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Largs OPRs

Church of Scotland, Parish Church of Largs

 Burials & Deaths  1823 - 1854

Transcribed by Stephanie

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Jan 5
A child of John Blythe quarrier (age 4)

Jan 6
John son of James Boyd fisher
Boyd Street (age 23)

Jan 12
James Barbour interred at
Greenock (smothered in snow at Kilburn foot)

Jan 15
Mrs. Robert Logan baker interred at

Jan 19
May Kerr
Kirk Close (age 68)
A child of Robert King of
Glasgow (age 3)

Jan 21
William Beith Elder Parish Church
Haylie B. Close (age 48)

Jan 23
Alexander William Spowart sailor a stranger (age 35)

Feb 10
Alexander Scott farmer
Son of Matthew Scott flesher (age 40)

Feb 23
Mrs John M Neilege shoemaker
Gateside Street (age 40)

Feb 24
Archibald Jack sawyer (age 79)
Janet Blair wife of William Beith Elder P.C. (age 48)

Mar 12
William son of John King feuer
Nelson Street (age 50)

Mar 17
James Broadfoot farmer
Millrigg (age 53)
George son of James Broadfoot farmer
Millrigg (age 14)

Mar 20
A child of Robert Wright
Bath Street (age 3)

Mar 23
A daughter of James Riddle farmer
Third part (age 4 1/2)

Mar 24
Jane Lang spouse of John Lade grocer
Main Street (age 46)
An infant child of John Lade grocer
Main Street

Mar 25
Peter Carmichael weaver
New Street (age 30)

Mar 26
Ann Eaton
Gallowgate Square (age 53)

Mar 27
Mrs George Martin labourer
Fairlie (age 22)

Apr 3
William son of John Lade grocer
Main Street (age 16)

Apr 5
A child of George Martin
Fairlie (age ? days)

Apr 8
A child of Robert Duff
Fairlie (age 1 1/4)

Apr 17
Andrew Mulligan wright (fever age 50)
A child of James Doucherty
Fairlie (age 1 1/4)

Apr 24
A child of Andrew Mulligan wright (stillbotn)

Apr 26
Mrs. Andrew Mulligan (fever age 40)

Apr 28
Mrs. James Armour
Holehouse (age 31)

Apr 29
A child of Alexander Hendry wright (age 2)

May 1
Mrs. Agnes Laird of
Port Glasgow (age 84)

May 5
A child of James Armour
Holehouse (age ? days)

May 20
Mrs. William Jamieson flesher (age 50)

May 25
Elizabeth Tyre
School Street (age 85)

May 20
John Morrison (killed in
Haylee Quarry age 20))

May 28
A child of William Stevenson (stillborn)

May 29
Mrs William Licjgead mason
Main Street (age 66)
A daughter of Lauchlan Lamont weaver (age 12)

Jun 2
Grace Hendry grocer
Main Street (age 68)

Jun 8
Mary Leech spouse of Miller Beith fisher (age 45)

Jun 19
Mary McNaught of
Fairlie (age 45)

Jul 26
Grace daughter of John Allan feuer
Fairlie (age 20)

Jul 31
Susan daughter of Major Morris
Muirburu House (age 22)

Aug 4
Margaret daughter of John Fyfe
Fairlie (age 30)

Aug 7
Elizabeth Taylor spouse of Matthew Houston fisher (age 30)

Aug 9
A daughter of Frances Boyd
Fairlie (age 6)

Aug 25
A daughter of James Logan carter (age 11)

Aug 26
Jean Glover a poor traveller (age 40)

Aug 28
Mary Wilson spouse of Alexander McKirdy fisher (age 60)

Sep 9
Mrs. James Nivian
Waterside Street (age 70)

Sep 11
Mary Crawford wife of Alexander Ross weaver (age 60)

Sep 27
A child of a poor woman (age 4 mo)

Oct 21
Wilson Nivian feuer
Nelson Street (age 44)

Oct 22
A daughter of Archibald Hendry tailor (age 8)

Oct 25
Elizabeth Galbraith wife of John Pollock tailor
Wilson Street (age 50)

Oct 26
Mrs John Fyfe carpenter
Ardrossan (age 36)

Oct 27
Hugh Houston fisher son of Robert Houston harbour porter (age 28)

Nov 4
A child of Robert Orr weaver
George Street (age 6 days)

Nov 8
Mrs Adam Orr
Bath Street (age 70)

Nov 13
Mrs. Hugh Spiers farmer
Fairlie Ward interred at Dunlop
Child of Mrs. Hugh Spiers interred at

Nov 23
Margaret Nivian
Town Close (age 75)

Nov 29
Margaret Jack spouse of James Taylor tailor
Manse Court (age 60)

Nov 30
A child of Cameron Underbank
West Kilbride (died and buried elsewhere age 4 mo)

Dec 15
Margaret Hall spouse of James Allen carrier
Wilson Street (age 38)

Dec 22
Margaret Lade spouse of William Hall feuer
Wilson Street (age 75)

Dec 24
Thomas son of Capt Mitchell died at
St. Fillian's Well (age 40)

Dec 25
A child of John Napier labourer
Gateside Street (age 1 1/6)

Deaths in 1841 - 69


Jan 7
A child of a poor woman (age ? weeks)

Jan 10
A child of Daniel McDouals tailor (age 1 mo)

Jan 17
Elizabeth daughter of Theophilus Ture
Gateside street (decline age 25)

Jan 27
A child of William Doucherty
Fairlie (age ? mo)

Jan 28
A child of Matthew Houston fisher (age ? mo)

Jan 29
Hugh Craig grocer
Nelson Street (age 37)

Feb 10
Agnes Jamieson
Gallowgate Street (age 82)

Feb 11
A child of Archibald Hendry tailor (age 8 mo)

Feb 12
Mrs James Spiers
School Street (age 70)

Feb 16
Mrs John Blythe quarrier (age 50)

Feb 22
Mrs James Crawford shoemaker (age 22)

Feb 24
Mrs John Fyfe carpenter
Fairlie (age 60)

Mar 4
Elizabeth Jamieson died at
Inverkip (age 77)

Mar 7
Peter Powice plasterer a stranger (age 50)

Mar 12
A child of John Miller tailor
Main street (age 1 1/2)

Mar 16
Elizabeth Jamieson spouse of John Law of
Cartsdyke (age 25)

Apr 8
Mrs John Kerney Esq of
Curling Hall (age 55)

Apr 23
A child of Samuel Higgins labourer (age 1 1/2)

Apr 27
Mrs John Watson Shoemaker (age 36)

May 16
A child of Alexander McMillan
Wilson Street (stillborn)

May 25
James Paton
Main Street (age 86)

May 26
Mrs John Lyle grocer
Main Street

May 27
A daughter of William Alexander cabinetmaker (age 15)

Jun 13
A son of William Crawford dealer (age 7)

Jun 15
Dr John Hall residing at
Milport Cumbray
A child of a poor woman (stillborn)

Jun 18
A child of John Fisher
Fairlie (age 1)

Jun 20
James Logan carter
Main Street

Jul 6
Robert Lang Esq of
Groth-hu son of Robert Lang Esq of Blackdales

Jul 7
Margaret Arthur

Jul 22
A child of Archibald Hendry tailer (age 3)

Aug 2
A child of John Johston factor to Earl of Glasgow (age 1 1/2)
A son of David Person servant
Routinburn (age 9)

Aug 11
Mary Jamieson spouse of Charles Masther feuer
Main Street (age 72)

Aug 16
Daniel son of Daniel McIntosh shoemaker (age 24)

Aug 17
A child of Duncan Taylor (Age 2 1/2)

Aug 29
Jame Beith wright
Main Street (age 87)

Aug 31
A son of Hugh Houston fisher (age 2)

Sep 5
Agnes daughter of William McDouals gardener

Sep 8
Mary King spirit dealer
Gallowgate (age 31)

Sep 13
Mrs James Glen
Gallowgate (age 78)
A son of John Boyd
Fairlie (age 1 1/3)

Sep 16
A child of Mrs Robert Hunter (age 1 1/6)

Oct 11
John Lade feuer
Nodsdale (age 82)

Nov 2
John Kerney Esq of
Curlinghall (age 73)
John Fullerton Esq died at
Burnside interred at Stevenston

Nov 4
A child of a poor woman
A child of James Kean Jr (stillborn)

Nov 8
A daughter of William Anderson
Wiyle (age 8)

Nov 16
Lauchan Ritchie of
Fairlie (age 80)

Nov 21
William Duff Elder Session Clerk Parish Church & feuer (age 50)

Nov 22
A daughter of Robert McNeilege shoemaker (age 17)

Dec 4
Mrs Scott interred at
Isabella Clarke
Main Street (age 81)

Dec 7
Malcolm McCachnie quarrier

Dec 9
James son of John Scott farmer
Auchignarth (age 40)

Dec 12
John Barr (killed by a dyke falling on him age 62)

Dec 23
Alexander Blair weaver (age 55)

Dec 24
A child of Alexander Hendry weaver (age 2 1/2)

Deaths in 1842 - 59


Jan 3
Mrs Alexander Malcolm weaver
Nelson Street (age 31)

Jan 5
Robert Hood weaver (age 80)

Jan 9
Mrs John Fyfe cottage
Cargillie (age 77)

Jan 17
James Boyd of
Paisley & interred there
A child of David Reid smith (age 3 1/2)

Feb 11
Mrs Major Daniel McLean or Margaret Hunter died at
Ardrossan (age 79)

Feb 15
A child of William McCracken mason (age ? mo)

Feb 22
A child of William Penny gardener
Blackhouse (age ? mo)

Mar 21
Archibald Morris
Main Street (age 20)

Mar 28
Robert McKirdy tailor

Apr 12
Margaret Hodge spouse of James Glen feuer
Main Street (age 78)

Apr 19
A son of William Brown gardener
Haylee (age 16)

Apr 25
William Morris a poor boy from
Greenock (age ? weeks)

Apr 28
William Doucherty of
Fairlie (age 27)

May 13
Agnes Arbuthnot wife of John Taylor weaver (age 64)

May 20
Daniel Cameron Underbank
West Kilbride (age 60)

May 23
A son of Thomas Crawford feuer & weaver
Kelburn (age 6)

Jun 3
Thomas Crawford feuer
Kelburn (shot himself age 33))

Jun 23
A son of James Dermiston Dunlop Esq
Haylee (age ? mo)

Jul 5
Mrs John Workman interred at
West Kilbride (age 87)

Jul 7
Archibald Jamieson Sr.
New street (age 73)

Jul 13
James Gregg feuer
Middleton (age 77)

Jul 16
An infant of Archibald Clark merchant
Beith (age 1 mo)

Jul 19
A child of Archibald McMillen labourer
Wilson street (age 6 hours)

Jul 26
James Harvie weaver
School Street (age 67)

Jul 27
Alexander Paterson horse dealer (age 66)

Aug 17
Jean Barbour spouse of James Munroe labourer (age 50)

Aug 29
Janet Boyle of
Glasgow poor (age 23)

Sep 2
Margaret Jamieson spouse of Archibald Clarke
Beith (age 39)

Sep 7
William McGee labourer
Tron Place (age 92)

Sep 15
A child of Jane Frazer (age ? weeks)

Sep 18
A daughter of John Fitzsummons labourer (age 17)

Sep 27
Jean Crawford (age 80)

Sep 30
Miss Jane Young

Oct 2
Helen Kelly
Gateside Street (age 25)

Oct 6
A child of Archibald McMillen
Tron Place (age ? weeks)

Oct 7
Robert McFee wright died at
West Kilbride (age 66)

Oct 10
Mrs James Hopkirk
Nelson Street (age 62)

Oct 13
A daughter of Peter McNicol tailor (age 6)

Oct 21
Mrs William Crawford dealer (age 30)
Hugh Wyllie carter (age 72)

Oct 25
A child of Alexander Ross weaver (age 1)

Nov 1
A daughter of John Killen (age 7)
John Allan feuer
Bath Street (age 82)

Nov 7
A child of James Farnham (stillborn)

Nov 18
William son of William Wilson thatcher (age 24)

Nov 23
David Logan farmer
Catburn (age 76)

Dec 1
Janet Crawford spouse of Thomas Jamieson feuer
Gallowgate street (age 72)

Dec 11
Mrs William Crawford smith
Main Street (age 85)

Dec 16
A daughter of John Mackie inkeeper
Townhead (age ? mo)

Dec 22
A child of Hugh Angus tailor (age ? weeks)

Dec 27
Jean Boyd spouse of John McKirdy tailor (age 54)

Deaths in 1843 - 52


Jan 20
William Boyd
Medical Hall (age 81)

Jan 26
Ann Eaton spouse of George Clarke plasterer (age 36)

Feb 5
Mrs Dougald Craig
Gateside Street (age 66)

Feb 7
Margaret Blair grocer
Piper Row (age 59)

Feb 9
Ann daughter of John Crawford labourer (age 23)

Feb 13
Isabella Allan
Bath Street

Feb 17
James Crawford wright
Tronplace (age 65)

Feb 26
A child of David Anderson (age 2 1/2)

Feb 27
A child of John Crawford weaver
Boyd Street (age 5)

Feb 29
William Crawford smith
Main Street (age 91)

Mar 4
A son of James Malcolm
Nelson Street (age 21)
A child of Mary daughter of J Crawford tea dealer (stillborn)

Mar 18
A child of Robert Duff
Fairlie (stillborn)

Mar 20
John Montgomerie of
Lochwinnoch (age 84)
A child of James Gilfeather stonewear dealer

Mar 25
Mrs Daniel Hendry
Nelson Street (age 72)

Apr 3
Agnes Smith (age 21)

Apr 4
Daniel Lade mariner
Bath Street (age 82)

Apr 11
John Thorn feuer & farmer
Fardings (age 77)

Apr 12
Mary Lang spouse of William Kerr
Prospect Hill (age 80)

Apr 18
Mrs McAllister

Apr 29
A child of William Paton Jr carter (age 1 1/3)

May 4
Andrew Miller
Fairlie (age 34)

May 7
Mary Kirkwood spouse of James Dickie
Main Street (age 55)

May 8
Mrs Archibald Jamieson
New Street

May 9
Mrs William Barbour
Gogo Mill (age 52)
Elizabeth Logan
Main Street

May 18
Mrs Robert Paterson
Nelson Street (age 27)

May 24
A daughter of William Blair sailor (age 2)

May 27
Janet daughter of Andrew Miller
Fairlie (age 9)

Jun 1
John Jamieson of
Craigton (age 74)

Jun 7
John son of Thomas Lawie G
allowgate (age 18)

Jun 10
Mrs William Fulton Esq
Bath Street interred at Paisley (age 67)
A child of Robert McKirdy plasterer (age 4 mo)

Jun 12
David Woodward marine of
H.M.S. Shearwater (age 39)
_____ McKelvey engineer of
H.M.S. Shearwater (age 29)

Jun 17
John son of John Taylor
Nelson Street (age 23)
Alexander son of Andrew Mains grocer (age 24)

Jun 22
A son of James Dewair (a fall age 13)

Jul 20
A child of Samuel McGill grocer (age ? mo)

Jul 22
Mary daughter of John Malcolm weaver
Wilson Street (age 13)

Aug 5
Marion Fotheringham of

Aug 10
Mrs James Hendry shoemaker (age 76)

Aug 12
David Hill weaver
Gallowgate Street (age 86)

Aug 15
William Kerr feuer
Prospect Hill (age 83)

Aug 19
A daughter of John Napier labourer (age 15)

Aug 24
Miss Hariett Howell of
Fairlie (age 59)

Sep 5
James Lochhead weaver
Gateside Street (age 74)

Sep 6
A child of William Tyre
School Street (age 2)
Ann Paton spouse of Hugh Hamilton
Gateside Street (age 60)

Sep 9
Margaret daughter of William Gammel grocer
Main Street interred at Glasgow (age 16)

Sep 10
Mrs Mawson of Boyd
Main Street (age 72)

Sep 11
William son of David Jamieson feuer
Gateside (age 4 1/2)

Sep 13
Mrs Margaret Dobie or Turnbull
Main Street (age 70)

Sep 14
A son of William Sheddan precentor (age 8)

Sep 20
Mrs Margaret Tyre spouse of John McNair of

Sep 21
A child of John Boag weaver (age 3)

Sep 28
Mrs Helen Douglass died at

Oct 15
William Morris spirit dealer
Gallowgate (age 55)

Oct 18
A child of Archibald Jamieson weaver (age 7 mo)

Oct 24
A child of John Ewing labourer (age 2)

Oct 28
A son of Alexander Barr farmer
Chapelton (age 5)

Oct 29
A son of Peter Catswell mason
Janet Sawers alias Mrs Paul
New Street (age 80)

Nov 1
An infant of Richard Wilson barber

Nov 2
A child of Mrs. McLeod (age 2 mo)

Nov 4
Margaret Beith spouse of John McKirdy feuer & fisher
Nelson Street (age 60)
A child of Duncan Barmyfine shoemaker (age 3)

Nov 11
A daughter of Thomas Muller packman (age 7)

Nov 12
John Jamieson grocer
Greenock (age 56)

Nov 19
A daughter of John Barclay
Fairlie (age 10)

Nov 20
A child of James Wright shoemaker (age 11 mo)

Nov 22
A daughter of Daniel McMane-y (age 7)
A son of Robert Gray wright (age 6)

Nov 25
A son of William Miller
South Aunan (age 10 1/2)

Nov 27
A son of Alexander McNair
Fairlie (age 1 1/3)

Nov 28
Alexander Friskin hedger (age 70)

Dec 6
A child of William Hunter weaver (age 1 1/3)

Dec 9
Mrs. Hugh Hill midwife
School Street (age 80)
A son of James Wright shoemaker (age 5)

Dec 10
A son of Archibald Boyd
Fairlie (age 5 1/2)

Dec 14
A daughter of Robert Malcolm weaver (age 3)

Dec 17
A daughter of Alexander Sompson cloth merchant
Main Street (age 1 1/4)

Dec 24
A daughter of Robert Gray wright
Gallowgate (age 5)

Dec 28
A child of John McFarlane butcher
Waterside Street (age 2 1/2)

Deaths in 1844 - 85


Jan 10
A child of Archibald Neil weaver
School Street (age 1 7/12)

Jan 17
A child of Mrs Holmes died at
Prospect Hill interred at Paisley

 Jan 20
A child of John Kirkwood weaver (age 1 1/2)

Jan 21
A child of John Matthews fisher (age 2)
Bryce Barclay sailor
Fairlie (age 68)

Jan 27
A child of James Gallocher labourer (age 1 1/2)

Jan 30
A child of John Blythe weaver (age 6 mo)

Feb 12
A daughter of William Miller
South Anuan (age 7)

Feb 17
A child of Thomas Nillies labourer (age ? days)

Feb 22
John Shearer tailor
Nelson Street (age 78)

Mar 5
A daughter of John Fleck carter (age 8)

Mar 8
A child of Peter Fisher
Fairlie (age 5)

Mar 12
A child of Peter Geurmil wright (age 3)

Mar 15
Mrs Wright alias Jane McNaught

Mar 19
A child of John Allen labourer (age 3)

Mar 27
A child of Hugh Angus tailor
Gallowgate (age 5)

Mar 29
Ann Lade spouse of William Jamieson church officer (age 49)
A daughter of John Paterson
Towergill (age 5)

Apr 22
A child of Angus McLean labourer (age 4)

Apr 25
A child of William Craig gardener

May 17
A child of Francis Boyd carpenter
Fairlie (age 5)

May 19
A child of Andrew Sharpe mason (age 3)

May 26
A child of William Bowie shoemaker (age 1 1/2)

May 30
Mary Smith spouse of Archibald Hill feuer
Main Street (age 76)

Jun 5
A child of Andrew Watson mason (age 2 1/2)

Jun 6
A son of Henry Dawson painter (age 1)

Jun 14
A child of Thomas Orr plumber
Bath Street (age 4)

Jun 30
A son of James Craig weaver
Nelson Street (age 6)

Jul 2
A child of Duncan Rankine baker
Main Street (still born)

Jul 17
A child of Duncan Rankine baker (age 6 days)

Jul 25
Margaret McVean cottage
Craigilie interred somewhere in the highlands (age 20)
A son of Jame Caskie surgeon
Main Street (age 5)

Jul 30
A child of Thomas Orr plumber
Bath Street (age 1 1/3)
A child of Daniel Campbel shoemaker
Mugle (age 7 days)

Aug 8
John Stewart Esq feuer
Broomfields interred at Paisley (age 64)

Aug 13
Mrs Andrew Kirkwood (age 89)
Mrs John Jack gardener
Wilson Street (age 86)

Aug 14
A son of James Lochhead weaver (3 1/2)

Aug 21
Peter Hale weaver
Brisbane Road (age 77)

Aug 28
Mrs Knox

Spe 4
A child of John Hutcheson gardener (stillborn-twin)
A child of John Hutcheson gardener (stillborn-twin)

Sep 11
Thomas son of Robert Adam
Kepperburn (age 30)

Sep 13
A child of William Yuill weaver (age 11 mo)

Sep 16
A child of John Hutchison gardener (age 4)

Sep 19
Robert Dean son of James Lang Esq banker
Bath Street (age 20)

Sep 22
A child of Richard Savage labourer (age 1 1/3)

Sep 27
John Duff feuer & fisher
Gallowgate (drowned age 59)

Sep 29
John Caldwell joiner
Hayley blair close (shot himself age 30)

Oct 3
A daughter of John Stewart slater
Nelson Street (age 2)

Oct 4
John McFarlane a poor man (age 80)

Oct 6
James Taylor
Nelson Street (age 98)

Oct 11
Robert Orr Esq writer justice clerk (apoplexy)

Oct 22
Mrs John M Cachnie / Caclinie feuer
Main Street

Oct 23
Mrs William Sheddan pr---tor (age 45)

Oct 30
John Brown child of a poor woman (age 2)

Nov 7
Alex Crawford feuer
Haiplan (age 69)

Nov 15
A child of Robert Duff
Fairlie (stillborn)

Nov 21
Janet daughter of James Nivian
Waterside street (age 31)

Nov 25
Mary Hodge spouse of William Jaimeson late church officer (age 84)
Robert Houston steam boat porter (age 74)

Dec 9
Mrs John Crawford tea dealer (age 47)

Dec 15
A child of Mary Fields (age 7 mo)

Dec 16
William Hall feuer
Nelson Street elder in Church session (age 79)

Dec 22
A child of Thomas Crawford
Nelson Street (stillborn)

Dec 29
A child of Samuel McGill grocer
Boyd Street (age 8 mo)

Deaths in 1845 - 67


Jan 5
Daniel McMenny labourer

Jan 8
Mary Beith
Gallowgate Street

Jan 9
David Maxwell labourer (age 66)

Jun 13
William Paton carter
Gateside Street (age 66)

Jun 16
John Fields labourer (fever age 23)

Jun 18
Daniel son of John Lade merchant grocer (age 70)
A daughter of Hugh Montgomerie

Jun 23
John McKirdy fisher
Nelson Street

Jun 24
Alexander McGilvery servant Thorn Part (tetanus age 21)

Jun 27
A child of James Craig of
Glasgow (age 2)

Jul 1
A daughter of Robert Adam

Jul 3
John son of Robert Allan feuer
Gallowgate interrd at Cumbray

Jul 21
Jane Elder spouse of Robert Patrick baker (age 21)

Jul 22
A child of Mrs Wilson of
Paisley (stillborn)

Jul 24
A child of James Mercer writer
Bath Street (age 2)
Isabella /miller of
Fairlie (age 43)

Jul 25
A child of Robert Patrick baker (age ? days)

Jul 28
Mrs William Crawford wright
Lade Street (age 27)

Jul 29
Mrs. Alexander Dow of
Glasgow (age 59)
John Paterson grocer & feuer
Nelson Street (age 49)

Jul 31
Charles Wells of
H.M. Shearwater (drowned)
A daughter of Bruce Paterson tailor (age 2)

Aug 1
A child of Mrs McKellar alias Isabella Dyer (age ? mo)

Aug 14
A child of Archibald Morris fisher (age ? mo)

Aug 20
Alexander McKirdy fisher
School Street (age 76)

Aug 21
Isabella Jamieson

Aug 22
Elizabeth Beith spouse of Ebenzer Barclay

Aug 29
Mrs Peter Thompson bath keeper

Aug 31
Matthew son of Robert Houston porter (drowned age 40))

Sep 1
A child of William Crawford wright

Sep 3
John Jamieson boatman
Gallowgate (drowned age 50)

Sep 5
A child of John Jack weaver
Main Street (age ? mo)

Sep 7
A child of John Craig carter
Bakerside Street (stillborn)

Sep 15
A child of Henry Potter Showman of
Northumberland (age 1 7/12)

Sep 16
Peter Thompson bath keeper
A child of John Thompson bath keeper (age ? mo)
A child of William Fleming (stilboron)
Miss Jane daughter of ____ Flerty
H.M.S. Shearwater (age 20)

Sep 17
James Gregg feuer
Main Street Bailie (age 80)

Sep 19
A daughter of John McNeil weaver
Nelson Street (age 7)

Sep 21
Captain Alexander Young of
Brooms Craig (age 80)

Sep 23
A child of John Cooper smith
Gateside Street (age 1)
A child of James Paterson labourer
Gateside Street (stillborn)

Oct 4
Mrs Isaac Moor

Oct 21
Elizabeth Caskie spouse of Hugh Fyfe gasman (fever age 43)

Oct 23
Mrs Robert Paterson mason (fever)

Oct 26
Mrs Gogg stranger

Oct 27
A son of John Hill mason
Causeway Foot (age 21)

Nov 2
A child of James Clarke merchant
Main Street (stillborn)

Nov 3
Mrs. Joy haer
Cochran buildings (age 80)

Nov 6
Mary Gregg spouse of William Beith
Gogoside (age 79)

Nov 11
Elizabeth Knox servant
Warriston (age 19)

Nov 17
John Hunter Esquire

Nov 28
Mrs. John Lade feuer

Dec 5
Mrs. William McGee
Mrs Robert Wallace
Esq of
Kelly interred at Greenock

Dec 10
A child of Hugh Morris wright
Fairlie (age ? mo)

Dec 11
Mrs James Campbell

Dec 12
Mrs. Hugh Crawford
Fardings (age 74)

Dec 18
A child of Thomas Crawford of
Greenock (age 3)

Dec 19
Catherine Wyllie pauper (age 69)

Dec 21
Helen Fram of

Dec 25
Helen Huggart of
Fairlie (age 85)
A child of William Irvine
Waterside Street (age 1 1/4)

Deaths in 1846 - 100


Jan 2
Margaret Ball pauper (age 56)

Jan 6
William son of James Barclay carter
Kirk Close (age 20)

Jan 9
Elizabeth Barclay of
Burnfoot Fairlie (age 73)
David Hill fisher
Bath Street died at Brisbane Mains and interred at New Commond (age 25)

Jan 14
Name not given; died Jan 8 (age 20)

Jan 19
Thomas son of Alexander Carswell wright
Maine street; died Jan 15 of disease of the kidneys (age 18)
A son of William Campbell grocer
Tronplace; died Jan 16 of croup (age ? mo)
James Mackie smith
Tronplace; died Jan 16 of decline (age 57)

Jan 20
John son of John Johnston factor
Kelburn died at Stromrear interred elsewhere; killed by a horse (age 10)

Feb 1
A daughter of Thomas Blair sawyer
Fairlie; died Jan 30 of hydrocophalus (age 7)

Feb 2
John Moodie dyke builder
Waterside Street; died Jan 30 of inflamation (age 70)

Feb 6
A child of Rev. David Drummond Relief Church; died Jan 30 (stillborn)

Feb 9
Jane Jamieson wife of Hugh Reid
Gallowgate; died Feb 5

Feb 12
Daniel Gallagher; died Feb 10 of palsy

Feb 15
A child of William Johnston labourer
Wilson Street; died Feb 14 of hives (age ? days)

Feb 17
A child of Elisha Break marine
H.M.S. Shearwater (stillborn)

Feb 18
A child of an Irishman (age 1)

Feb 19
A daughter of James Nivian weaver
Gateside; died Feb 17 (age 5)
Mr Miller of Glasgow died in
Mr Patous inn; died Feb 19

Feb 20
Archibald Spier wright
Tron Place; died Feb 17

Feb 22
A child of Robert Rodger carrier; died Feb 21 of Hooping Cough (age 1 1/6)

Feb 23
A daughter of Archibald Crawford watchmaker
Main Street; died Feb 19 (age 5)

Feb 25
A son of Alexander Stewart teacher
Fairlie; died Feb 22 (age 1 mo)

Feb 26
Janet Blair spouse of John Barr weaver; died 23 (age 24)
A child of Casper Edwards; died at
Haylee Cottage

Mar 3
A son of William Jamieson church officer; died Mar 2 (age 4 hours)

Mar 8
William Craig gardener
Nelson Street; died Mar 5 of decline (age 55)
A child of Joseph Clyd
Main Street; died Mar 7 (age 10 days)

Mar 9
William Malcolm weaver
New Street; died Mar 6 of decline

Mar 10
Sarah Smith
Main Street; died Mar 8 (age 78)
Isabella daughter of Samuel Higgins; died Mar 8 (age 4)

Mar 16
A daughter of Henry Duncan tailor; died Mar 14 of croup (age 1 1/4)

Mar 18
A son of William Hosea weaver
School Street; died Mar 14 of croup (age 6)

Mar 19
Margaret daughter of Alexander Blair weaver
Nelson Street; died Mar 17 of decline (age 17)

Mar 30
Jane Morris daughter of Thomas Dyer
Tron Close; died Mar 28 of decline and Hydrocyphalus (Age 4)

Apr 6
A child of Peter Hall weaver
New Street; died Apr 6 (age 2 1/2)

Apr 14
A son of ____Filbony
New Street (age 8)

Apr 15
A son of John Watson shoemaker; died Apr 14 of decline (age 3)

Apr 19
A child of Faragal Gallacher
Gateside Street; died Apr 17 (age 2)

Apr 24
A daughter of John McKeller carter; died Apr 22 (age 1 1/3)
James Dunn
Main Street; died Apr 23 (age 101)

May 1
John Cochran feuer
Cochran Place; died Apr 26 (age 80)

May 11
A daughter of Archibald Jack labourer
Main Street; died May 9 (age 1)
A son of John Watson shoemaker; died May 9 (age 16)

May 23
William son of Thomas Underwood feuer
Bath Street; died May 15 (age 41)

May 29
A daughter of John Jack
Main Street; died May 26 (age 4)

May 31
A child of William Anderson Stranger (Age 2)

Jun 10
John Martin weaver
Gateside Street; died Jun 7 of inflammation in the chest (age 70)

Jun 19
A child of Humphrey Duff pucnetor(?)
Nelson Street; died Jun 17

Jun 24
Hugh Crawford (Robert's brother) feuer
Crawford Street; died Jun 20 (age 75)
Robert Crawford (Hugh's brother) innkeeper
Gallowgate; died Jun 20 (age 78)

Jul 12
Agnes McGee spouse of Hugh Wylie carter; died Jul 11 of fever (age 56)

Jul 19
Hannah Craig spouse of Anthony Donnelly; died Jul 17 of decline (age 29)

Jul 26
Robert Morris feuer
Nelson Street; died Jul 24 of dropsy (age 63)

Aug 3
A child of John Boag weaver
Main Street; died Jul 30 of hydrocephelus (age 9 mo)

Aug 5
Mrs. James Crawford S.
Whittleburn; died Aug 1 (age 71)

Aug 12
Ann Moodie spouse of Hugh Campbell harbour master; died Aug 9 (age 67)

Aug 18
James Cherry, grocer,
Nelson Street; died Aug 15 (age 50)

Aug 20
Margaret Scott of
Auchengarth; died Aug 18 of fever (age 61)

Aug 30
Jessie daughter of William Alexander cabinetmaker
Lade Street; died Aug 26 if decline (age 21)
Mrs. Armstrong
Main Street; died Aug 28 (age 82)
A child of John Barclay
Main Street; died Aug 29 (Age 5 mo)

Sep 1
Marion McMaster spouse of Robert Adam; died Aug 30 (age 92) 
Keppenburn elder parish Church

Sep 9
Mrs Archibald interred at
Dalry; died Sep 5 (age 70)

Sep 13
Agnes Black spouse of John Campbell
Fairlie; died Sep 10 of decline (age 57)

Sep 21
William Stewart a child was from
Fairlie; died Sep 20 of Hooping Couph (age 1 1/4)

Sep 19
An infant
found by John McGeor in Mairburn

Sep 28
A child of Margaret Brown
Fraser Close; died Sep 28 (age 2 wks)

Oct 5
Elizabeth Jack spouse of John Tyre of Main Street; died Oct 1 (age 73)

Oct 7
William Maxwell Esq
Dargacit interred at Glasgow; died Oct 2 (age 74)

Oct 11
William son of William Blair fisher and mariner
Boyd Street; died Oct 9 from ulcer of the spine (age 7)

Oct 12
John Hunter fisher
Nelson Street; died Oct 10 (age 65)

Oct 20
John Hendry, farmer
Priestside Kilmalcolm: died Oct 17 at Port Glasgow interred elsewhere (age 67)
William Shearer weaver
Gateside Street; died Oct 17 of Palsy (age 57)

Oct 21
Alexander son of John McNeil weaver
Nelson Street; died Oct 19 of spinal (age 17)
Neil Kerrey Esq of
Curling Hall; died Oct 17 at Greenock interred elseswhere (age 31)

Nov 8
Matthew son of John Fish mason
Wilson Street; died Nov 5 of hydrothorage/water in the chest (age 11)

Nov 9
Jessie Lumsden spouse of Peter Carse farmer
Brisbane Mains; died of decline (age 36)

Nov 22
Dr.(?) Alex Jamieson, feuer
Main Street; died Nov 18 (age 57)

Nov 28
Mrs McCrone
Gogobale interred at Greenock; died Nov 20

Nov 23
James son of James Watson egg merchant; died Nov 22 of decline (age 3)

Nov 28
John Craig weaver
Nelson Street; died Nov 20 of apoplexy (age 79)

Dec 1
John Palmer son of Agnes Doherty; died Nov 29 of decline (age 2)

Dec 11
Neil Carnie son of John Carnie of
Curlinghall died in the asylum at Greenock of Lunacy (age 55)

Dec 13
Janet Jamieson spouse of Thomas Underwood feuer
Bath Street; died Dec 6

Dec 21
Mrs. Lang servant died at Mr Maskie's
Bath Street; died Dec 17 of influenza (age 70)

Dec 22
Naithand son of Daniel Brown weaver
Gallowgate; died Dec 20

Dec 24
Margaret Paton
Main Street; died Dec 21 of lunacy (age 86)

Dec 28
Mary Jamieson spouse of Thomas Dickie gate keeper
Failie Miln; died Dec 24 of dropsy (age 63)

Dec 30
James son of Robert McDonato weaver
Townhead Close; died Dec 27 of diabetes (age 23)

Death in 1847 - 90









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