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Kilwinning 1851 Census



Many thanks to Joan Wilson  [joan.wilson@cwcom.net] for transcribing this.

This Census data is British Crown copyright and reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office. The rules from the GRO are: "If you incorporate any GRO(S) material in your own documents/publications you must acknowledge the source."

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District 1

Laigh Montcur

KIRK Baird Head Marr - 77 M Gamekeeper at Eglinton, Renfrewshire Eaglesham
KIRK Janet Bell wife Marr - 84 F Gamekeeper's wife Ayrs. Muirkirk
KIRK Jean daur unm - 45 F Gamekeeper's daur Ayrs. Irvine
KIRK Agnes niece unm - 22 F Dressmaker " Kilwinning

KIRKLAND Mathew head marr 44 M Gamekeeper at Eglinton, Lanark. Glassford
KIRKLAND Ann wife marr 41 F Gamekeeper's wife Ayrs. Kilwinning
KIRKLAND Baird K. son - 4 M Gamekeeper's son Kilwinning
KIRKLAND Janet B daur - 3 F Gamekeeper's daur Kilwinning
KIRKLAND Elizabeth daur - 1 F Gamekeeper's daur Kilwinning
GARVEN Ann serv. Unm - 18 F House Servant Ayrs. Kilmaurs

Buchanan's Cottage

BUCHANAN James head marr 60 M Ag. Lab. at Eglinton, Ayrs. Coylton
Buchanan Jean wife marr 68 F  Ag. Lab's wife Wigts. Stranraer
daur unm 27 F  Ag. Lab's daur Ayrs. Kilwinning

Fergushill House

STEEL Hugh head marr - 55 M Supt. Over 10 labs. At Eglinton ,Ayrs. Dreghorn
STEEL Mary wife mar - 50 F Supt.'s wife Ayrs Irvine
STEEL Isabella daur unm - 15 F Supt.'s daur Ayrs Irvine
STEEL Margaret daur - 11 F Supt.'s daur Ayrs Irvine
STEEL James son - 13 M Supt.'s son Ayrs Irvine
STEEL Mary daur - 4 F Supt.'s daur Ayrs Irvine
STEEL Archibald son marr  - 26 M Supt.'s son at Eglinton Ayrs Kilwinning

Fergushill House

McDONALD Hector head unm 29 M Nurseryman at Eglinton Gdn. Ayrs. Kirkmichael


TAUNT William head marr - 35 M Coachman at Eglinton Eng. StrattonAudley
TAUNT Agnes wife marr - 28 F Coachman's wife Ayrs. Irvine 
TAUNT John son - 5 M Coachman's son Ayrs. Irvine
TAUNT Mary daur - 4 F Coachman's daur Ayrs. Irvine
TAUNT Eliza daur - 2 F Coachman's daur Ayrs. Kilwinning 
TAUNT Robert son - 2 M Coachman's son Ayrs. Kilwinning
TAUNT Cathrine daur - 4mth F Coachman's daur Ayrs. Kilwinning
BARR Agnes servt unm - 14 F House Servant Ayrs. Kilwinning


MILLER William Head unm. - 65 Ag. Lab. at Eglinton Ayrs. Stevenston
MILLER Mary sister unm - 62  sist. & housekeeper Ayrs. Stevenston


REID Marion Head unm. - 33 Dressmaker Ayrs Eglinton
YOUNG Margaret niece  - 17 Dressmaker Ayrs Eglinton


KIRKHOPE James Head mar - 50 Farmer. 90 acres emp. 2 labs. Ayrs. Craigie
KIRKHOPE Isabela wife mar - 50 Farmer's wife Dreghorn
KIRKHOPE Agnes daur - 11 Farmer's daur Kilwinning
KIRKHOPE John son unm - 19 Farmer's son Largs
KERR Janet serv unm - 20 House servant Stewarton
TYRE John serv - 23 Farm labourer Ayrs. Not Known 
KIDD Hugh serv - 13 labourer Ayrs Kilwinning


NICOL James Head mar - 54 Ag. Lab. at Eglinton Dailly
NICOL  Sophia wife mar - 48 Ag lab wife Kilwinning
NICOL  Sophia daur unm - 17 Ag lab daur Kilwinning
NICOL  James son - 14 Ag lab son Kilwinning
NICOL Mary daur - 11 Ag lab daur Kilwinning
NICOL  John son - 9 scholar son Kilwinning
NICOL Wm. Rbt. son - 4 son Kilwinning


McCUBBIN David Head mar - 36 Farm labourer Stewarton
McCUBBIN Helen wife mar - 30 Farm labourer wife Kilmaurs
McCUBBIN Robert son - 6 Farm labourer son Symington
GARRIT Jean serv. Unm - 19 General hse. servt. Kilmaurs


DOUGLAS James head widower - 46 Frmr 110 acres empl. 3 labs. Symington
DOUGLAS William son unm - 17 farmer's son Kilwinning
DOUGLAS Agnes daur - 12 farmer's  daur Kilwinning
DOUGLAS Janet daur - 9 farmer's daur Kilwinning
DOUGLAS James son - 7 farmer's  son Kilwinning
DOUGLAS Alexander bro unm - 35 farm labourer Symington
HAMILTON Mary serv unm - 23 farm servant Butes. Dippin
NAIRN William serv - 11 farmer's herd Irvine


SMITH William head mar - 34 Ag. Lab. to Lord Eglinton Ireland
SMITH Jean wife mar - 30 Ag. Lab. wife Ireland
SMITH William son - 6 scholar Lanarks. Old Monkland
SMITH Susan daur - 4 lab. daur at home Ireland
SMITH Jean daur - 1 lab. daur infant Ayr


CRAIG Robert head mar - 30 coal miner Kilbirnie
CRAIG Margaret wife mar - 32 coal miner's wife Irvine
CRAIG Robert F. son - 10 scholar Kilwinning
CRAIG Margaret daur - 8 scholar at home Kilwinning
CRAIG Francis son - 6 boy at home Kilwinning
CRAIG Isabella daur - 2 daur. At home Kilbirnie
CRAIG Jane daur - 7mths - Kilwinning
BUART Peter visitor unm - 20 coal miner Lanarks. ?


FREW William head unm - 35 coal miner Kilwinning
BYRON John lodger unm - 34 coal miner Irvine


FREW John head mar - 48 coal miner Kilwinning
FREW Mary wife mar - 24 coal miner's wife Dalry
FREW Janet daur - 5 coal miner's daur Irvine
FREW Margaret daur - 2 coal miner's daur Irvine
FREW Agnes daur - 1mth coal miner's daur Kilwinning
FREW Francis father mar 68 coal miner Kilwinning


MORTON John head unm - 33 teacher (elementary branches) Maybole
BOWMAN Agnes sister wid. - 45 brother's housekeeper Dailly


KIDD Thomas head mar 35 labr. Empl. at coalwork, Ardrossan
KIDD Annie wife mar - 32  wife, Dundonald
KIDD William son - 10 farm servant At High Armsheugh, Irvine
KIDD James son - 7 scholar, Irvine
KIDD Wallace son - 4 child at home, Kilwinning
KIDD Annie daur - 1 child at home, Kilwinning


KIDD William head mar - 38 frmr 80 acres empl. 2 labs. Kilwinning
KIDD Barbara wife mar - 29 farmer's wife Kilwinning
KIDD Hugh son - 5 farmer's son at school Kilwinning
KIDD David D son - 4 farmer's son Kilwinning
KIDD Janet daur - 6mths farmer's daur Kilwinning
MUIR Agnes serv unm - 17 house servt Dumfries. Disden ?
DOLERDIE Rosanna serv unm - 16 house servt Ayrs. Whitelea 
KING John serv unm - 20 farm labourer Dreghorn
DALE Robert serv  - 12 farm labourer Irvine


McBLAIN Quintin head mar - 33 m farm lab. at Eglinton Mains Maybole
STRATHDEE Mary wife mar - 28 f farm lab. wife Tarbolton
McBLAIN Janet daur - 10 f farm lab. daur Tarbolton
McBLAIN Alexander son - 7 m farm lab. son Tarbolton
McBLAIN Annie daur - 5 f farm lab. daur Tarbolton
McBLAIN John son - 2 m farm lab. son Tarbolton


JOHNSTON Charles head mar - 31 m farm servant Ireland
JOHNSTON Annie wife mar - 30 f farm servant's wife Dalry
JOHNSTON Margaret daur - 10 f scholar Dalry


GILCHRIST John head mar - 36 m lab. at Eglinton forest Dundonald 
GILCHRIST Jean wife mar - 37 f labourer's wife Irvine
GILCHRIST Jessie daur - 10 f scholar Dundonald
GILCHRIST John son - 6 m boy at home Dundonald
GILCHRIST Jane Gilmour daur - 2 f daur. at home Dundonald


WILSON William head mar - 30 m lab. at Eglinton Stevenston
WILSON Jean wife mar - 29 f labourer's wife Kilwinning
WILSON Robert son - 7 m scholar Kilwinning
WILSON Mary daur - 4 f daur at home Kilwinning
WILSON Ann daur - 3 f daur at home Kilwinning


MUIR Hugh head mar - 60 m lab. at Eglinton, Kilwinning
MUIR wife mar - 44 f labourer's wife Dumfries. Thornhill
MUIR Isabella daur - 15 f daur. at home Kilwinning
MUIR John son - 13 m fm serv. at Eglinton Mains Kilwinning
MUIR Elizabeth daur - 11 f scholar Kilwinning
MUIR Janet daur - 9 f scholar Kilwinning
MUIR Hugh son - 7 m scholar Kilwinning
MUIR Agnes daur - 4 f at home Kilwinning
MUIR Mary daur - 8mth f at home Kilwinning


TAYLOR Thomas head mar - 40 m farm serv. at Eglinton Mains Maybole
TAYLOR Mary wife mar - 30 f farm labourer's wife Irvine
TAYLOR Isabella daur - 10 farm labourer's  daur Irvine
TAYLOR Elizabeth daur - 7 f farm labourer's daur Irvine
TAYLOR Jane daur - 10mth f farm labourer's  daur Kilwinning


RICHMOND John head mar - 33 m gamekeeper. At Eglinton ,Mauchline
RICHMOND Eliza wife mar - 28 f gamekeeper's wife ?? ??


CUNNINGHAME William head mar - 50 m farmer 250 acres employs 5 labs., Stevenston
MONTGOMERIE Jean wife mar - 50 f farmer's wife, West Kilbride
CUNNINGHAME Eliza daur unm - 19 f farmer's daur, Dreghorn
CUNNINGHAME Robert son unm - 17 m farmer's son, Dreghorn
CUNNINGHAME Mary daur - 15 f farmer's daur, Dreghorn
CUNNINGHAME Jean daur - 13 f farmer's daur scholar, Dreghorn
CUNNINGHAME David son - 8 m farmer's son scholar, Dreghorn
CUNNINGHAME Andrew nephew - 13 m scholar, Stevenston
McDONALD Mary serv unm - 20 f house servant, Argylls Campbeltown
McALLISTER Mary serv unm - 20 f house servant, Isle of Arran Kilmory
SKEOCH Robert serv unm - 18 m farm servant, Kilwinning
McCULLOCH John serv unm - 22 m arm servant, Ochiltree


McCLELLAND Andrew head mar - 28 m farm bower & lab., Ayr
McCLELLAND Jean wife mar - 24 f wife, Kilwinning 
McCLELLAND John son - 4 m son, Kilwinning
McCLELLAND Mary Ann daur - 2 f daur, Kilwinning
ROBINSON Margaret serv. unm 21 f house servant, Isle of Arran Kilmory
STEVENSON Mary m-in-l wid 62 f fmr ? acres emp 3 lab., Riccarton


MURRAY Jane head wid - 72 f no occupation, Renfrews Inchinnan
BLACK Jane niece - 15 f scholar, Irvine
MURRAY Daniel son unm - 45 m joiner emp 2 jnymen, Kilwinning
STEWART Peter neph - 6 m scholar, Lanarks Glasgow
STEEDMAN Jane visitor mar - 50 f -- , Kilwinning


MURRAY James head mar - 41 m gasmaker at Eglinton, Kilwinning
Searly ? Margaret wife mar - 29 f gasmaker's wife, Irvine 
MURRAY Mary daur - 2 f gasmaker's daur, Irvine 
MURRAY Jean daur - 9mth f gasmaker's daur, Kilwinning 


DIVETT Patrick head mar - 30 m racket maker & marker, Ireland
DIVETT Letitia wife mar - 24 f wife, England


COCKERELL Anna head in absence of Lord Eglinton Unm - 14 f daur of present Countess Calcutta 
COCKERELL Susan sister - 13 f daur of present Countess Calcutta
COCKERELL Fredericka sister - 11 f daur of present Countess Calcutta
MONTGOMERIE ?? stepbro - 4 m ---- London
MONTGOMERIE George stepbro - 3 m --- London
TASCHE ? Julia governess unm - 36 f governess Germany
FERGUSON Agnes nurse unm - 50 f nurse Kirkoswald
ANSERMIT Emily nurse unm - 22 f nurse Switzerland
HENDERSON Fanny head housemaid unm - 33 f head housemaid Midl. ??
McLAREN Janet housemaid unm - 25 f housemaid Perths. Comerie
SANGSTER Christina housemaid unm - 31 f housemaid Aberds. Aberdeen
HIGGINS Maria kitchen maid unm - 27 f kitchen maid Yorkshire
CHALMERS Ann sc. maid unm - 17 f scullery maid Ardrossan
CAMERON John footman unm - 38 m footman Lanarks. parish n/k
ALEXANDER James potsbo - 17 m post boy Straiton
TORRENCE Robert footman unm - 28 m footman Kilwinning
BARCLAY Janet dressmaker unm - 34 f dressmaker Kilm. Riccarton
TAYLOR Robert constable unm - 29 m constable Kilwinning



NAPIER John head mar - 42 m groom at Eglinton Stables ? ?
NAPIER Jane wife mar - 37 f groom's wife Kilwinning
NAPIER John son - 13 m groom's son scholar Kilwinning
NAPIER James son - 11 m groom's son scholar Kilwinning
NAPIER Robert son - 9 m groom's son scholar Eglinton
NAPIER Jane daur - 7 f groom's daur scholar Eglinton
NAPIER Mary daur - 5 f groom's daur Eglinton
NAPIER Elizabeth daur - 3 f groom's daur Eglinton
DICKIE Margaret serv unm - 21 f general house servant Kilwinning


COWAN David head unm - 28 m carter at Eglinton, Pearston


MURRAY Robert head unm - 29 m groom at Eglinton Stables, Kilwinning
DUNCAN Alexander lodger unm - 26 m groom at Eglinton Stables, Renfrews. Renfrew


SMITH George foreman unm - 25 m gardener, Perths. Perth
TEMPLETON John jynmn unm - 26 m gardener Lanarks. parish n/k
PROCTOR John jynmn unm  - 26 m gardener Forfars. Forfar
--OTTER John jynmn unm  - 22 m gardener Berwicks. Berwick
NORRIS David jynmn unm  - 22 m gardener Perths. Perth
ROBERTSON John jynmn unm  - 23 m gardener England
WATTERS Peter appr unm - 19 m " apprentice Perths. Perth


SHARPE William head mar - 39 m head gardener, Perths. Creiff 
SHARPE Christina H.wife mar - 36 f head gardener's wife, Roxburghs ??
SHARPE James son - 8 m gdnrs. son, scholar, Perths. St. Meadows
SMITH Jean serv unm - 16 f general house servant, Ireland County Cavan


GARDINER Robert head mar - 43 m forrester, Perths. Errol
GARDINER Margaret wife mar - 43 f forrester's wife, Forfars. Dundee
GARDINER Agnes daur unm - 16 f forrester's daur scholar, Forfars. Farnell
GARDINER Robert son unm - 14 m forrester's son, Forfars. Farnell
GARDINER David C. son - 12 m forrester's son, Forfars. Farnell
GARDINER William son - 9 m forrester's son, Midl. Cranstoun
GARDINER Elizabeth daur - 5 f daur at home, Midl. Cranstoun
GARDINER James son - 3 m son at home, Midl. Cranstoun
GARDINER Margaret daur - 10mth f daur at home, Kilwinning
GOUDIE Janet serv unm - 16 f general house servant Girvan


McCLURE David head widower 60 m labr. outdoors to Lord Eglinton Ayrs. Linnfern Straiton


THOM Elizabeth head unm 60 f gatehouse keeper to Lord Egl., Tarbolton


JOHNSTONE George head mar - 60 m JP. Agent to Earl of Egl. & Winton, Banffs. Cullen
JOHNSTONE Robert son unm - 22 m son of above & clerk in his office, Kilwinning
JOHNSTONE Andrew W. son unm - 18 m son of above attending school in, Ayr Kilwinning
MOFFAT Ann Johnston daur mar - 30 f living in family with her father, Kilwinning
MOFFAT James g/son - 6 m scholar at home, Ardrossan
MOFFAT Patrick g/son - 4 m scholar at home, Ardrossan
THOMSON Mathew serv unm - 20 m stable boy has charge of a horse, Sorn
HUNTER Margaret serv unm 28 f house servant, Dailly
CARELL Jane serv unm 25 f house servant, St.Quivox


DICKIE James head widower - 81 m labourer at Eglinton Castle, parish of Dalry
DICKIE Elizabeth daur mar  -38 f labourer's daur, parish of Dalry
DICKIE Janet daur unm - 36 f labourer's daur, Kilwinning
DUNCANSON John s/law mar - 40 m gardener & forrester Perths. Leckreip parish
DUNCANSON Thomas g/son - 6 m boy at home, Stirlings. Alloa
DUNCANSON Janet Templeton g/daur - 1 f daur at home, Stirlings. Alloa


TAYLOR Agnes wife mar - 59 f groom's wife, Kilwinning
TAYLOR Agnes daur unm - 26 f groom's daur, Kilwinning
TAYLOR Mary daur unm - 3 f groom's daur, Kilwinning


SMITH Walter head mar - 22 m master blacksmith empl. 1 jynman , Irvine
SMITH Mary wife mar - 20 f wife, Kilwinning
SMITH Jane daur - 10mth f ------, Kilwinning


SMITH Elizabeth Strathdee head wid - 28 f blacksmith's widow, Ayrs. Carngillan Tarbolton
GIRVAN Marion serv. unm - 19 f house servant, Ayr


McBLANE John head mar - 48 m baron officer, Maybole
McBLANE Janet wife mar - 45 f wife, Kirkmichael
McEWEN James lodger unm 32 m agricultural labourer ,Dundonald


THOMPSON William head mar - 35 m coalminer, Lanarks. Old Monkland
THOMPSON Ann wife mar - 35 f coalminer's wife, Lanarks. Old Monkland
THOMPSON Christina daur - 8 f coalminer's daur, Lanarks. Bothwell
THOMPSON Elizabeth daur - 3 f coalminer's daur, Lanarks. Old Monkland
THOMPSON Helen daur - 7mth f coalminer's daur, Kilwinning
THOMPSON William son - 13 m coalminer with his father Lanarks. Old Monkland
THOMPSON James son - 11 m coalminer with his father Lanarks. Old Monkland
HENDERSON John serv - 13 m  Lanarks. Old Monkland
FORSYTH Hendry vistr mar - 25 m   Brit. Subject, place of birth n/k
FORSYTH Helen vistr mar - 25 f wife of above, Lanarks. Old Monkland
FORSYTH Christina f -  2 f daur of H Forsyth, Lanarks. Old Monkland


LIDDELL William head mar - 29 m coal miner, Lanarks. Bracknie Old Monkland
LIDDELL Agnes wife mar - 28 f wife, Lanarks. Rutherglen
LIDDELL William son - 6 m son, Lanarks. Cambuslang 
LIDDELL James son - 3 m Lanarks. Cambuslang 
LIDDELL Margaret daur - 1 f daur Lanarks. Rutherglen 


LOVE Fulton head mar - 48 m rail labourer, Beith 
LOVE Mary wife mar - 46 f wife, Beith
LOVE Gavin son unm - 21 m son, Renfrews. Greenock
WALLACE John g/son - 5 m g/son at home, Beith
CLARK William lodger unm - 22 m rail labourer, Kilwinning


GIBSON William head mar - 38 m rail labourer, Kilwinning
GIBSON Mary wife mar - 25 f wife, Beith
GIBSON William son - 2 m son, Kilwinning
GIBSON Robert son - 1mth m son, Kilwinning
COCHRANE Margaret visitor unm - 32 f -------, Beith
CALDWELL Robert visitor - 10mth m -----, Kilwinning


REID James head mar - 41 m engineman, Kilwinning
REID Marion wife mar - 28 f wife, Kilwinning
REID Christina daur - 7 f daur, Kilwinning
REID John son - 5 m son, Kilwinning
REID James son - 3 m son, Kilwinning
REID Marion daur - 11mth f daur, Kilwinning
GREIG James lodger mar - 19 m weaver of light silk veils, Kilwinning
GREIG Elizabeth lodger mar - 19 f wife of lodger, Kilwinning


BOWIE William head wdr - 69 m agr. Labr. at Eglinton,  Newton
BOWIE Agnes daur unm - 22 f domestic with her father, Eglinton
BOWIE William son unm - 15 m son at home, Eglinton 

District 2



MILLER John head mar 48 Farmer of 21 acres Kilwinning
MILLER Jean wife mar 40 employed in dairy Kilwinning
MILLER Robert son unm 18 employed on farm Kilwinning
MILLER James son unm 6 scholar ] Kilwinning
MILLER John son unm 6 scholar] twins Kilwinning
MILLER Margaret dau unm 3 ---------- Kilwinning
MILLER Jean dau unm 10mth ----------- Kilwinning


RAMSAY Adam head widr 40 Land steward,65 acres, 1 lab. Kilwinning
RAMSAY Adam son unm 8 scholar Kilwinning
RAMSAY Janet dau unm 5 scholar Kilwinning
WOODSIDE Jean sister Wid 49 housekeeper Stevenston


ALLAN James head mar 81 Farmer & propr. 35 acres, 2 labs. Stevenston
ALLAN Jean wife mar 76 farmer's wife Ardrossan
ALLAN Janet dau-in-law wid 35 farmer's daughter in law Kilwinning
MILLAR Jean serv unm 20 house & dairy servant Kilwinning
RAMSAY Hugh neph unm 42 agricultural labourer Kilwinning


GRAY David head mar 56 Farmer, 60 acres, 1 lab. Maybole
GRAY Jean wife mar 51 farmer's wife Dreghorn
GRAY James son unm 23 son employed on land Kilwinning
GRAY Agnes dau unm 21 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
GRAY Marion dau unm 19 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
GRAY Thomas son unm 14 scholar Kilwinning
GRAY Hugh son unm 12 scholar Kilwinning
GRAY Janet dau unm 11 scholar Kilwinning
GRAY Alexander son unm 9 scholar Kilwinning
HALL Samuel serv unm 19 agricultural labourer Ireland County Antrim


MEIKLE Alexander head widr 77 Farmer, 350 acres, 9 labs. Ayrs. Riccarton
MEIKLE Ann dau unm 37 farmer's daughter Ayrs. Riccarton
MEIKLE John son unm 34 farmer's son Ayrs. Riccarton
MEIKLE James son unm 30 Procurator & Notary public in practice Kilwinning
MEIKLE Susan dau unm 20 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
LYNCH Robert serv unm 13 farm servant Kilwinning
PATERSON Isabella serv unm 12 house servant Stevenston
PATERSON Hugh serv unm 14 farm servant Stevenston
MURDOCH David serv unm 15 farm servant Monkton


PATERSON John head mar 24 Farm servant Mauchline
PATERSON Barbara wife mar 23 farm servant's wife Stewarton
PATERSON Janet daur unm 1 ----------- Stewarton


GIBSON David head mar 28 Farm servant Auchinleck
GIBSON Jean wife mar 31 farm servant's wife Old Cumnock
GIBSON David son unm 5 farm servant's son Dumfries. Kirkconnel
GIBSON Mary daur unm 2 farm servant's daughter Ayr
GIBSON William son unm 8 mths --------- Kilwinning


McKELVIE Hugh head mar 30 Farm servant Maybole
McKELVIE Jane wife mar 27 farm servant's wife Newton Ayr
McKELVIE Robert son unm 5 farm servant's son Newton Ayr
McKELVIE James son unm 10 mths farm servant's son Kilwinning


McJANNET John G. head unm 26 Farm Steward, 80 acres, 2 labs. Maybole
GREIG Hannah serv unm 20 house servant Ardrossan
McGARVEY Thos. Serv unm 18 farm servant Kilmaurs


RAMSAY John head widr 45 Formerly farmer Ardrossan
RAMSAY James son unm 15 scholar Kilwinning
RAMSAY Hugh son unm 13 scholar Kilwinning
RAMSAY Adam son unm 11 scholar Kilwinning


RAMSAY Agnes head wid 78 Annuitant Kilmaurs
RAMSAY Margaret g/dau unm 21 scholar at home Ardrossan
RAMSAY Robert g/son unm 18 writer's clerk Kilwinning
RAMSAY Agnes g/dau unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
RAMSAY Isabella g/dau unm 8 scholar Kilwinning


MONTGOMERIE William head mar 49 Farmer & proprietor,100 acres,3 labs. West Kilbride
MONTGOMERIE Jean wife mar 43 farmer's wife Ardrossan
MONTGOMERIE John son unm 23 farmer's son Kilwinning
MOMTGOMERIE Mgt. daur unm 21 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
MONTGOMERIE Jane daur unm 15 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
KIRK Jean serv unm 28 house servant Straiton
MURDOCH James serv unm 14 farm servant Tarbolton 


BOYLE Robert head mar 44 coal miner Ireland County Antrim
BOYLE Mary wife mar 32 coal miner's wife Ireland County Antrim
BOYLE Hugh son unm 10 scholar Ireland County Antrim
BOYLE Mary daur unm 7 scholar Ireland County Antrim
BOYLE William son unm 4 scholar Stevenston
BOYLE Margaret daur unm 8mth ------- Kilwinning


COLVILLE Ann head unm 32 sewer of muslin collars Kilwinning
CLARKE Jean niece unm 4 ----------- Kilwinning 



LAMONT Archibald head mar 39 Farmer, 92 acres, 4 labs. Stewarton
LAMONT Margaret wife mar 35 farmer's wife Dalry
LAMONT John son unm 7 scholar Kilwinning
LAMONT Martha Cranford daur unm 6 scholar Kilwinning
LAMONT Janet Stevenson daur unm 4 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
LAMONT Ann daur unm 2 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
LAMONT Margaret daur unm 4mth farmer's daughter Kilwinning
ANDERSON Elizabeth serv unm 16 house servant Dalry
McPHAIL Janet serv unm 24 house servant Argyles. Craignish
GRAY James serv unm 25 farm labourer Ireland County Down
GILMOUR James serv unm 22 farm labourer Ireland County Tyrone


STEVENSON Charles head mar 48 Pointsman on railway Kilmarnock
STEVENSON Isabella wife mar 49 pointsman's wife Isle of Arran Brodick
STEVENSON Robert son unm 16 draper Kilmarnock
STEVENSON Charles son unm 10 scholar Kilmarnock
STEVENSON Henry son unm 8 scholar Kilmarnock


TRAIN James head mar 40 Labourer Symington
TRAIN Jean wife mar 36 labourer's wife Ayr
TRAIN Margaret daur unm 7 ------- Stevenston
TRAIN Jean daur unm 3 ------- Stevenston
TRAIN Janet daur unm 2 ------- Kilwinning
TRAIN John son unm 6 mth -------- Kilwinning
McQUEEN Margaret m-in-law mar 60 labourer's wife Girvan


BANNATYNE Samuel head mar 24 Farm servant Wigtonshire Stonykirk
BANNATYNE Joan wife mar 22 farm servant's wife Stevenston
BANNATYNE Mary daur unm 2 -------- Stevenston


HOWIE Jean head mar 45 Toll keeper Stevenston
CLARKE Robert son unm 10 scholar Stevenston


McCOLM James head mar 48 Farm labourer Maybole
McCOLM Jean wife mar 43 farm labourer's wife Monkton
McCOLM Marion daur unm 13 farm labourer's daughter Kilwinning
McCOLM Margaret daur unm 11 farm labourer's daughter West Kilbride
McCOLM William son unm 9 farm labourer's son West Kilbride
McCOLM John son unm 1 farm labourer's son Kilwinning


BLAIR Robert head mar 51 farmer 145 acres, 4 labs. Kilwinning
BLAIR Agnes wife mar 41 farmer's wife Saltcoats
FERGUSON Mary serv mar 34 house servant Kilwinning
MILLAR Elizabeth serv unm 18 dairy servant Kilwinning
PATERSON James serv unm 24 farm servant Kilwinning
PATERSON Mathew serv unm 22 farm servant Kilwinning
MILLAR James serv unm 15 farm servant Kilwinning
TANNAHILL John neph unm 4 visitor Saltcoats


JACK John head mar 50 Farmer, 6 acres, I labourer Kilwinning
JACK Ann wife mar 44 farmer's wife Kilwinning
JACK George son unm 6 farmer's son Kilwinning
McCLURE Andrew serv unm 30 farm servant Kirkoswald
FERGUSON Mary serv unm 24 dairy servant Kilwinning


BROWN Robert head mar 60 Farmer, 53 acres Dreghorn
BROWN Sarah wife mar 59 farmer's wife Wigtonsh. Glasserton
HARVEY Elizabeth g/dau unm 11 scholar Kilwinning
HOPKINS Margaret serv unm 21 dairy servant Kilwinning
McCRACKEN Archd. Serv unm 18 farm servant Wigtons. Burgh of Inch ?


WHITE Robert head mar 55 Farmer, 20 acres Kilwinning
WHITE Mary wife mar 58 farmer's wife Dreghorn
WHITE Jean daur unm 40 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
WHITE Janet daur unm 30 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
WHITE Robert son unm 21 joiner Kilwinning
SKEOCH Robert g/son unm 4 ---------- Kilwinning


PATON James head mar 36 Farmer, 26 acres Kilwinning
PATON Margaret wife mar 35 farmer's wife Kilwinning
PATON Samuel son unm 9 scholar Kilwinning
PATON Jean daur unm 5 ------- Kilwinning
PATON Elizabeth daur unm 1 -------- Kilwinning


BARR James head mar 49 Farmer, 20 acres Ardrossan
BARR Anne wife mar 35 farmer's wife Kilwinning
BARR Bryce ? son unm 11 scholar Kilwinning
BARR Mary daur unm 8 scholar Kilwinning
BARR John son unm 5 ----- Kilwinning
BARR James son unm 4 ----- Kilwinning
BARR Anne daur unm 1 ----- Kilwinning


OLIVER Andrew head widr 79 Farmer, 35 acres Roxburghs. Jedburgh
OLIVER Helen daur unm 47 farmer's daughter Largs
OLIVER Andrew g/son unm 17 employed on farm Kilwinning
FULTON Andrew g/son unm 10 employed on farm Kilwinning
GALLACHER Mary serv unm 51 house servant Ireland



YOUNG William head mar 48 Farmer, 24 acres Kilwinning
YOUNG Janet wife mar 33 farmer's wife Kilwinning
YOUNG George son unm 2 ------- Kilwinning
YOUNG Janet daur unm 5mth ------- Kilwinning
BARCLAY Janet m/law wid 50 house servant Kilwinning


YOUNG James head mar 49 farmer, 35 acres Dreghorn
YOUNG Susan wife mar 36 farmer's wife Lanarks. Glasgow
YOUNG Janet daur unm 18 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
YOUNG Harriet daur unm 16 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
YOUNG Elizabeth daur unm 14 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
YOUNG Margaret daur unm 12 scholar Kilwinning
YOUNG James son unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
YOUNG Agnes daur unm 8 scholar Kilwinning
YOUNG William son unm 6 scholar Kilwinning
YOUNG Robert son unm 4 ------- Kilwinning
ROBERTSON Archd. serv unm 23 farm servant Ardrossan
McGILL James serv unm 15 farm servant Kilwinning
FULTON Ann serv unm 16 house servant Kilwinning


STEVENSON Agnes head wid 28 Farmer, 15 acres, 1 labourer Dalry
STEVENSON Anabella daur unm 5 ----------- Kilwinning
STEVENSON John son unm 3 ---------- Kilwinning
STEVENSON Robert son unm 10mth --------- Kilwinning
BEATON Mary serv unm 21 house servant Argyleshire ????


BROWN John head mar 55 agricultural labourer Tarbolton
BROWN Jean wife mar 53 ag. lab's wife Ayrs. Riccarton
BROWN Mary daur unm 15 ag. lab's daughter Renfrews. Abbey parish Paisley


McGILL Thomas head mar 43 Agricultural labourer Beith
McGILL Jean wife mar 43 ag. lab's wife Dreghorn
McGILL Jean daur unm 16 ag. lab's daughter Argyles. Saddle ??
McGILL John son unm 12 ag. lab's son West Kilbride
McGILL Anne daur unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
McGILL Thomas son unm 8 scholar Kilwinning
McGILL Janet daur unm 6 ------ Kilwinning
McGILL Robert son unm 4 ------ Kilwinning
McGILL Andrew son unm 2 ------ Kilwinning
McGILL William son unm 7 mth ----- Kilwinning


McCONNOCHIE William head mar 50 Farm servant Stewartry of .. ???
McCONNOCHIE Anne wife mar 60 farm servant's wife Stewartry of .. Borgue
ANDERSON John g/son unm 6 --------- Stevenston


MILLER William head widr 88 Farmer, 20 acres, 1 lab. Symington
MONRO Margaret g/dau unm 28 dairy servant Kilwinning
CURRIE Charles g/son unm 23 --------- (blind) Dalry
HUNTER George gt/g/son unm 8 scholar Kilwinning


MILLER James head mar 48 agricultural labourer Troon
MILLER Anne wife mar 41 ag. lab's wife Kilwinning
MILLER Anne daur unm 13 ag. lab's daughter Kilwinning
MILLER Mary daur unm 11 ag. lab's daughter Kilwinning
MILLER Robert son unm 9 scholar Kilwinning
MILLER Jane daur unm 7 scholar Kilwinning
MILLER James son unm 5 ------- Kilwinning
MILLER Agnes daur unm 9mth ] Kilwinning
MILLER Isabella daur unm 9mth ] twins Kilwinning


DONALD Anne head unm 70 farmer & proprietor, 11 acres, 1 lab. Renfrews Greenock
REID Martha serv unm 49 general servant Ayrs. Craigie
WHITEFORD Marion serv unm 68 house servant Kilwinning
GRAHAM Anne serv unm 15 house servant Ireland


FINLAY Henry head mar 45 Tile burner Kirkoswald
FINLAY Margaret wife mar 39 tile burner's wife Dreghorn
FINLAY Anne daur unm 13 tile burner's daughter Dreghorn
FINLAY Mary daur unm 11 tile burner's daughter Dreghorn 
FINLAY Henry son unm 5 tile burner's son Kilwinning
FINLAY Robert son unm 9 mth tile burner's son Kilwinning


????? ???? head absent Farmer , 123 acres, 1 lab. ---------
STEVENSON James son unm 30 farmer's son Kilmarnock
STEVENSON Robert son unm 28 student of divinity Kilmarnock
BROWN Helen daur mar 26 farmer's daughter Kilmarnock
STEVENSON Ann daur unm 22 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
STEVENSON David son unm 20 farmer's son Kilwinning
BROWN Mary g/daur unm 1 ------- Kilwinning
CURRIE Margaret serv unm 21 house servant Isle of Arran Kilbride
BROWN James neph unm 17 farm servant Renfrews. Abbey parish Paisley 


ROBERTSON Alexdr. Head unm 81 Propr. Of houses & tenant farmer, 7 acres West Kilbride
CAMERON Robina sister wid 73 ??????? West Kilbride
CAMERON Janet niece unm 42 residing with above West Kilbride


MILLAR Elizabeth head wid 45 farmer, 5 acres Dreghorn
MUIR Mary daur mar 22 blacksmith's wife Kilwinning
MILLAR Agnes daur unm 13 farmer's daughter Kilwinning 
MILLAR Thomas son unm 11 farmer's son Kilwinning
MILLAR Ann daur unm 9 scholar Kilwinning
MILLAR John son unm 7 scholar Kilwinning
MUIR David s/in/law mar 25 blacksmith Beith
MUIR James g/son unm 1 blacksmith's son Kilwinning


HERON Agnes head wid 53 Market gardener & farmer, 4 acres Kilwinning
HERON Jean daur unm 28 labourer in garden Kilwinning
HERON Mary daur unm 21 dairy servant Kilwinning
STEVENSON Agnes g/daur unm 8 scholar Kilwinning
BROWN Hugh visitor unm 30 formerly farm servant Irvine 


District 3


BOWMAN Margaret Ann head unm 78 Landed proprietrix, farming about 130 acres,1 lab KILWINNING
CURRIE Alexander serv mar 45 agricultural labourer Ardrossan
McCALLUM Margaret serv wid 36 dairymaid Argyllsh. Campbelton
BAILLIE Janet serv unm 17 housemaid Kilwinning


HENDRY James head mar 73 farmer of 50 acres, 1 lab. Symington
HENDRY Janet wife mar 61 farmer's wife Symington
HENDRY James son mar 28 farmer's son Symington
HENDRY Elizabeth d/law mar 26 farmer's wife Dumfries. Closeburn
HENDRY Jane g/daur unm 8mth --------- Kilwinning
ROBERTSON Margaret g/dau unm 12 --------- Symington
DUNLOP James serv unm 11 agricultural labourer Symington


STEVENSON William head unm 37 Farmer 140 acres, empl. 2 labs. Kilmarnock
JOHNSTON James visitor unm 51 retired farm servant Ayrs. Riccarton
WEIR John serv unm 25 agricultural labourer Kilmaurs
MILLER William serv unm 18 agricultural labourer Kilwinning
PATON William serv unm 12 agricultural labourer Kilwinning
HYNDMAN Jane serv unm 28 dairymaid Butesh. Kilmory
HENDERSON Ann serv unm 21 housemaid Butesh. Kilmory
McALISTER Isabella serv unm 24 housemaid Butesh. Kilmory


DUNLOP Robert head mar 57 Landed propr. Farming 40 acres Kilwinning
DUNLOP Margaret wife mar 47 farmer's wife Kilwinning
DUNLOP Robert son unm 24 farmer's son Kilwinning
DUNLOP John son unm 22 farmer's son Kilwinning
DUNLOP James son unm 19 wright (apprentice) Kilwinning
DUNLOP William son unm 16 farmer's son Kilwinning
DUNLOP Margaret daur unm 14 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
DUNLOP Daniel son unm 12 scholar Kilwinning
DUNLOP Hugh son unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
DUNLOP Thomas son unm 7 scholar Kilwinning
CURRIE Isabella serv unm 18 housemaid Argyllsh. Cardel


McGOWN Alexander head mar 40 Farmer, 15 acres Kilwinning
McGOWN Isabella wife mar 40 -------- Kilwinning
McGOWN Ann B. daur unm 6 ------- Kilwinning
McGOWN Jane daur unm 4 -------- Kilwinning
McGOWN Joanna daur unm 7mth -------- Kilwinning
SKEOCH Martha serv unm 16 housemaid Kilwinning
DUNLOP Janet serv unm 20 nurse Kilmarnock


SERVICE James head mar 52 farmer of 22 acres, 2 labs. Stevenston
SERVICE Janet wife mar 48 farmer's wife Dalry
SERVICE Robert son unm 16 farmer's son Kilwinning
SERVICE James son unm 7 scholar Kilwinning
SERVICE John C. son unm 3 ------- Kilwinning
NIBLOCK William serv unm 19 agricultural labourer Ireland
HYDE Thomas serv unm 17 agricultural labourer Ireland
DOWNIE Mary serv unm 28 general servant Ochiltree
CURRIE Elizabeth serv unm 19 general servant Butesh. Kilmory


DONALD William head widr 72 Landed propr. farming 30 acres Ardrossan
DONALD Robert son unm 30 farmer's son Kilwinning
DONALD James son unm 24 farmer's son Kilwinning
SPEIR Mary serv wid 58 housekeeper Dalry
McINNES Barbara serv unm 17 general servant Argyllsh. Islay


RODGERS Hugh head mar 72 farmer, 52 acres, empl. 2 labs. Dalry
RODGERS Jane wife mar 61 farmer's wife Sorn
RODGERS Janet daur unm 17 farmer's daughter Dalry
RODGERS Thomas son unm 15 farmer's son Dalry
WALTON Charlotte serv unm 15 general servant Ireland
CURRIE John serv unm 35 agricultural labourer Kilmaurs


KENNETH John head mar 48 Miller Kilwinning
KENNETH Mary wife mar 43 ------ Kilwinning
KENNETH Elizabeth daur unm 17 ------ West Kilbride
KENNETH Mary daur unm 15 ------ West Kilbride
KENNETH Peter son unm 12 scholar West Kilbride
KENNETH John son unm 9 scholar West Kilbride
KENNETH Crawford daur unm 7 scholar Kilwinning
KENNETH James son unm 5 ------- Kilwinning
KENNETH Jane daur unm 4 ------- Kilwinning
KENNETH William son unm 1 ------- Kilwinning
RUSSEL Crawford m/law unm 60 -------- West Kilbride


YOUNG Alexander head mar 60 Farmer, 138 acres, 3 labs. Kilwinning
YOUNG Margaret wife mar 53 farmer's wife Kilwinning
YOUNG Janet daur unm 26 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
YOUNG Robert son unm 21 farmer's son Kilwinning
YOUNG Margaret daur unm 20 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
YOUNG Mary daur unm 18 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
YOUNG Ann daur unm 14 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
WOODBURN George serv unm 22 agricultural labourer Ayrsh. Riccarton
WARD John serv unm 22 agricultural labourer Ireland
McWHIRTER Robert serv unm 15 agricultural labourer Colmonell


DINNING Crawford head mar 35 Farmer, 60 acres, 1 labourer Kilwinning
DINNING Margaret wife mar 40 farmer's wife Ardrossan
ANDERSON Isabella d/law unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
KALLEY Jane serv unm 19 house servant Ireland
McWHIRTER John serv unm 17 agricultural labourer Colmonell


McMASTER William head mar 51 agricultural labourer Ireland
McMASTER Margaret wife mar 51 --------- Ireland 
AGNEW Rose serv unm 15 house servant Ireland


BROWN Margaret head wid 54 farms 100 acres, 3 labourers Dalry 
DINNING Margaret g/daur unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
HOWITT William serv unm 30 agricultural labourer Fenwick
GILLIES James serv unm 17 agricultural labourer Dreghorn
AGNEW John serv unm 14 agricultural labourer Ireland
McFADYAN Christina serv unm 14 house maid Argylls. Kilfinan


WALKER Catherine wife/head absent mar 26 ---------- Rosshire Constin
WALKER Christina daur unm 3 ------------------- Kilwinning
WALKER Janet daur unm 2 ------------------- Kilwinning
GIBSON Margaret visitor unm 30 house maid Midlothian Duddingston


McWHIRTER Gilbert head mar 40 Agricultural labourer Colmonell
McWHIRTER Ann wife mar 43 --------- Wigtonsh. Inch
McWHIRTER Andrew son unm 9 scholar Irvine
McWHIRTER Wilhelmina daur unm 6 scholar Irvine
McWHIRTER James son unm 4 ------- Irvine
McWHIRTER Hugh son unm 1 -------- Kilwinning


GARVEN John head mar 42 farmer, 50 acres, employing 1 lab. Kilwinning
GARVEN Mary wife mar 44 farmer's wife Dailly
GARVEN John son unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
GARVEN James son unm 8 scholar Kilwinning
GARVEN Mary daur unm 6 scholar Kilwinning
GARVEN Robert son unm 3 ------ Kilwinning
CONNEL Jane serv unm 23 general servant Ayr
ROBERTSON John serv unm 19 agricultural labourer Kilwinning


DINNING William head mar 84 Retired miller Dreghorn
DINNING Elizabeth wife mar 70 house keeper Ardrossan

KING John head mar 49 Miller Kilwinning
KING Jane wife mar 46 ------ Kilwinning
KING William son unm 11 scholar Kilwinning
KING John son unm 6 scholar Kilwinning

HALDANE William head mar 40 Railway plate layer Dalmellington
HALDANE Jane wife mar 44 --------- Irvine
HALDANE Catherine daur unm 11 scholar Irvine
HALDANE Margaret daur unm 8 scholar Irvine
HALDANE Elizabeth daur unm 5 ------- Irvine

DAILEY John head mar 50 Handloom weaver Renfrews. Paisley
DAILEY Elizabeth wife mar 48 --------- Dalry 
DAILEY Agnes daur unm 15 --------- Kilwinning
DAILEY Janet daur unm 12 sempstress Kilwinning
DAILEY Walter son unm 8 scholar Kilwinning

GRAHAME Robert head mar 37 Agricultural labourer Ireland
GRAHAME Mary wife mar 37 --------- Ireland
GRAHAME James son unm 12 --------- Ireland
GRAHAME Jane daur unm 10 ---------- Ireland
GRAHAME Sarah daur unm 9 ---------- Ireland
GRAHAME William son unm 7 ---------- Ireland
GRAHAME Eliza daur unm 4 ---------- Kilwinning

BROWN James head mar 30 Agricultural labourer Dalry
BROWN Margaret wife mar 24 ---------- Beith
BROWN William son unm 2 ---------- Dalry 
BROWN Janet daur unm 11mth -------- Kilwinning

ADAIR Jane head unm 67 Pauper, formerly general servt. Kilwinning

PENNAL John head mar 46 Tailor Ireland
PENNAL Elizabeth wife mar 46 ------ Ireland
PENNAL Edward son unm 24 tailor Ireland
PENNAL Robert son unm 19 tailor Ireland
PENNAL Jane daur unm 15 ------ Ireland
PENNAL John son unm 11 scholar Ireland
PENNAL Agnes daur unm 9 scholar Ireland 
PENNAL Mary daur unm 3 -------- Kilwinning

DEOLAN John head mar 39 Agricultural labourer Ireland
DEOLAN Elizabeth wife mar 38 ---------- Ireland
DEOLAN James son unm 5 scholar Ireland

BARCLAY Mary head widow 70 Infirm Kilwinning
COCHRANE Mary daur widow 34 sempstress Kilwinning
COCHRANE Robert son unm 27 agricultural labourer Kilwinning
MATHIE Mary niece unm 10 scholar Kilwinning

ROBERTSON John head mar 53 Agricultural labourer Kilwinning
ROBERTSON Agnes wife mar 49 -------- Stewarton
ROBERTSON Agnes daur unm 13 -------- Kilwinning
ROBERTSON James son unm 9 scholar Kilwinning
ROBERTSON Jane daur unm 6 ------ Kilwinning
ROBERTSON Andrew bro. Unm 60 handloom weaver Kilwinning

COCKBURN Hugh head mar 33 Agricultural labourer Not known
COCKBURN Jessie wife mar 28 --------- Irvine
COCKBURN Jessie daur unm 5 -------- Kilwinning
COCKBURN Helen daur unm 3 -------- Kilwinning
COCKBURN James son unm 1 -------- Kilwinning

GUY Neil head mar 64 Handloom weaver Beith
GUY Margaret wife mar 67 -------- Kilwinning

WHITE Thomas head unm 65 Agricultural labourer Renfrewsh. Houston

BOYLE James head mar 47 Handloom weaver Kilwinning
BOYLE Helen wife mar 47 ---------- Argyllsh. Cardel
BOYLE Martha daur unm 13 ---------- Kilwinning
BOYLE Robert son unm 10 scholar Kilwinning

STEEL John head mar 31 Blacksmith empl. 1 apprentice Dalry
STEEL Catherine wife mar 20 -------- Kilwinning
STEEL James son unm 1 -------- Kilwinning
McAULEY Peter serv unm 18 blacksmith's apprentice Renfrewsh. Paisley

KING Robert head mar 30 Mill wright Kilwinning
KING Martha wife mar 28 -------- Dalry
KING Margaret daur unm 5 ------- Kilwinning
KING Ann daur unm 4 ------- Kilwinning
KING Robert son unm 2 ------- Kilwinning
RAMSAY Archibald serv mar 38 millwright Dalry
RAMSAY Jane serv mar 25 --------- Dalry
RAMSAY John s/son unm 2 servant's son Dalry
RAMSAY William B. s/son unm 2mth servant's son Dalry

HARVEY Ann head widow 67 -------- Dalry
HARVEY Isabella daur unm 36 Sempstress Beith
HARVEY Mary daur unm 28 sempstress Beith

KING James head mar 66 Mill wright Kilwinning
KING Elizabeth wife mar 34 ------- Beith
KING Janet daur unm 5 scholar Kilwinning
KING James son unm 4 ------ Kilwinning
KING Ann daur unm 2 ----- Kilwinning

RIGGS Alexander head mar 68 Agriculltural labourer Not known
RIGGS Janet wife mar 65 --------- Kilwinning
RIGGS Mary daur unm 34 --------- Kilwinning
RIGGS Agnes daur unm 26 dressmaker Kilwinning
WILSON Margaret g/daur unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
PETRIE Janet g/daur unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
HOWIE James R. g/son unm 2 ------ Kilwinning


KING Ann head widow 72 ---------- Kilmarnock
KING James son unm 44 Miller Kilwinning
BARR Janet serv unm n/k general servant Dalry
PINNEL Joseph serv unm 14 miller's apprentice Ireland


YOUNG James head mar 30 agricultural labourer Dundonald
YOUNG Elizabeth wife mar 24 ------- Dundonald
YOUNG William son unm 2 ------- Kilwinning
YOUNG Robert son unm 5mth ------- Kilwinning

MITCHELL James head mar 40 Agricultural labourer St.Quivox
MITCHELL Margaret wife mar 34 ------- Dundonald
MITCHELL Agnes daur unm 10 scholar Dundonald
MITCHELL James son unm 6 scholar Dundonald
MITCHELL Janet daur unm 4 ------- Dundonald
MITCHELL William son unm 4mth ------ Kilwinning


LOGAN John head unm 35 Handloom weaver Kilwinning
CALDWELL Mary mother widow 67 --------- Kilwinning 

MORISON James head mar 42 Miller Dumbartonsh. Kilpatrick
MORISON Isabella wife mar 36 ------- Lanarksh. Glasgow

LOGAN David head mar 38 Silk weaver Kilwinning
LOGAN Isabella wife mar 30 ------- Irvine
LOGAN Margaret daur unm 5 scholar Kilwinning
LOGAN David son unm 3 ------- Kilwinning
LOGAN Richard son unm 1 ------- Kilwinning


REID Matthew K. head unm 42 Farmer of 30 acres Irvine
REID Margaret sister unm 39 --------- Irvine
McKINNON Catherine serv unm 38 house maid Butesh. Kilmory 


GLEN James head mar 36 Carpenter & innkeeper Irvine
GLEN Ann wife mar 34 -------- Kilwinning
GLEN Margaret daur unm 11 scholar Kilwinning
GLEN Ann daur unm 8 scholar Kilwinning
GLEN Janet daur unm 5 ------ Kilwinning
GLEN Jane daur unm 3 ------ Kilwinning
GILLESPIE Janet serv unm 30 housemaid Kilwinning

MILLER Mary head mar 43 --------- Dundonald


WALKER Robert head mar 72 handloom weaver Stevenston
WALKER Janet wife mar 68 -------- Lanarks. Barony

WALKER William head mar 33 Weaver & railway labourer Lanarks. Glasgow Calton
WALKER Isabella wife mar 33 staymaker Kilmaurs
WALKER Robert son unm 12 scholar Irvine 
WALKER William son unm 9 scholar Kilwinning
WALKER David son unm 7 -------- Kilwinning


BROWN James head mar 32 Farmer, 112 acres, empl. 2 labs. Kilwinning
BROWN Jane wife mar 25 farmer's wife Beith
BROWN William son unm 1 -------- Kilwinning
BROWN John son unm 2weeks ------- Kilwinning
DINNING Robert serv unm 24 agricultural labourer Ayr
BOYLE James serv unm 16 agricultural labourer Kilwinning
SHAW Catherine serv unm 24 general servant Arran
TAYLOR Mary serv unm 15 housemaid Lanarks. Glasgow


KENNEDY James head mar 52 Farmer, 85 acres, 1 labourer Dreghorn
KENNEDY Jean wife mar 46 farmer's wife Dreghorn
KENNEDY Marion daur unm 18 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
KENNEDY James son unm 17 farmer's son Kilwinning
KENNEDY Mary daur unm 15 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
KENNEDY Jane daur unm 14 farmer's daughter Kilwinning
KENNEDY Hugh son unm 12 scholar Kilwinning
KENNEDY Alexander son unm 10 scholar Kilwinning
KENNEDY Elizabeth daur unm 8 ------ Kilwinning
DICKSON Henry serv unm 16 agricultural labourer Ireland


ROBERTSON William head mar 32 Agricultural labourer Ireland
ROBERTSON Helen wife mar 36 -------- Ireland
ROBERTSON James son unm 12 ------- Lanarks. Glasgow
ROBERTSON Samuel son unm 9 scholar Ireland
ROBERTSON Eliza Jane daur unm 7 ------ Ireland
ROBERTSON Boyd son unm 5 ------ Ireland
ROBERTSON William son unm 2 ------ Kilwinning

PATERSON Matthew head mar 50 Agricultural labourer Muirkirk
PATERSON Agnes wife mar 46 -------- Mauchline
PATERSON Marion daur unm 21 -------- Ayrs. Riccarton
PATERSON Matthew son unm 8 ------- Ardrossan
PATERSON Mary daur unm 5 ------- Stevenston
PATERSON James son unm 2 ------- Ardrossan 






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