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Ardrossan Ecclesiastical Timeline

       Significant Dates in the History of Ardrossan Churches



Richard Barclay de Ardrossan witnesses granting of charter to Kilwinning Abbey.

1650 The first Parochial Church of Ardrossan was in existence at this time. Session Records were only kept for a short period 2-4-1691 to 7-9-1693. No further ones appear to have been recorded until 1739.



The Parochial Church of Ardrossan, which stood within the grounds of the graveyard overlooking the seashore, was blown down by a hurricane and never restored. In it were altars to St Peter and the Virgin Mary. It was excavated in 1912, when it was shown to be a long, oblong building , its chancel of the same width as the nave, above which it was raised by three low steps, placed at wide intervals. Considerable areas of stone paving remained. A stone coffin, with a carved lid, was found within the church, near the N wall. It was removed and is now in the North Ayrshire Museum in Saltcoats. A 13th century date is suggested for it.

The Second Parochial Church was built 3/4 of a mile NE of the castle on the right bank of the Stanley Burn near Stanley Clachan. Minister Rev. Mr Thomas Clarke. The only memorial or trace of this church is the tombstone of this minister, who was buried within the precincts of the church. This small monument was erected after the church had been translated to Saltcoats.


1744 The Second Parochial Church abandoned and the Third Parochial Church built in Saltcoats at the site of the present North Ayrshire Museum. The population at this time was increasing much faster in the Saltcoats part of the Parish.


1773 The Fourth Parochial Church was rebuilt on the same site as the third. (What is now the present Museum)


1837 The Independent Church was formed and the congregation met for the next 20 years in an upper flat in Glasgow Street. Afterwards it was used as a school. The first minister was Rev. Mr Martin formerly succession minister at West Kilbride. He resigned after 7 years and was followed by Rev. Alexander Cross


1844 Barony Church built (Then the New Parish Church, now Barony St John's Church) The cost exceeded 3000. First ministers were Rev. James Mackay followed by Rev. J D. McCall

Free Church organised. Later St John's Church. Erected in Glasgow Street. First minister Rev. John Stewart.


1856 A new burial ground was opened, situated at the upper corner of one of the fields attached to the farm of Parkhouse.  


1857 United Presbyterian Church opened.  Cost 1300 (later the Union, "Park" Church). It was organised principally by members worshipping in the churches at Saltcoats. First ministers were:- Rev Simon S. Stobbs, Rev. William R. Murray, and Rev. William McGilchrist.


1859 St Johns Church built, (originally the Free Church) erected in Montgomerie Street. Cost 2200. First ministers Rev. Allan Cameron, Rev R. M. Adamson



New Independent Church erected in Harbour Lane. Cost 550. First ministers Rev. Cross died Oct 1887 and succeeded by Rev. J. L. King.


1874-5 St Andrews Episcopal Church built in South Crescent. Cost 2300. Congregation began meeting in 1851 in a mission in West Kilbride. First ministers:- Rev. George Lakeman, Rev. J. M. Cowan, Rev John Masterton and Rev. George Sharp.


1886 New Barony Church Hall erected


1905 Congregational Church in Arran Place built.


1938 St Peters RC Church, build on site of the Earl of Eglinton's former mansion - The Pavilion.







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