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The Conn Family of Sedgefield 

Researched and Contributed by David Conn

Further information is available from David Conn  Email him

[See also Karen Davies Website at  http://www.freewebs.com/connfamilytree/ ]


Sedgefield is a parish in the south east of Durham County, about 15 miles north of Stockton. The parish registers begin in 1580, but it isn't until the mid-18th century that the Conn family appear in the parish. George and Elizabeth Conn appeared in Sedgefield in 1742 with the birth of their first child, and Francis Conn in 1746 with the birth of Eliza, his only daughter. It is assumed that George and Francis are brothers. Their origin is unknown, although it has been suggested that they came either from Scotland or Ireland.
This is a very extensive family, mainly because George and Elizabeth had seven sons, although two of the sons, Richard and Thomas, only appear as baptisms. In subsequent generations the family move into nearby parishes such as Wingate and Penshaw, and by the mid 1900s they had spread more widely across the country.Only the early members of the family are given here, but if anyone wants to follow any of the family lines the author may be able to help.

The children of George and Elizabeth Conn of Sedgefield

1) 3 Jan 1742. Baptism of Richard. No further information on this child has been found.

2) 16 Apr 1744. Baptism of William.

bullet19 May 1766. William married Mary Oswald at Sedgefield
bullet15 Mar 1767. Baptism of Ann
bullet10 Sep 1769. Baptism of Elizabeth. Married Thomas Matthews in 1803.
bullet4 Oct 1772. Baptism of Mary. Married Hunton Clapon in 1794.
bullet26 May 1776. Baptism of Esther. Buried 1777.
bullet1782. Baptism of Thomas, Buried 1808.
bullet7 Nov 1784. Baptism of John. Married Mary Dawson of Stanhope.

3) 5 Oct 1746. Baptism of George.

bulletGeorge married Jane ??
bullet30 Aug 1767. Baptism of William. See APPENDIX A.
bullet1 Jan 1769. Baptism of John

4) 25 Jun 1749. Baptism of Peter.

bullet14 May 1770 Peter married Margaret Wood at Sedgefield
bullet30 Apr 1771. Baptism of Margaret. Married James Smith in 1791.
bullet20 Sep 1773. Baptism of Peter. Married Dorothy Bainbridge in 1798.

5) 1 Mar 1752. Baptism of John.

bullet25 Oct 1773 John married Sarah Herring at Sedgefield
bulletMar 1776. Baptism of Mary at Wolsinhgam. Married William Hall in 1797.
bulletAug 1778. Baptism of Margery at Wolsingham. Married John Bainbridge in 1809.

6) 13 Jan 1755. Baptism of Robert.

bullet16 May 1785 Robert married Jane Kirton (Kearton) at Sedgefield
bullet13 Jul 1785. Baptism of Robert
bullet4 Aug 1788. Baptism of Thomas
bullet21 Mar 1791. Baptism of George. Married Jane Darque in 1817
bullet28 Apr 1794. Baptism of William
bullet4 Jun 1796. Baptism of Elizabeth
bullet21 Jan 1799. Baptism of Mary
bullet24 Sep 1801. Baptism of Peter
bullet23 May 1806. Baptism of Ann

7) 26 May 1757. Baptism of Thomas. No further information on this child has been found.

8) 6 Mar 1791. Burial of George Conn of Sedgefield.
8 Feb 1797. Burial of Elizabeth Conn, aged 82, of Sedgefield.


The family of William Conn, born 1767 in Sedgefield.

bullet10 Aug 1801. Marriage of William Conn to Ann Ditchburn at Sedgefield.
bullet26 Jun 1802. Baptism of John.
bullet2 Mar 1804. Baptism of William.
bullet15 Dec 1808. Baptism of Mary. Married Nicholas Cowey in Penshaw in 1831
bullet22 Aug 1811. Baptism of Richard
bullet21 Sep 1813. Baptism of Ann. Burial of Ann 1813
bullet27 Sep 1814. Baptism of Ann
bullet16 Apr 1817. Baptism of Michael [New Zealand/Australia]
bullet11 Aug 1819. Baptism of Jane. Married Mark Harland in 1841
bullet14 Jul 1822. Baptism of Thomas






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