farmer,  Ladeside and Townend

Beith,  John,  weaver,  Largs.

Beith,  Robert,  mason,  Largs.

Beith,  William,  farmer,  Muirbum.

Blair,  James,  feuar,  Largs.

Blair,  Robert,  wright,  Largs.

Blair,  Robert,  writer,  Greenock.

Bowman,  Andrew,  draughtsman,  Glasgow.

Boyd,  John of Tron.

Boyd,  John,  junr,  of Tron.

Boyd,  John,  residenter,  Nelson Street,  Largs.

Boyle,  James,  merchant,  Glasgow.

Brisbane,  Sir Thomas MakDougall,  of Brisbane and Mackerston.

Broadfoot,  John, Farmer,  Chapelton.

Brown,  Robert,  merchant,  Glasgow.

Caldwell,  William,  feuar,  Largs

Campbell,  Hutchison,  bookseller,  Glasgow.

Campbell,  John,  M D., Largs.

Carrick,  David,  clerk, Glasgow.

Carswell, James, grain-dealer, Largs.

Caskie, James, surgeon, Largs.

Caskie, James, weaver, Largs.

Cassidy, James, weaver, Largs.

Clark,  James, draper, Alma Cottage.

Clark,  Rev. James, minister, Fairlie.

Craig, John, farmer, Quarter.

Crawford, Dainiel, farmer, Beithglass.

Crawford, Hugh, residing at Fairlie.

Crawford, Hugh. farmer, South Farden.

Crawford, Hugh, farmer, South Farden.

Crawford, James, farmer, Thirdpart

Crawford, James, farmer, Harplaw. 

Crawford, James, farmer, North Fardens.

Crawford, John, residing at Fairlie.

Crawford, John, farmer, South Reillies.

Crawford, John, farmer, Whitlieburn.

Crawford, Robert, residing at North Whitlieburn,

Crawford, Thomas, feuar, Largs.

Crawford, William, of Railies.

Crawford, William, residing at Gogoside.

Crawford, William, residing at Largs.

Crawford, William, feuar, Main Street of Largs. ,

Dickie, John, farmer, Fencefoot.

Dunlop, Alexander, residenter, Largs.

Ewing, Hugh, farmer, Largs.

Ewing, James, farmer, Knockside.

Ewing, James, farmer, Knockside.

Fleck, James, cabinet maker, Largs.

Fleming, Robert, of Silver Ray.

Fowler, John, weaver, Largs.

Giliespie, John Morris, M.D., Faucit near Rochdale.

Glen, Robert, ironmonger, Largs.

Graham, John, general merchant, Glasgow.

Gray, James, fisher, Fairlie.

Gray, Thomas Orby Hunter,  gardener,  Burnfoot

Gregg, James, farmer, Harley Park.

Greg, Robert,  cooper, Largs.

Gregg,  William,  cooper,  Largs

Hair,  Ivie,  farmer,  Northmains.

Hair,  John,  farmer,  Outerwards.

Hall,  James,  wright,  Largs.

Hall,  Peter,  weaver,  Largs.

Hay,  George James,  R.N. Fairlie.

Hendry,  Peter,  grocer and spirit dealer, Largs

Hill,  Archibald,  grocer,  Largs.

Hunter,  William, doctor in medicine,  Woodbank

Inglis,  Thomas Hutton,  residing in Glasgow.

Jack,  Alexander,  schoolmaster,  Largs

Jamieson,  Archibald,  joiner,  Largs

Jamieson, David, weaver, Largs

Jamieson, William, labourer, Largs

Johnstone,  John,  miller,  Noddsdale Mill.

Kerr,  David,  farmer,  Haining

Kerr, William, of Trigont

King,  William,  mason,  Largs

King,  William Hutchison,  minister of the Episcopal Chapel,  Largs

Kinross,  the Rev John,  minister,  Largs

Kirkwood,  William,  farmer,  Skelmorlie Mains.

Lade, Daniel,  wine and spirit merchant, Glasgow.

Lade,  James,  writer in Port-Glasgow

Lade,  John,  grocer,  Largs.

Lamont,  Peter,  shoemaker,  Largs

Lang,  Hugh of S. Kirkland

Lang,  Hugh Morris,  bank agent,  Blackdales.

Lang,  James of Ferratside.

Lang,  John,  glazier, Largs

Lang,  John,  of Routenburn

Lang,  John,  farmer,  Cartsbum,  &c.

Laurie,  Thomas,  feuar,  Largs

Main,  George,  fisherman,  Boyd Street Largs.

MacKay,  Thomas,  baker,  Largs

Malcom,  James,  weaver,  Largs.

Malcolm,  John Hill,  weaver,  Largs

Meikle,  George,  farmer,  Fichen.

Morris,  John, miller,  Largs.

Morris,  John,  fisherman., Largs.

Morris,  Peter,  grocer,  Largs.

Morris,  Robert,  of Moorbum.

Morrison,  James,  bookseller,  Largs.

Morrison,  John,  junior,  merchant,  Glasgow.

Morrison,  William,  bookseller,  Largs.

Muir,  Bryce,  residenter,  Largs

Muir,  Robert,  residenter,  Largs.

MíArthur,  Alexander,  baker,  Port Glasgow.

MíCunn,  Thomas,  merchant,  Gourock.

McKenzie,  James,  merchant,  Glasgow,  residing at Broomfield,  Largs.

M'Kirdy,  Robert,  carpenter,  Nelson Street, Largs

McKirdy,  William,  fisherman,  Largs.

MíLaren,  David Gray,  cabinet-maker,  Largs.

McLean,  Robert,  fisherman,  Largs.

McNair,  James,  residing at Balrie. parish of Kilpatrick.

McNair,  John,  dykebuilder,  Fairlie.

Napier,  John,  builder,  Largs.

Nichol,  James,  farmer,  Annotyard,  &c.

Ninian, James,  weaver,  Largs.

Orr,  John,  fish-merchant,  Largs.

Orr,  Robert,  residing in Huttonpark

Parker,  George,  residing at Bridgend of Fairlie.

Paton,  Hugh,  grocer and cowfeeder,  Largs.

Paton,  John flesher,  Largs.

Pennel,  Follet Walrond,  Rear-Admiral,  Largs.

Pinkerton,  Robert,  accountant,  Largs.

Pringle,  Mark,  residenter,  Burnside House.

Rankine,  John,  farmer,  Bumside.

Ritchie,  Robert,  mason,  Largs.

Robb,  Daniel,  wood-merchant,  Greenock.

Robertson,  John,  wright,  Millport.

Robertson,  Robert,  farmer,  Dykes.

Robertson,  Robert,  farmer,  Dykes &c.

Rodger,  Andrew,  farmer,  Bourtrees.

Scott,  Charles Cunninghame,  ship-builder, Greenock.

Scott,  George,  farmer,  Barrtorr Houses,  &c.

Scott,  James,  of East Grassyards.

Speir,  John,  grocer,  Largs.

Steel,  Robert,  shipbuilder,  Knock.

Steven,  William,  minister,  Largs

Stevenson,  Joseph,  residenter,  Cochranr Buildings.

Stewart,  William,  weaver,  Largs.

Stewart,  William,  of Blackhouse.

Storrie,  James,  grocer,  Auchendarroch.

Tennant,  Hugh,  merchant,  Glasgow.

Thorn,  Archibald,  farmer,  Largs.

Towers,  Alexander,  42 Alma Place,  Glasgow.

Underwood,  Matthew,  wine and spirit merchant,  Largs.

Urquhart,  John,  residing in Irvine.

Watson,  Henry,  gardener,  Ash Craig.

Welsh,  George,  farmer,  Outerwards.

Wilson,  John,  farmer,  Holehouse.

Wilson,  Richard,  barber,  Largs.

Wilson,  William,  weaver,  Largs

Wright,  John,  residenter,  Largs Castle

Young,  John Crawford Major,  Fairlie








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