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The Conn Family of Coniscliffe 

Researched and Contributed by David Conn

Further information is available from David Conn  Email him


Coniscliffe is about 5 miles to the west of Darlington, in the county of Durham. It is really two villages, with lower Coniscliffe sitting on the banks of the River Tees, and Upper Coniscliffe on a small hill overlooking the river. The church of St Oswalds is in Upper Coniscliffe.

The parish registers start in 1590, and it is clear that the Conn family had been in the village for some considerable time. The relationship of Thomas, John and Christopher Conn is unknown, although it is possible that they were brothers. Thomas died in 1602 and it is assumed that his wife was Katherine, who died in 1611. It is thought that Christopher married Ritha Dawson in the neighbouring parish of Heighington in 1604, before dying in 1611. The records are presented here in their date order.

bullet20 Jun 1598. Marriage of John Conn and Isabel Blacklock.
bullet25 Sep 1599. Baptism of John, son of John Conn.
bullet20 Jun 1602. Baptism of Agneta, daughter of John Conn.
bullet13 May 1602. Burial of Thomas Conn.
bullet16 Dec 1606. Baptism of Richard, son of John Conn.
bullet14 May 1609. Baptism of Christopher, son of John Conn.
bullet25 Jan 1611. Burial of Christopher, son of John Conn.
bullet23 May 1611. Baptism of Merriall, daughter of John Conn.
bullet21 Dec 1611. Burial of Katherine Conn, widow.

The marriage of John Conn, born in 1599, has not been found, but it is thought that the following were his children.

bullet2 Sep 1632. Baptism of Isabell, daughter of John Conn.
bullet2 Nov 1634. Baptism of Thomas, son of John.
bullet19 Mar 1637. Baptism of Christopher, son of John.
bullet5 Mar 1643. Burial of Elizabeth, daughter of John.
bullet29 Apr 1669. Marriage of Isabell Conn to John Pierson at Coniscliffe.

The marriage of Christopher, born in 1637, has not been found, but the following appear to be his children.

bullet4 Mar 1678. Burial of Richard, son of Christopher Conn (senior).
bullet26 Jan 1689. Burial of Christopher Conn.
bullet16 Aug 1699. Baptism of Peter, son of Christopher Conn.
bullet12 Jun 1699. Burial of Peter, son of Christopher Conn.
bullet28 May 1700. Burial of Thomas Conn.
bullet1 Jun 1703. Baptism of Robert, son of Christopher Conn.
bullet23 Aug 1703. Burial of Robert, son of Christopher Conn.
bullet27 Mar 1722. Burial of Christopher Conn (senior).
bullet8 Sep 1728. Burial of Joan Conn, widow, of Low Coniscliffe.
bullet24 May 1748. baptism of Thomas, son of Dorothy Conn.


The Conn family do not appear in the Coniscliffe registers after this date.






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