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Largs OPRs

Church of Scotland, Parish Church of Largs

 Burials & Deaths  1823 - 1854

Transcribed by Stephanie

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Jan 4
Elizabeth Malcolm spouse of William Morris feuer Nelson Street: died Jan 1 of inflammation (age 54)

Jan 8
A daughter of Robert McNeilege shoremaker
Nelson Street; died Jan 6 of decline (age 18)

Jan 10
Bernard Gallacher; died Jan 8 of fever (age 7)

Jan 12
William Hughes; died Jan 7 (age 82)

Jan 14
Robert Fyfe feuer
Boyd Street; died Jan 9

Jan 22
Agnes daughter of Robert Muir
Main street; died Jan 21 (age ? weeks)

Jan 25
A child of Mary _ daughter of Anthony Gallecher

Jan 28
Captain John William Douglass Brisbane Esq died at
Brisbane house; died Jan 22 of fever (age 40)

Jan 31
Hugh son of Thomas Mullen pack man; died Jan 29 (age 14)

Feb 1
Elizabeth Robertson spouse of Thomas Lowrie innkeeper
Gallowgate; died Jan 27 of influenza (age 58)
Jane Wilson daughter Orr weaver; died died Jan 28 (age 9)

Feb 2
A daughter of John Lamont weaver; died Feb 1 of croup (age 4)

Feb 4
A child of Margaret Munn (stillborn)

Feb 7
William son of William McKirdy fisher
Boyd Street; died Feb 4 of inflammation of the trachea (age ? mo)

Feb 9
Margaret Shearer
Gateside; died Feb 7 of fever (age 60)
Mrs John Fisher of
Inverness died at S. Annan; died Feb 4 of palsy interred elsewhere (age 64)
Mary daughter of Robert Glen ironmonger; died Feb 4 of hydrocephalus (age 14 1/2)

Feb 12
John Beith feuer
Gateside Street; died Feb 8 of dropsy (age 58)
James son of Hugh Quin; died Feb 10 of decline (age 2)

Feb 14
Elizabeth daughter of David McLevian painter; died Feb 10

Feb 15
William son of the alte Robert Jamieson fish merchant; died Feb 13 of inflamation interred elsewhere (age 14)

Feb 17
Duncan Taylor labourer
Waterside; died Feb 13 (age 79)

Mar 8
Charlotte Margaret Ann daughter of Matthew Person Esq
Brooksby; died Mar 4 (age ? mo)

Mar 9
John Brown feuer
Gateside Street; died Mar 4 (age 70)

Mar 10
John son of John Blythe weaver; died Mar 9 of bowel ___ (age 2 wks)

Mar 14
Isabella daughter of James McKenzie weaver; died Mar 12 (age 37)

Mar 27
A child of John Boweridge gardener
Brisbane; died Mar 25 (age ? mo)

Mar 28
Margaret daughter of Robert McNeilege shoemaker; died Mar 25

Apr 3
A child of _Neil weaver
Boyd Street (stillborn)

Apr 13
A child of the Rev. David Buchanan Dowie Free Church (stillborn)

Apr 7
John Murdoch Robertson Esq
Northfield interred at Glasgow; died Apr 2 (age 71)

Apr 29
A child of William Johnston quarrier
New Street; died Apr 28 (age 1 day)

May 3
Jane Taylor
Nelson Street; died Apr 30 of hydrothoran (age 68)

May 6
Margaret daughter of Archibald Boyd
Fairlie; died May 3 (age 4 1/2)

May 12
Helen Graham Hill spouse of the Rev. David Buchanan Dowie Free Church
Largs; died May 7 of puerperal (age 38)

May 16
A child of William Simpson dyke builder
Nelson Street; died May 16 (age 2 hrs)

Jun 7
Robert McNeil feuer
Boyd Street; died Jun 3 of decline (age 65)

Jun 9
Agnes Blair wife of William Jack fireman
Main Street; died Jun 7 (age 340

Jul 13
John Quin pauper
Gallowgate; died Jul 12 (age 50)

Jun 3
Elizabeth Moncruff daughter of the Rev Wm _eren Session Church; died Jun 27 at
Dennyloan head Manse of decline and interred at Dennyloan head (age 15 1/2)

Jul 27
John Morris feuer
Nelson Street; died Jul 24 (age 61)

Aug 4
Catherine Morrison
Main Street; died Aug 3 of cancer

Aug 5
Mrs. William Ramsay ironmonger; died Aug 5 interred at
A child of William Ramsay ironmonger; died Aug 5 interred at
Glasgow (stillborn)

Sep 1
Robert son of William Sheddan; died Aug 29 of small pox (age 9 1/2)

Sep 7
Agnes Stewart
Gateside Street; died Sep 3 of jaundice (age 69)

Sep 8
William son of Robert Orr writer; died Sep 2 of decline at
_etensburgh interred there (age 29)

Sep 13
Miss Gi__illan of Acre Cottage; died Sep 9 interred at
William Robertson
Dyerbath Street; died Sep 12 (age 70)

Sep 18
Hugh son of William Ewing
Knockside; died Sep 15 of decline (age 16)

Sep 20
John Jack steamboat sailor; drowned in Clyde Sep 16 interred elsewhere (age 36)

Sep 25
Ann daughter of William Campbell spirit dealer
Tron place; died Sep 22 of dysentery (age 6 mo)

Sep 28
Dorcas Greg spouse of John Boyd feuer
Gateside Street; died Sept 24 (age 78)
An infant of Elisha Barclay sailor; died Sep 28

Sep 30
Barbara Ewing spouse of Robert McNaught of
Fairlie (age 85)

Oct 12
Robert Henry son of James McNair Esq; died Oct 8 interred at
Kilpatrick (age 7)

Oct 18
Miss Janet Robertson of
Northfields; died Oct 13 of Palsy interred at Glasgow

Oct 25
Hugh son of Hugh Liddle
Paisley; died Oct 23 of small pox (age 5)

Nov 7
Elizabeth daughter of Richard Wilson baker
Main Street; died Nov 4 of croup (age 7 1/2)

Nov 14
Thomas nephew of John Crawford tea dealer
Bath Street; died Nov 12 of small pox (age 7)

Nov 28
Jane Ewing daughter of James Fleming spirit dealer; died Nov 24 of inflammation in
Glasgow interred there (age 1 Mo)

Dec 1
John son of John Boyd feuer
Gateside: died Nov 28 at Kerse Lochinwood of a fall (age 50)

Dec 18
John Fyfe carpenter late of
Fairlie: died Dec 14 at Ardrossan of jaundice (age 44)

Dec 26
John Thomson Esq of
Thornhill Greenock; died Dec 21 of disease of the liver interred in Greenock (age 71)

Dec 26
Margaret Thompson pauper of
Kilbirnie; died Dec 25 (age 72)

Dec 30
Mary Beith spouse of James Beith feuer
Gogoside; died Dec 26 (age 96)
Peter son of Peter Hendry grocer
Main Street; died Dec 29 of Cholera (age 17)

Deaths in 1848 - 67


Jan 5
James Norval steamboat sailor; drowned in
the Clyde (age 34)

Jan 10
Margaret daughter of James Lindsay
Piper Row; died Jun 8 of decline (age 14)

Jan 13
John Paton son of Captain Robert Thompson
Gallowgate; died Jan 12 (age ? weeks)

Jan 18
Isabella Morris daughter of James Watson egg man; died Jan 16 of decline (age 2)

Jan 19
Jean daughter of Theophilus Tyre feuer
Gateside Streeet; died Jan 17 (age 40)

Feb 5
William Moodie nurseryman
Gogoside; died Feb 2 by falling into the sea (age 60)

Feb 6
Jane Jack spouse of John McMaster gardener
Mansefield Manse Court; died Feb 3 of black boil (age 40)

Feb 7
Janet Orr daughter of James Allan steamboat porter; died Feb 4 of scarlet fever (age 2 1/2)

Feb 8
Margaret daughter of James Malcolm weaver
Wilson Street; died Feb 6 of decline (age 19)

Feb 9
Agnes Scott spouse of James Broadfoot feuer Main Street; died Feb 6 of palsy (age 50)

Feb 6
Janet Braog spouse of Bryce Barclay sailer
Fairlie; died Feb 3 of hydrothorax (age 70)

Feb 20
Mary Wilson spouse of James White weaver
Nelson Street; died Feb 16 of pneumonia/inflamaiton of the lungs (age 50)

Feb 23
Hugh Campbell poor Irishman; died Feb 23 of
Cholera (age 46)

Feb 24
James son of James Cassidy feuer
Gogoside; died Feb 23 of hydrocephalus (age 13)

Feb 27
Cornel Herou Irishman; died 26 of decline (age 25)

Feb 28
John McCachnie feuer
Main Street; died Feb 24 of hydrothormax (age 65)

Mar 1
David son of Robert Alan servant Fairlie; died Feb 27 of roseor erysipetal (age 3)

Mar 5
Isabella Maria eldest daughter of Sir Thomas; died Feb 26
Makdougall Brisbane Baronet K.C.B. Sir Thomas (age 28)

Mar 6
Elizabeth Crawford spouse of Archibald Hill feuer innkeeper and
Main Street; died Mar 3 (age 50)

Mar 12
daughter of Alexander Brown, duer
Main Street; died Mar 9 of pneumonia/inflamation of the lung (age 1 1/2 mo)
A daughter of Thomas Niles
Kirk Close; died Mar 11 from being burned ( 3 1/2)

Mar 14
Janet Smith
Main Street; died Mar 12 (age 86)

Mar 21
Janet Lade spouse of James Lochhead
Gateside Street; died mar 19 (age 77)

Apr 17
Ann Morris spouse of John Blythe
Main Street; died Apr 15 of mortification (age 54)

May 11
A son of William Lang Esq of
Burnside died at Grock Holmes Kilwinning interred there

May 12
Mary Ann Agnes Jane Napeir daughter of ___ Burrows wright
Boyd Street; died May 9 (age 1 5/6)
Ann Barr spouse of John Patterson feuer
Nelson Street; died May 9 of decline (age 42)

May 16
Hugh Cameron son of James Hall manufacturer
Glasgow; died May 13 of Hydrocephalus
William Porter
Main Street; died May 15 of inflammation (age 9 11/12)

May 28
James Martin
Noosdale Mill; died May 23 interred at Kingarth Island of Bute  (age 68)
John son of Hugh Crawford shoemaker
Main Street; died May 27 (age 5 days)

May 31
Catherine Brown grocer
Wilson Street; died May 28 interred at Greenock

Jun 5
William Geurmil grocer
Main Street; Died Mar 30 of paralysis interred at Glasgow

Jun 4
Janet Crawford spouse of Archibald Jardine saddler
Main Street; died Jun 1 of puerperal (age 25)

Jun 11
Thomas son of Alexander McCulloch coach driver; died Jun 7 of dropsy (age 14)

Jun 16
George son of Bryce Barr farmer
Camphill Dalry; died Jun 15 hydrocephalus

Jun 18
Mrs John Pollock Esq
Broodfields; died Jun 14 of Palsy (age 74)

Jun 19
A child of George Grant painter
Nelson Street
(if anyone connects with George would love to know-my William Grant lived on
Nelson Street, this George is too old to be his son and is not his brother
because he was a teacher in Rothesay)

Jun 21
Bryce son of Bryce Barr farmer
Camphill Dalry; died Jun 20 of measles (age 1 1/12)

Jun 23
Jack Cummining of
Johnston pauper; died Jun 20 (age 30)

Jul 10
Robert Spowart Esq; died Jul 6 of dropsy interred at
Paisley (age 80)
Mrs. Hector Gilles labourer; died Jul 6

Jul 12
Ingles Edmonston mason
Main Street; died July 10 of decline (age 58)

Jul 31
Nathaniel Gordon Corbitt Esq; died Jul 26 of apoplexy (age 58)

Aug 4
Robert Lang Esq. Blacksaler; died Jul 30 (age 88)

Aug 1
A child of James McVicar
Fairlie; died Aug 1 (stillborn)

Aug 2
Sarah daughter of Peter Gallacher
Gateside Street; died Aug 1 of apoplexy (age 7 mo)

Aug 4
William Morris Hostler; died Aug 3 of infalmmation (age 52)

Aug 6
Alexander son of Alexander Morrison flesher
Main Street; died Aug 2 (age 1 1/6)

Aug 7
Elizabeth daughter of John Doucherty
Fairlie; died Aug 5 (age 6)

Aug 14
John Whiteford dyke builder
Gogoside; died Aug 10 of cholera (age 50)
Grace daughter of Frances Campbell carter
Gateside Street; Aug 13 of cholera (age 4)
Jane Duncan spouse of James Cain
Gateside; died Aug 14 of cholera (age 40)

Aug 15
Janet daughter of William McKirdy
Boyd Street; died Aug 14 of cholera (age 9)
Mary McTaggart wife wife of William Paton
Gateside; died Aug 15 of cholera (age 60)

Aug 16
An Infant of William Simpson dyke builder
Nelson Street

Aug 17
Edward McKenna
Gateside; died Aug 17 of cholera (age 41)

Aug 19
Charles Lynch
Gateside; died Aug 18 of cholera (age 65)
Mrs. Wormsley a stranger; died Aug 18 of
Mary Hodger daughter of James Campbell carter; died Aug 19 of
cholera (Age 2)

Aug 20
John Forrester Greenock; died Aug 19 of
cholera (age 46)
Marion McDonato a stranger; died Aug 19 of
William Johnston tailor; died Aug 20 of
Janet Cochrane spouse of James Katerson; died Aug 20 of
William Shearer carter
Gateside Street; died Aug 20 of cholera (age 56)
David McKelvey sheriff officer; died Aug 20 of
cholera (age 60)

Aug 21
A child of James Karterson; died Aug 21 of
cholera (age ? mo)

Aug 22
An infant of Alexander McKirdy fisher
Nelson Street; died Aug 22

Aug 23
Sarah Cares spouse of Pat Kelly
Piper Row; died Aug 23 of cholera (age 31)

Aug 25
Ann Tressey spouse of Noble Muffet
Wilson Street; died Aug 25 of cholera (age 47)
Mrs. William Paton carter
Piper Row; died Aug 25 of cholera and childbirth (age 30)

Aug 27
Matthew son of William Johnson fisher
Wilson Street; died Aug 27 of cholera (age 8)

Aug 28
Mary Savage spouse of John Killin
Wilson Street; died Aug 27 of cholera
Neil Leitch gardener
Piper Row; died Aug 26 of dysentery (age 54)
Patrick Kelly
Piper Row; died Aug 28 of cholera (age 30)

Aug 29
John McGee
Kirk Close; died Aug 29 of cholera (age 52)

Aug 30
Mary Ramsay spouse of John McCall shoemaker; died Aug 30 of
cholera (age 28)
A daughter of Patrick Kelly; died Aug 30 of
cholera (age 3)
Ann daughter of Robert Boyd
Lade Street; died Aug 30 or cholera (age 12)

Aug 31
Robert Orr a poor stranger; died Aug 31 of

Sep 3
Isabella daughter of Peter Gallacher
Gateside Street; died Sep 3 of cholera (age 5)
Sarah daughter of Hugh Quin
Kirk Close; died Sep 3 of cholera (age 6)

Sep 7
Sarah McMillen wife of Hugh Quin
Kirk Close; died Sep 6 of cholera

Sep 9
William Sheddan precurtor
Gateside Street; died Sep 9 of cholera (age 50)

Sep 10
Daniel McLean teacher
New Street; died Sep 10 of brit__ cholera (age 60)

Sep 27
A daughter of Robert Crawford carter
Gallowgate; died Sep 25 of decline

Oct 3
Agnes daughter of William Simpson dyke builder
Nelson Street; died Oct 1 of scarlet fever (age 3)

Oct 12
Thomas Strachan
Main Street; died Oct 8 (age 77)

Oct 13
Mrs Symington interred at

Oct 24
Margaret Bryden spouse of Richard Wilson baker and feuer
Main Street; died

Oct 21
A child of Mrs D McMenemy (stillborn); died Oct 24

Oct 30
Jane Ewing spouse of David Logan innkeeper
Townhead; died Oct 26

Nov 15
Miss Boag daughter of the late Hugh Boad feuer
Gallowgate Street; died Nov 13 of hydrothorax (age 70)

Nov 20
Jessie daughter of John Spiers flesher
Main Street; died Nov 16 of epilepsy or convulsions apoplex (age 2 1/2)

Nov 27
James Wilson Esq of
Quarter Haylee; died Nov 20 (age 75)

Nov 26
A child of Hugh Porter
Nelson Street; died Nov 25 (age ? mo)

Nov 28
Isabella Leitch spouse of Peter Paterson Jr of
Merry Pass; died Aug 25 (age 70)

Nov 30
Miss Gordon of
Calavannan; died Nov 26 of cancer interred at Castle Douglas Parish of C. Michael (age 70)

Dec 3
Ann daughter of William Alexander cabinet maker; died Nov 30 of decline

Dec 4
James Crawford
S. Whishburn; died Nov 30 (age 86)
John Crawford
S. Whishburn; died Dec 2 (age 52)
Thomas Australia Makdougall
Brisbane son of Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane Ba___t K.C.B.V.; died Nov 15 of erylipelas or rose fever at Gibralter and interred in the family vault Largs (age 25)

Dec 8
Hellen Allan spouse of David Miller feuer
Nelson Street; died Dec 5 (age 81)

Dec 13
A daughter of John Holliday wright; died Dec 10 from being burned (age 3 1/2)

Dec 26
David Armstrong tin smith
Main Street; died Dec 22 of decline (age 56)

Dec 28
Ann Hunter spouse of John Martin weaver
Gateside; died Dec 26 (age 74)

Dec 29
Robert son of Bryce Muir mason
Nelson Street; died Dec 27 of eliac pas__ (age 6 3/4)

Dec 31
Robert Crawford farmer
Outerwa__; died Dec 27 of dropsy (age 47

Dec 18
Hugh son of John Boag weaver
Main street (age 1 5/12)

Deaths in 1849 - 110



Jan 11
Captian John Robertson R. N.; died Jan 6 at
Fairlie (age 66)

Jan 15
Archibald son of Thomas Orr plumber
Bath Street; died Jan 12 of hooping cough (age ? mo)

Jan 17
Jane Blair Wilson spouse of Robert Bryce
Main Street; died Jan 13 in child birth (age 26)

Jan 18
Margaret Laird spouse of John Morrison; died Jan 14 interred at
Port Glasgow (age 67)

Jan 25
James Thompson of
Stonehouse; died Jan 22 of dropsy (age 42)

Jan 26
Jane daughter of John Paterson milner
Wilson Street; died Jan 23 of fever (age 17)

Feb 1
Margaret Holdane Law wife of the Rev. William Wilson
Greenock; died Jan 26 interred in Greenock (age 80)

Feb 5
Alexander Barr farmer
Chapelton; died Feb 1 of fever (age 30)

Feb 9
John son Hugh Craig grocer
Nelson Street; died Feb 5 of decline (age 14)

Feb 8
Agnes Boyd wife of Jjohn Thorn of
Fardings; died Feb 5 (age 82)

Feb 12
Agnes daughter of Peter Brown
Nelson Street; died Feb 9 (age 22)

Feb 15
Jane daughter of William Shearer weaver
Gateside Street (age 14)

Feb 16
Sarah daughter of William Grant weaver
Nelson Street; died Feb 14 of measels (age 11 mo)
(My 3X half great-aunt)

Feb 22
Isabella daughter of Thomas Dyer labourer; died Feb 20 (age 2 1/2)
George Blair of
Kelly Inverkip: died Feb 19 of Rheumatisms (age 47)

Feb 23
James son of James Malcolm weaver
Wilson Street; died Feb 21 of fever (age 7)

Feb 25
Peter Boyd of
Fairlie; died Feb 21

Feb 27
Margaret Gillespie of
Ireland; died Feb 27 (age 40)

Mar 2
Peter Hendry son of John Houston boateman; died Mar 2 (age 5 days)

Mar 4
Archibald son of Archibald Jack
Fort Street; died Mar 2 of trachea or disease of the windpipe (age 3 mo)

Mar 7
Malcolm son of Malcolm Cochrane residing at
Nivian Hall; died Mar 3 (age 1 1/4)

Mar 9
Richard son of Richard Wilson baker
Main Street; died Mar 7 of fever (age 26)

Mar 15
Mrs. James Gouldie of
Fairlie; died Mar 12

Mar 18
Arthur Hendry Cave son of Capt Thomas R.N.; died Mar 14 of hydrocephalus/inflamation of head (age 1 7/12)

Mar 15
An infant of John Blair wright; died Mar 15

Mar 25
William Glen
Wilson Street; died mar 22 of dropsy (age 72)

Mar 27
Thomas Cameron son James Allan porter; died Mar 25 of trachea (age 8 mo)

Apr 3
Robert Adam sailor
Nelson Street; died Mar 30 (age 95)

Apr 12
William Brown quarry man; died Apr 10 at his work interred elsewhere (age 66)

Apr 25
John Boyd feuer
Gateside Street; died Apr 20 (age 82)

Apr 24
Isabella daughter of James Hendry weaver
Manse Court; died Apr 21 of hydrothorax (age 11)

Apr 26
Robert son of William Crawford coachman to S. Graham Esq; died Apr 25 of dropsy (age 9 mo)

May 7
Thomas son of Matthew Underwood grocer
Main Street; died May 2 of trachea (age 18)

May 8
Bridget daughter of Michael Mingen
Gateside; died May 7 of dysentery (age 1)

May 10
Dewar son Hugh Paton grocer
Main Street; died May 8 of inflammation in the chest (age 11 mo)

May 9
Jane daughter of Charles Lynch
Gateside Street; died May 7 of spinal (age 17)

May 10
Ann daughter of Joseph Burnes slater
Boyd Street; died May 5 of hydrocephalus (age 8)

May 14
John son of George Eaton
Nelson Street; died May 11 of hydrocephalus (age 21)

May 16
May Lyle wife of Robert Malcolm
Townhead Close; died May 13 (age 82)
Robert Robertson son of John Spiers farm servant; died May 14 (age ? mo)
The Rev. William Mackie Minister of
Scremerstone Northumberland; died Mar 11 (age 43)

May 20
John son of John Kerr mason of
Gateside; died May 19 of measles (age 2)

May 25
Margaret Gallacher wife of Patrick McK____
Wilson Street; died May 23 (age 27)
James son of Patrick McK____; died May 24 of decline (age 10 mo)
Jane Boag of
Fairlie; died May 23 (age 64)

Jun 20
Jane daughter of Archibald Jack weaver
Main street; died Jun 18 of inflammation (age 1 1/12)

Jun 21
Major George Mackie
Bath Street; died Jun 17 (age 76)

Jun 22
Robert son of Robert Hunter fisher
Wilson Street; died Jun 21 water (age 5 mo)

Jul 9
Jane Boyd spouse of Alexander Ross weaver and pensioner; died Jul 6 of decline

Jul 11
A daughter of Angus McLean labourer
Townhead Close; Jul 10 (age 2 weeks)

Jul 13
John Arnu_t Carnie of
Curling Hall; died of inflamation at Glasgow interred there (age 30)

Jul 19
Ann daughter of Andrew Fowler weaver
School Street; died Jul 18 of disease of the head (age 13)

Jul 23
Jane daughter of James Burns slater
Boyd Street; died Jul 21 of hydrocephalus (age 6)

Jul 26
Chirstina Annan spouse of John Barclay gardener
Fairlie; died Jul 24 of palsey (age 48)
Robert Lang son of Allan Clarke; died Jul 25 interrred at
Glasgow (age 1)

Jul 31
Robert Glasgow son of Robert Thomson
Gallowgate Street; died Jul 27 of Scarlet fever (age 7)

Aug 3
Mary Tyre wife of Alexander Arbuthnot
Nelson Street; died Jul 31 (age 77)
Mrs Daniel Cameron; died Jul 31 (age 46)

Aug 7
Isabella daughter of John Fish mason
Wilson Street; died Aug 4 drowned in the Gogo (age 7)

Aug 6
Alexander son of Alexander Ross weaver
Gateside; died Aug 5 of decline (age 1 mo)

Aug 7
Archibald son of William Malcolm
Gateside; died Aug 5 of decline (age 5)

Aug 16
Janet Towers residing near
Kellytote native of Falkirk; died Aug 13 (age 29)

Aug 20
James son of William Nivian
Fairlie; died Aug 15

Aug 24
Mary Crawford wife of Ingles Edmonston or Murphy; died Aug 22(age 50)
John son of Allen Gilmer baker
Main Street; died Aug 22 (age 7)

Sep 3
Mary Robertson daughter of the late Thomas Robertson
Filliam's Well; died Aug 31(age 62)

Sep 7
Thomas Boyd tailor
Fairlie; died Sep 4 (age 95)

Sep 12
Andrew Wast son of William Shepherd
Gateside Street; died Sep 9 of scarlet fever (age 3)

Sep 18
A child of Margaret duaghter of Anthony Gallacher
Haylee; died Sep 18 (stillborn)

Sep 20
Isabella McKirdy
Wilson street; died Sep 17 (age 84)

Sep 21
David son of Robert Duff
Fairlie; died Sep 19 (age 5 mo)

Sep 23
Isabella daughter of John Montgomerie
Lade Street; died Sep 20 of measles (age 2)

Oct 11
Jessie daughter of Thomas Crawford
Nelson Street; died Oct 9 (age 10)

Oct 16
Mary daughter of Alexander Hendry weaver
Main Street; died Oct 13 of croup (age 2)

Oct 30
James Nivian
Waterside Street; died Oct 28 (age 83)

Nov 12
Rebecca daughter of James Whyte
Nelson Street; died Nov 9 of decline (age 23)

Nov 19
Robert son of John Barbour
Wilson Street; died Nov 16 of hydrocephalus (age 6)

Nov 20
Agnes McLean wife of John Lamond
Nelson Street; died Nov 18 of inflammation

Dec 7
Eliza Jane daughter of William Graham coachman to Robert Graham Esq; died of croup (age 2)

Dec 11
Miss Jane Morris
Main Street; died Dec 8 of inflammation (age 85)
Wilhelmina daughter of the late William Porter labourer
Main Street; died Dec 10 (age 1 1/3)

Dec 20
James Crawford coal agent
Main street; died Dec 18 of dropsy (age 68)

Dec 26
James son of James Whyte weaver
Nelson Street; died Dec 24 of decline

Dec 27
Jane Manson wife of John Gloag tailor
Main Street; died Dec 24 of decline
James Ryburn shoemaker
Frazer's Close; died Dec 25 of decline (age 67)

Jan 3 (1851)
Robert Hall Esq
Bath Street; died Dec 26

Deaths in 1850 - 86


Jan 2
Matthew son of Charles Harris mason
Nelson st (6 months)

Jan 17
John son of Janet Hunter
Lade st (age 5)

Jan 22
Fairlie Helen McCrea wife of Peter Fisher (age 44)

Jan 25
A child of John Crawford farmer
Rillies (4 days)

Jan 29
Leslie Rhind Thompson wife of Charles Frazer druggist
Gallowgate st decline (age 23)
William son of Robert Barbour weaver Main st water in head (16 months)

Feb 1
Margaret Crawford wife of John Neil weaver
Lade st disease in stomach (age 57)
Hugh Clena son of William Hosea weaver
Nelson st inflammation (5 weeks)

Feb 18
Elisabeth daughter of John Fife wright
Boyd st inflammation (18 ?)

Feb 22
Mary daughter of John Morris fisher
Boyd st (age 2)

Feb 23
A child of William Simpson dyker (stillborn)

Mar 3
Miss Elisabeth Crawford Hailey
Blair close cancer (age 63)

Mar 6
Margaret daughter of John Gloag tailor
Main st (3 months)

Mar 14
Mary McKechnie at
Hawk Hill cottage (age 66)

Mar 18
James Morris fisher
Main st inflammation

Mar 19
John Jack gardener
Nelson st (age 89)
Mrs. Margaret Small or Struthers
Nelson st (age 84)

Apr 1
Margaret Hendry spouse of William
Beith (age 89)
John son of John Glen weaver
Gateside st water in head (11 months)
Alexander son of Alexander Robinson teacher Brisbane Schools
Lade st hives (3 weeks)

Apr 7
James Sands son of the late David Sands joiner
Nelson st inflammation

Apr 12
Mary Douglas wife of William Shepherd weaver
Gateside st childbirth (age 42)

Apr 17
William son of Robert Allan
Fairlie typhus fever (age 7)

Apr 26
Alexander son of John Stewart miner
Muirkirk a strange travelling (age 2)

May 5
Mage Mary Gollocher daughter of John Gallocher weaver
New st water in head (age 2)

May 7
Elisabeth Murdoch wife of William McCall Postmaster jaundice (age 59)

May 20
Broomfields Largs Interred at Glasgow Ann White wife of the late John Jamieson esq.

Jun 5
Mary Sibbald wife of major Morris Muir
Burn Louse (age 62)

Jun 11
Isabella daughter of Hendry Duncan weaver
New st water in head (13 months)

Jun 12
David Muir fewar
Nelson st disease in stomach (age 69)

Jun 16
Jean Wilson
Main st Tron Place (age 47)

Jun 19
Rebecca daughter of James Wright shoemaker residine in Glasgow scarlet fever (age 3 1/2)

Jun 21
Elisabeth Wallace wife of the late Archibald Jack (age 79)

Jun 25
Died at Glasgow Assalum Robert son of John Lade
Fewar Nodsdale (age 29)

Jun 26
Margaret daughter of James Gallocher labourer
Gateside st (scarlet fever (age 7)

Jun 27
????? Son of James Gallocher labourer
Gateside st scarlet fever

Jul 4
Mary Robertson
Burnfoot Fairlie (age 75)

Jul 5
Hawk Hill Largs Interred at Greenock Charles son of Charles C Scott esq. (age 12)

Jul 9
David son of the late David Sands jointer
Nelson st decline (age 83)

Jul 12
Skelmorlie Bank Largs Interred at Greenock Andrew Rankin esq.

Jul 15
William Duff of
Fairlie (age 79)

Jul 18
Interred at Paisley son of Alexander Morrison grocer (
Main st)

Jul 19
Agnes daughter of James Gallocher labourer
Gateside st scarlet fever (age 9)
Fotheringham wife of the late John Morrison quarrier

Jul 23
Archibald son of Archibald Hendry tailor
Main st (Age 8)

Aug 2
Andrew Napier fewar
Boyd st (age 68)

Aug 13
Robert son of Robert Muir ????? (9 months)

Aug 15
not readable

Aug 25
John Morris weaver (age 57)

Aug 27
William Barclay carter
School st (age 83)

Sep 10
Rebecca Crawford wife of John Wilson late of
Millrigg Largs (Age 93)

Sep 18
Margaret Fortsque daughter of a poor woman traveling (age 5)

Sep 20
At Glasgow John Johnston esq. decline (age 56)

Sep 23
Maria Fulton daughter of Robert Brice coachman
Main st (5 months)

Sep 24
Douglas son of William Shepherd weaver
Gateside st (5 months)

Sep 26
Janet daughter of James Ninian weaver
Gateside st water in head (age 8)

Sep 27
Helen daughter of Duncan McGonagall decline (age 18)

Oct 1
Thomas Orr fisher
Bath st stomach disease (Age 44)

Oct 17
James son of James Malcom weaver
Wilson st (4 months)

Nov 3
Isabella daughter of France Maxwell mason
New st (age 1)

Nov 4
Robina Goldie daughter of Robert Glen ironmonger
Main st water in head (age 12)

Nov 10
Archibald Wilson fewar
School st (age 86)

Nov 18
John Crawford weaver
Main st fever (Age 70)

Nov 22
A child stillborn of David Muir mason
Main st

Nov 25
Christopher son of William Wishart merchant
Main st decline (age 25)

Dec 3
Thomas Robertson Coal merchant
Main st hanged himself

Dec 16
William Stevenstone pauper (age 80)

Dec 30
Northfield Largs Interred at Glasgow Mary Robertson


Jan 12
Interred at Paisley William Forbes son of Alexander Morrison grocer
Main st croup (age 5)

Jan 16
An infant of Daniel Campbell Toll Barr keeper at
Kelley (3 hours)

Jan 18
Agnes Gallocher spouse of the late James Small (age 70)

Jan 19
John Malcolm fewar and weaver
Townhead Close inflammation (age 65)
John son of Robert Crawford carter
Gallowgate water in heard (14 months)

Jan 24
Euphemry Imery of
Stevenson inflammation (age 76)

Jan 28
A child of John Gallocher weaver
New st (14 months)
Hugh Porter carter
Gateside fever
At Greenock interred a child stillborn of William Allan

Mar 3
Robert son of John McNiladge shoemaker
Gateside st (age 25)

Mar 11
Agnes Allan wife of the late David Logan farmer (age 82)

Mar 15
Mary Ann daughter of the late William Malcolm weaver (age 16)
Duncan McGonagall pauper (age 50)

Mar 16
Peter McNicol tailor
Nelson st (age 50)
Mrs. Barbara Robertson or Halladay
Ron Place (Age 50)

Mar 17
John son of William Logan a stranger or tramp (9 weeks)

Mar 20
Mrs. Ann Grant wife of John Taylor Millend Calton Glasgow (age 52)

Mar 25
John Fleck carter
Hailie Blair Close (Age 40)

Mar 29
John son of James Lindsay
Gallowgate st water in head (age 2)

Mar 30
Janet daughter of John Boyd (6 months)

Apr 5
William son of John Anderson barber
Main st (Age 2)

Apr 8
David Bankeir ironmonger
Gallowgate st (age 72)

Apr 17
At Grove Hill cottage Ventnor Isle of Wright Interred at Largs Elsnor Australia McDougall Brisbane daughter of Sir Thomas McDougal Brisbane K.C.B. & c. of Brisbane decline (29 years and 2 days)
Robert McKirdy fewar
Nelson st

Apr 22
Robert Barr farmer
Wetherhall fever

Apr 23
Mrs. Ann Gibson wife of Robert Wilson
Gateside st (Age 58)

May 3
Camphill Parish of Dalry ??? Son of Brice Barr farmer (age 3)

May 11
Agnes Scott daughter of Hugh Morris fisher
Lade st (age 1 and 9 months)

May 12
John Muir sawyer
Brisbane rd
John son of John Ingles
Ashcraig Lodge (10 months)

May 13
James Danistone Dunlop esq.

May 19
A childe of Joseph Clyde (10 days)

May 24
Peter Divine
Piper Row fever (age 60)

Jun 3
William son of Hugh Kerr Esq. of
Elm Bank decline

Jun 4
John son of William Hunter
Nelson st water in head (age 6)

Jun 8
An infant child of Hugh Crawford baker
Main st

Jun 29
Henry D son of Henry D Dawson painter
Main st decline (age 13)

Jul 9
John son of Peter McDougal merchant
Main st croup (9 months)

Jul 19
Mrs. Margaret McKirdy wife of the late Robert Houston (Age 80)
Mrs. Morris wife of Neil miller tailor
Gateside (age 24)

Jul 24
James son of John Ritchie wright

Aug 9
Mrs. Ann Arbuthnot wife of John Duff
Gallowgate (Age 70)

Aug 11
Margaret Arbuthnot
Manse Court (Age 68)

Aug 13
Robert son of Andrew Kirk mason
Nelson st (4 months)

Aug 16
Hugh Montgomery teacher
Cochrane Place apoplectic fit

Aug 24
Robert Malcolm slater
Gallowgate square decline

Sep 3
A child stillborn of Alexander Duncan
gardener St. Phillans

Sep 22
Margaret Napier daughter of Henry Burrows joiner
Boyd st (9 months)

Oct 4
David Fields servant at
Nodsdale inflammation (age 16)

Oct 8
John son of James Dyer gardener
Gateside st water in head (Age 6)
Janet Orr daughter of James Allan
Gallowgate sq croup (Age 3)

Oct 14
James Boil son of Agnes Hunter from Isla (4 1/2 months)

Oct 21
John Duncan joiner
Fairley (age 63)

Oct 22
Mrs. Margaret Grant wife of the late James Jamieson of
Craigton (age 70)

Oct 25
Daniel son of John McLean fisher
Nelson st scarlet fever (age 23/4)

Oct 29
Brice Barr farmer Camphill
Parish of Dalry

Oct 30
Mrs. Margaret Allan wife of Hugh McLane weaver
Gateside inflammation (age 22)

Nov 3
??? Daughter of John Maise tailor
Gateside scarlet fever (age 2 1/2)

Nov 4
Hugh son of John Rankin farmer
Burnside scarlet fever (15 months)
Albert son of Thomas McKay baker
Main st scarlet fever (11 months)

Nov 5
William Mc Call postmaster Main st

Nov 9
John son of John Montgomery
Tron Place (age 1 1/2)

Nov 15
Mrs. Margerie Mc McCormick
Gateside st

Nov 16
Henrietta Reid daughter of Thomas McKay baker
Main st scarlet fever (age 6)

Nov 19
John son of Thomas McKay baker
Main st scarlet fever (11 months)

Dec 6
John son of Hugh Paton grocer
Main st scarlet fever (age 6)

Dec 14
David son of Robert Hill fisher
Lade st scarlet fever (age 1)
Jean Knox daughter of James Allan carter
Gallowgate sq decline (age 20)

Dec 25
Jean daughter of John Barbour weaver
Wilson st scarlet fever (age 3)

Dec 29
James Allan Esq.
Bath st
Christina daughter of ???? Fleaming carter
Main st inflammation


Jan 4
Died at
Fairlie Mary daughter of John Curried scarlet fever (Age 6)
A stillborn child of Peter Blyth weaver
Wilson st

Jan 5
Robert son of John Thompson bathkeeper
scarlet fever (14 months)

Jan 19
William Wood carter
Nelson st (age 70)

Jan 20
Charles son of Charles Frazier druggist
Gallowgate st

Jan 21
Peter Murphy gardener (age 70)

Jan 22
Jane Tyler wife of the late John Robertson (age 80)

Jan 27
Daniel son of Patrick Brown labourer
Nelson st scarlet fever (age 6 1/2)

Jan 29
Daniel McLean fisher
Gateside st

Jan 31
Archibald Crawford watchmaker
Main st

Feb 11
Walter son of Thomas Underwood
Bath st (10 months)

Feb 12
Theophilus Tyre weaver
Nelson st (Age 79)

Feb 15
J Steel wife of James Duff weaver
New st (Age 94)

Feb 20
Janet daughter of William McKirdy fisher
scarlet fever (Age 2)

Feb 22
Sarah Gunion wife of Robert Paterson mason
Main st

Feb 23
Margaret daughter of John Lindsay gardener
Wilson st (age 5)

Feb 26
Robert son of Robert Gray joiner
Gallowgate sq (Age 4 1/2)

Mar 1
Mary Crawford Midwife
Gallowgate sq (Age 66)

Mar 3
Neal son of John McGinty labourer
Gateside st water in head (Age 1)

Mar 5
Margaret daughter of William Hamilton saddler
Main st water in head (5 months)

Mar 9
Campbell son of Robert Gray jointer
Gallowgate sq scarlet fever (age 1 and 3 months)

Mar 12
Jane daughter of John McMaster
Manse court water in head (age 13)

Mar 16
Elisabeth daughter of Elisabeth Fields
Main st water in head (13 months)

Mar 23
Margaret Ann daughter of William Frazer smith
Main st water in head (age 2 1/2)

Mar 25
??? Daughter of John Mackie grocer
Main st scarlet fever (age 5)

Mar 26
James Barclay grocer
Main st

Mar 30
A daughter of Alexander Hunter fisher
Main st (7 weeks)

Apr 11
John son of John McGinty labourer
Gateside water in head (age 12)

Apr 12
Alexander son of Henry Duncan sheriff officer
Row st scarlet fever

Apr 16
Alexander Robinson teacher
Brisbane School (age 36)

Apr 18
??? Daughter of Farragal Gallocher
Gateside st scarlet fever

Apr 19
Peter son of the late William Malcolm
Gateside st

Apr 25
Margaret daughter of Hugh Morris joiner
A child stillborn of Hugh Crawford baker
Main st

Apr 28
Robert Crawford carter
Gallowgate decline

Apr 29
Janet Cameron wife of Neil Livingston shoemaker
Piper Row

May 4
Died 30 Interred 4th William Boyd fewar
Main st (age 74)

May 6
Margaret Glancer pauper stranger

May 10
Jane daughter of John Orr tailor
Main st (Age 5)

May 11
Agnes daughter of Archibald Jack boatman
Fort st (7 months)

May 18
Agnes daughter of Peter Hall weaver
Gateside st decline (age 17)
Jean Beith spouse of Archibald Frazer smith
Main st (age 75)

May 23
Matthew Kerr Labourer
Gass Close dropsy (Age 67)

May 26
Alexander Carswell wright
Main st liver disease (age 69)

May 27
Margaret daughter of John Hendrie farmer
Mains West Kilbride (age 6 1/2)
Ka?es daughter of John Hendrie farmer
Mains West Kilbride (age 4 1/2)
James son of John Hendrie farmer
Mains West Kilbride (age 2 1/2)

Jun 7
Mary daughter of John Morris
Mellburn cottage (age 14)

Jun 8
Marion Lassford wife of David Logan Skelmorlie decline (age 33)

Jun 21
Rosina daughter of the late deceased Archibald Crawford watchmaker water in head (age 8)

Jun 29
John son of William Crawford wright
Tron place scarlet fever (age 14)

Jun 30
Peter son of the late Andrew Miller
Fairlie liver disease (age 22)

Jul 8
Peter son of Peter Hendrie grocer
Main st decline (age 24)

Jul 15
Margaret Gibson or Taylor grocer
Nelson st (age 63)

Jul 19
Agnes Reid wife of James Caskie weaver
School st British cholera (age 44)

Jul 25
Agnes daughter of Lachlane Lamont weaver
Nelson st scarlet fever (age 12 1/2)
A child of Catherine McMillen servant at
Ryllies (8 days)

Aug 1
Jean daughter of the late Robert Malcolm slater
Gallowgate scarlet fever (age 5)

Aug 6
Robert son of the late Robert Malcolm slater
Gallowgate scarlet fever (age 1 and 10 months)

Aug 17
James Muir dykebuilder
Waterside st inflammation in head (age 23)

Aug 20
At Glasgow Jessie McLean daughter of the late Rev Daniel McLean

Aug 25
At Glasgow Jane daughter of Thomas Crawford
Whitliburn water in head (13 months)

Sep 2
Mary Helen McLean Rae daughter of Alexander Downie of Falkirk (8 months)

Sep 7
Kilwinning Mary Campbell daughter of William Lang esq. of Great Holm Kilwinning

Sep 12
Mary daughter of the late Hugh Miller smith
Fairlie (age 70)

Sep 17
Daniel Brown tailor
Main st (Age 98)
Mary Paterson
Main st (Age 60)

Sep 19
A child of Thomas Duncan gardener
St Phillance (stillborn)

Sep 21
Jean Paton
Main st (age 60)

Sep 24
Mary Boyd wife of the late James Crawford wright
Tron Place (age 76)
Daniel Ferguson gardener
Haylie dysentery (age 60)

Sep 26
Elisabeth Scott
Gateside st (age 66)
John Gallocher
Gateside st (age 30)

Sep 28
Mary Wilson wife of John Boyd Esq.
Tron place palsy (age 63)

Nov 4
A child of Peter Hall wright (stillborn)

Nov 18
Robert Morris pauper (age 70)

Nov 21
John McCall labourer
Kelly toll (Age 25)

Nov 26
Elisabeth Dickie wife of Robert Brown Coast waiter

Nov 29
Lethem McNicol son of the late Peter McNicol tailor decline (Age 18)
Robert son of Robert Brice coachman
Priory Lodge chincough (1 year 2 months)

Dec 1
Margaret Marshall
Rosebank (age 91)

Dec 3
A child of Lachlane Hunter (stillborn)

Dec 7
Ann Watson daughter of Adam Jack weaver
Brisbane rd decline (age 16)

Dec 21
Lenea daughter of Daniel Loga
Gateside st chincough (1 year and 4 months)

Dec 28
Marjorie Richardson wife of Dr. John Campbell
Gallowgate st (age 55)

Dec 30
Peter Ferguson merchant
Main st decline


Jan 2
Jane Scott daughter of Archibald Jack boatman
Fort st (age 6 and 9 months)

Jan 3
At Glasgow Elisabeth Craig wife of John Aitkin residing at Glasgow ?aveletic shok (age 26)

Jan 4
Robert son of James Hendrie gardener
Manse court (age 8)

Jan 5
Alexander son of James Broadfooot spriritdealer
Main st inflammation (Age 2 1/2)
John Wilson farmer
Flat (age 59)

Jan 7
Mrs. Ann Young
Hawk Hill cottage (age 86)
Charles McArthur baker
Main st (age 45)

Jan 9
Dewar son of Hugh Paton grocer
Main st chincough (age 3)

Jan 17
??? Daughter of Archibald Jack weaver
Main st chincough (age 2 1/2)

Jan 20
Christopher Wishart son of James Jack residing at Glasgow chincough (age 3)

Jan 23
??? Daughter of Robert Gills fisher chincough (age 2 1/2)

Jan 25
Hugh son of Hugh Paton
Main st

Mar 6
Daniel Logan
Gateside st (age 87)

Mar 8
Elisabeth daughter of James Cassidy weaver
Gogo st decline (age 20)

Mar 14
John Black son of Thomas Wilson spiritdealer
Main st croup (13 months)
Margaret daughter of Alexander Crawford mason
Townhead Close water in head (age 51/2)
Margaret Thompson wife of James Bailie fish dealer
Nelson st cholera

Mar 20
William son of James Hendrie gardener
Manse Court (11 months)

Mar 28
Jean Jamieson or Strachan wife of the late Thomas Strachan innkeeper
Main st (Age 79)

Apr 8
Margaret Tomolty wife of Peter Dolton
Tron place cancer (Age 58)

Apr 12
Agnes daughter of Hugh Morris fish dealer
Main st (5 months)

Apr 13
Jane Wishart wife of James Jack decline (age 26)

Apr 18
??? Son of William Frazer smith
Main st (age 9)
James ?emmel wife of David ?earstone gardener
Routenburn decline (age 50)

Apr 20
Patrick son of John McGinty (age 9)

Apr 21
Agnes daughter of the late Hugh Crawford fewar
Crawford st decline (age 25)

May 17
Robert Wilson fewar
Boyd st fever (age 60)
James Blair gardener
New st dysentery (age 75)

May 19
Janet Arbuthnot wife of the deceased Robert Wilson fewar
Boyd st (age ?4)
William Jack son of the late Archibald Jack sawyer
Townhead (age 42)

May 29
John son of Hugh Crawford shoemaker
Main st (age 3 and 10 months)

Jun 3
George son of John Beverage gardener
Brisbane decline (age 9)
William Douglas slater
Brisbane rd decline

Jun 13
Catherine daughter of James Lindsay (age 2)

Jun 27
David Boyd of
Fairlie (age 65)

Jul 1
??? Gilles wife of Peter McNicol tailor (age 52)

Jul 5
Elisabeth daughter of John Logan innkeeper
Gallowgate (age 37)

Jul 8
Isabella daughter of the late Hugh Kerr Esq.
Elm bank decline (age 14)

Jul 20
John McArthur baker
Main st (age 52)

Jul 21
Robert son of James Muir
Nelson st croup (age 3 1/2)

Jul 29
James son of Alexander Brown dyer
Main st (age 3)

Aug 1
Margaret King wife of William McLuckie plasterer
Nelson st (age 57)
A child form Mrs. McLean
Gateside st

Aug 5
Robert son of Andrew Galbreath
Kirk Close coup (age 2 1/2)

Aug 16
Marion Baine wife of Archibald Jack fruiterer

Aug 17
Jane daughter of Thomas McGowan of Glasgow
cholera (age 3 1/2)

Aug 20
A woman from Paisley Ewings (?) land
Nelson st cholera

Aug 21
Helen Brisbane wife of Robert Ewing wright
Nelson st (Age 53)

Aug 24
Alexander Miller dancing master
Nelson st cholera (age 23)
Fairlie Mary Watson wife of Robert Duff boatman (age 52)

Aug 26
Robert Graham painter
Main st (age 49)

Aug 28
Isabell Bridon wife of Thomas Underwood
Bath st decline (age 26)

Aug 31
Margaret daughter of John Houston sailor dysentery (age 18)

Sep 1
James Allison weaver
Lade st cholera (age 60)

Sep 2
William son of William Jamieson Parish Church Officer
Nelson st decline (age 22 1/2)
John son of John Aitkin grocer
Main st dysentery (age 1)

Sep 14
Flora daughter of William Hunter fisher
Nelson st dysentery (age 2)

Sep 22
Robert Ferguson gardener at
Quarter cholera (age 42)

Sep 24
Margaret Munn wife of Peter Hall joiner
Main st cholera

Sep 30
Margaret daughter of John Ritchie joiner
Fairley decline (age 23)

Oct 3
Janet Muir wife of the late Robert McKirdy fisher
Nelson st

Oct 5
Elisabeth Wood wife of John Morris fisher
Boyd st cholera

Oct 6
William Morris son of Hugh Morris joiner
Fairley chincough (3 months)

Oct 7
Agnes Lamont wife of William Wood fisher
Gateside st cholera

Oct 9
Mary Queen wife of William Paton carter
Gateside st cholera (age 26)

Oct 10
Isabella daughter of John McKellar carter
Wilson st measles (Age 7)

Oct 11
Mary daughter of Adam Jack weaver
Brisbane rd decline (age 16)

Oct 13
Robert McKirdy fisher
Nelson st cholera (age 52)

Oct 15
Alexander McKirdy fisher
Nelson st cholera (age 44)

Oct 20
Violet ????? spouse of the late John Boyd
Mans court
A child of the late Mrs. Samwell McGill

Oct 21
Janet Polson Milner
Main st decline (age 26)

Oct 24
Daniel Ross spirit retailer
Kirk Close (age 87)

Oct 27
At Torkay England wife of Hugh Kerr esq. of
Elm Bank
Helen Lamont wife of the late David Hill fisher

Dec 3
Kelly Wilhelmina daughter of William Taylor labourer
Townhead Close (age 8)

Dec 8
Archibald son of Archibald McIntyre butcher
Gogo st brocades (6 months)

Dec 11
Child to Alexander Hunter fisher
Main st

Dec 15
Margaret daughter of Robert McLean weaver
Gateside st waterinh'd (Age 7)

Dec 25
Archibald Glen servant at Quarter with Mrs. James Wilson (age 85)








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