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The WEAVERS of Irvine in 1862.

Transcribed by Linda Nordby


It is written on a columned form listing the weaver and their address. There are many that are crossed off the list, my thoughts from looking at the form is that the cross offs may have not been in need of the coal, but that is just speculation on my part. Any that are in the cross off category I will identify with an asterisk*

There were 4 loads of coal issued to the others.


HOLMES, William                    Townhead          *

MILLER, James                       High Street         *

WALTERS, William                   Townhead          *

JEFFREY, John                       Townhead

FERGUSON, John                     Parkers Close

NEIL, John                             High Street        *

MCKILLOP, John                      Townhead

JOHNSTON, William                  Townhead

FERGUSON, John                     Burns Street      *(dead)

SMITH ,James`                       Townhead          *

GALT, Thomas                        Seagate             *(got)

MILLER, John                          Connells Close

ROBERTSON,                           George Seagate           (George crossed out and Mrs. added)

McCRORIE, Thomas                  Seagate

FULTON, John                          Connells Close

KING, James                            Seagate Head

WRIGHT, Matthew                    Quarry Lane

MUIR, James                            Quarry Lane          *

McQUEEN, Joseph                    Townend

DURNER? Daniel                        Illegible

McMONAN, S.                          Bridgegate

GALT, James                           Bridgegate

STIRRAT, James                       Quarry Lane

STEVENSON, Rbt.                     Quarry Lane       *

GAIRDNER, Edward                    Seagate Head

DICKIE, Robert                         Townhead             *(left)

WATTERS, WM.                        Townhead          (left)

MCQUEEN, WM.                        Quarry Lane       *

GALT, John                              Seagate

GREY, John                              Adams Square        *

RUSSELL, Abraham                    Quarry Lane

MUIR, John                               Hill Street

NEILSON, Robert                        East Back Road    *

CRAIG, James                            East Back Road

STEVENSON Wm.                       East Back Road    *

RUBY? Robert                            East Back Road     *

McQUEEN, John                         Wide Close?       *

WILSON, Joseph                        Wide Close?             *(got)

STEVENSTON, Jame                    East Back Road   

REID, Andrew                            Glasgow Vennell

REID, George                             Glasgow Vennell   *

FRASER, Alexander                      Willocks Close

REID, James                               Gas-work

DUFF, William                             Townhead

GRAIG, William                            Cotton Row

GILCHRIST, Alexander                  Cotton Row        *

JEFFREY, Robert                         Cotton Row

JEFFREY, David                          Cotton Row

WOLF, James                             Cotton Row

CLARK, William                            Porthead          *(left)

CLARK, Andrew                           Cotton Row

WARK, Alexander                         Glasgow Vennell

CONNELL,Robert                          Townhead          *(got)

STEWART,David                          Cotton Row

McCAULAY, ?                              East Back Road    *

McLELLAND,David                        Glasgow Vennell

McBRIDE, John                            Bridgegate

McALPINE, William                       Townhead

MALCOLM,William                        Townhead          *(dead)

FINDLAY, John                           Illegible              *

JAFFREY, John                           Cotton Row        *

MILLS, William                           Townhead          *(got)


The address's for the following are illegible:

FINDLAY, John *              



ALLAN, Robert


AIRD, John

WALES? Thomas









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