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Descendants of John Beatty born 1587 in Scotland

Contributed by Nelda Percival <nelda_percival@hotmail.com>

1st Generation

1. John Beatty was born 1587 in Scotland. He married Margaret Thompson 1619 in Scotland.

Children of John Beatty and Margaret Thompson:
i.    2.    James Beatty was born 1620.
ii.    3.    John Beatty was born 1621 in Ayrshire, Scotland.
iii.    4.    Henry Beatty was born 1623.
iv.    5.    Patrick Beatty was born 1625.

Notes on John Beatty
the next two generations comes from Larry Cornwell
contact at:

According to the biography of the Honorable John P. Beatty of Jasper County, Iowa, published in the Portrait and Biographical Record of Jasper, Marshall, and Grundy Counties, Iowa in 1894, "The Beatty family is of Scotch ancestry, and was prominently connected with the Presbyterian Church in Scotland prior to the religious revolution, but at that time they left the country and settled in the North of Ireland."  The first two generations, below, are undocumented and unproven.
They lived in the Scottish lowlands in the Dalbeattie area
John and Jane existed as individuals, but the proof that they were the parents of John and James has not been discovered. They may have been the parents of James and John, identified below.
According to research of Marlene K. Smith, "After the battle of Boyne in 1690, John and his two sons, John and James, left Scotland along with a large influx of Scottish families for the northern counties of Ireland."
(Note..First time I have heard that John Beatty, wife Jane Ross, father of John and James moved to Ireland with his sons...nlp)

2nd Generation (Children)

2. James Beatty (John1) was born 1620.
3. John Beatty (John1) was born 1621 in
Ayrshire, Scotland. He married Jane Ross About 1664 in Scotland.  She was born  in Scotland .
Other events in the life of John Beatty
Fact 1 : BP2000 - L- 5
Fact 2 : source: Engle in Egle as source

Children of John Beatty and Jane Ross:
i.    6.    John Beatty was born About 1665 in Ayrshire Scotland and died 1729 in lived in County Antrim, Ireland.
ii.    7.    James Beatty was born About 1670 in Ayrshire, Scotland and died 1745 in Hillsborough-Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, Co Down, IRE.

Notes on John Beatty
FA2: Place: BEATTY PROJECT 2000--LINEAGE #5  source: Egal Book; Copied from a message from Helen, dated 27 Dec 03
she can be contacted at hmackain at aol.com
from Genealogical Record of the families of Beatty, Egle, Muller, Murray Orth and Thomas by William Henry Egle, MD MA dated 1886.
Harrisburg: Hart Printer and Binder, 1886
Carol Haskins provided part of his record she can be contacted at
lorac 0903 at yahoo.com delete spaces and use symbol instead of word at..


4. Henry Beatty (John1) was born 1623.
5. Patrick Beatty (John1) was born 1625.

3rd Generation (Grandchildren)

6. John Beatty (John2, John1) was born About 1665 in Ayrshire Scotland and died 1729 in lived in County Antrim, Ireland. He married 1st Elise Ross Before 1705 .  She died Before 1715 in probably in childbirth of Arthur-1714, daughter of John Ross and First name unk. Ross, maiden name unk.. He married 2nd Christiana Clinton 1714 in Northern Ireland.  She was born 1685/86 and died 1776/77 in New York City, NY Co., NY, daughter of James Clinton and First name unk. Clinton, maiden name unk..
Other events in the life of John Beatty
Occupation : Officer in Brittish Army
Education : Lived in Antrim, Ireland

Other events in the life of Christiana Clinton
Education : Aunt of John Clinton first Governor of New York.

Children of John Beatty and Elise Ross:
i.    8.    Elsie Beatty was born About 1705 and died  in probably enroute to America.
ii.    9.    James Beatty was born After 1705.
iii.    10.    John (Jr.) Beatty was born After 1705 and died  in on board ship between Ireland and America.
iv.    11.    William Beatty was born After 1705 and died  in probably enroute to America.
v.    12.    Robert Thomas Beattie was born 1707 in Ireland and died May 9, 1778 in Little Britten, Orange Co., NY.
vi.    13.    Arthur Beatty was born 1714 in Co Antrim, Ireland and died Before November 23, 1785 in Bur: Goodwill Pres. Church, Monterey, Orange County, NY..

Children of John Beatty and Christiana Clinton:
vii.    14.    Charles Clinton Rev. (Sr.) Beatty was born 1715 in Co Antrim, Ireland and died August 13, 1772 in Barbadoes, West Indies of yellow fever..
viii.    15.    Martha Beatty.
ix.    16.    Mary Beatty.
x.    17.    name unknown Beatty was born unknown and died  in on board ship, betwen Ireland and America.

Notes on John Beatty
Genealogical Record of the Families of Beatty, Egle, Muller, Murray, Ortho & Thomas.
William H. Egle
Harrisburg: Hart Printer and Binder, 1886
original note from original file, not researched by me.
Officer in the British Army,  lived in Antrim, Ireland.
FA2: Date: 1690, PLace: went to Ireland after the battle of the Boyne. Went with James.

Research by Nelda, L-05

The Battle of the Boyne

No year in Irish history is better known than 1690. No Irish battle is more famous than William III's victory over James II at the River Boyne, a few miles west of Drogheda. James, a Roman Catholic, had lost the throne of England in the bloodless "Glorious Revolution" of 1688. William was Prince of Orange, a Dutch- speaking Protestant married to James's daughter Mary, and became king at the request of parliament. James sought refuge with his old ally, Louis XIV of France, who saw an opportunity to strike at William through Ireland. He provided French officers and arms for James, who landed at Kinsale in March 1689.

The lord deputy, the Earl of Tyrconnell, was a Catholic loyal to James, and his Irish army controlled most of the island. James quickly summoned a parliament, largely Catholic, which proceeded to repeal the legislation under which Protestant settlers had acquired land.

During the rule of Tyrconnell, the first Catholic viceroy since the Reformation, Protestants had seen their influence eroded in the army, in the courts and in civil government. Only in Ulster did they offer effective resistance. In September 1688, while James was still king, apprentice boys in Londonderry closed the city's gates to deny admission to a Catholic regiment under Lord Antrim. In April 1689, the city refused to surrender to James's army, and survived the hardships of a three-month siege before relief came by sea. The Protestants of Enniskillen defended their walled city with equal vigour, and won a number of victories over Catholic troops. Eventually, James withdrew from the northern province.

William could not ignore the threat from Ireland. In August 1689 Marshal Schomberg landed at Bangor with 20,000 troops and, with Ulster secure, pushed south as far as Dundalk. James's army blocked further progress towards Dublin, but there was no battle and the two armies withdrew to winter quarters. In March 1690 the Jacobite army was strengthened by 7,000 French regulars, but Louis
demanded over 5,000 Irish troops in return. The Williamites were reinforced by Danish mercenaries and by English and Dutch regiments. When William himself landed at Carrickfergus on 14 June, he was able to muster an army of 36,000 men. He began the march towards Dublin. There was some resistance near Newry, but the Jacobites soon withdrew to the south bank of the River Boyne.

The battle was fought on 1 July 1690 at a fordable river bend four miles west of Drogheda. The main body of Williamite infantry was concentrated on fording the river at the village of Oldbridge, which was approached by a deep and sheltenng glen. First, however, a detachment of cavalry and infantry made a flanking attack upstream, which forced James to divert troops to prevent his retreat being cut off. William's army was stronger by at least 10,000 men, but after these troops
were drawn off he had three-to-one superiority in the main arena. By mid- afternoon the Jacobite army was in retreat, outpaced by James himself, who rode to Dublin to warn the city of William's approach. He was in France before the month was out. On 6 July William entered Dublin, where he gave thanks for victory in Christ Church Cathedral.

The Battle of the Boyne is recalled each July in the celebrations of the Orange Order, not on the first day but on "the Twelfth", for eleven days were lost with the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in 1752. It was not the end of the Williamite campaign, and the King had returned to England before the Dutch general Ginkel's victory at Aughrim and the formal Irish surrender after the siege of Limerick in 1691. The Treaty of Limerick was not ungenerous to the defeated
Catholics, but they were soon to suffer from penal laws designed to reinforce Protestant ascendancy throughout Irish life.


From  - A Little History of Ireland by Martin Wallace with illustrations by Ian McCullough

Note from Annie Harris, L-05 extracted from the book  The Genealogy of Robert Beatty 1760-1823

Introduction pg V

John Beatty, James Beatty, and Christiana Beatty came from north of Ireland sailing May 20, 1729 and landed in New York October 4, 1729 after a terrible voyage. Among those who succumbed to disease and hardships on the voyage were John Beatty and his wife and five children, and also a child of Christiana. The Beatty's surviving the voyage settled at Little Britain, New Windsor, N.Y. Christiana Beatty, widow of John of Antrim, Ireland was a sister of Charles Clinton, granddaughter of William Clinton, a grandson of Henry Clinton, second Earl of Lincoln. By a former wife, her husband John Beatty had William, Elsie, John, Arthur and James. John Beatty Jr. died on shipboard leaving sons Arthur and James.

(NOTE: This is a little confusing it is better to give dates on a person rather then JR? Junior to whom making him whose son? I believe this is John Beatty b.1665 husband of Christina, rather then her stepson, John b.after 1705, who has no information listed at all,  not wife or children, although, John Beatty and wife and five children as listed above could also have been John Beatty b. after 1705 /wife and children.. ..Back to John Jr.? Leaving sons Arthur and James.. Which John? b. 1665 or after 1705? John b. 1665 has two sons by those names born to his first wife  Elise Ross. They were born after 1705  and 1714..aged between 15 and 24.. fifteen year old would be considered a child but not at 24 .. Still guessing..Nelda)
Christina Clinton Beatty was the mother of Charles, Mary, Martha, and a child who died on the voyage. Christina married again in America a James Scott and died in New York City in 1776-7 aged ninety.
"Robert Beatty and brother Charles were early settlers in Marbletown, Ulster county, N.Y., and doubtless were related to those just mentioned. Charles Beatty died in 1726-27. Robert had sons, Robert and Thomas. Robert Beatty Jr. died in Newburg N.Y. in 1779 leaving wife Mary and children Thomas, John, Robert, Francis, Elizabeth Ann, and Mary." (copied from Allegheny Valley, History of Ulster Co., N.Y. pg. 721)
page VI,
The family described below were already in America when the Christiana Beatty family arrived.
(The following notes were gathered from a public Library in New York, Ulster Co., exact reference to book not recorded.)
The above not is not my note but a note in the introduction of the book. Annie Harris L454-L5
"JOHN BEATTY: born in Ireland, boasting of descent from Prince Geoffrey of Scotland, an alley of Bryan Bron who participated in battle of Clondarf, 1014 A. D. Exact date of emigration not named. Nominated for sheriff of Ulster County in 1691. He was the first resident of Esopus, now Kingston, and later moved to Marbletown where he was a large owner. June 9, 1719, 700 acres were confirmed to him by trustees of marbletown, Deputy Surveyor of Province of New York. Surveyed and laid out Livingston Manor at request of Robert Livingston, the first Patroon.
John Beatty married November 7, 1691 Susanna Ashford. He died in Ulster County between April 26, 1720 and March 9, 1721.
John Beatty's children: Robert 1692-1742 ; Charles, and Agnes and John baptized in 1701 in Cecil County, Maryland. (John married Elizabeth, children mentioned but names not given.)
Other children of John Beatty and Susanna Ashford were: Judge Thomas Beatty, baptized 1703, died 1769 in Prince George County, Maryland. (wife Mary, children were Thomas, Charles, Susanna, James, Sarah) Edward : Died in Maryland 1755 (children were Ezekiel, Ezra, Elijah, Edward) William Beatty, second child of John and Susanna Beatty was baptized in Dutch Church at Kingston, N/Y. June 9, 1695. Will dated May 18, 1757. Names Heirs William, Eleanor, Mary, Anne.
William Beatty Jr. born Jan. 17, 1739 became one of chief men of Frederick County, Maryland.
(Punctuation etc., taken from book, Annie Harris)
This information may open a can of worms.
Annie Harris L454-L5
_FA2: Date: 1690 Place: to IRE after the battle of the Boyne, with James 997
_FA2: Place: officer in British army 997

7. James Beatty (John2, John1) was born About 1670 in Ayrshire, Scotland and died 1745 in Hillsborough-Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, Co Down, IRE. He married 1st Agnes maiden name unk. Beatty  in 1st marriage, Ireland.  She was born 1684 in Ayrshire, Scotland? . He married 2nd Sarah Ross  in 2nd.  She, daughter of John Ross and First name unk. Ross, maiden name unk.. He married 3rd First name unk. maiden name unk Beatty  in 3rd.
Other events in the life of James Beatty
Occupation : 147

Children of James Beatty and Agnes maiden name unk. Beatty:
i.    18.    Agnes Beatty was born About 1706 in Scotland/Ireland?.
ii.    19.    George Beatty was born About 1708 in Ayrshire, Scotland / Ireland?.
iii.    20.    James Beatty was born About 1710 in Scotland / Ireland.
iv.    21.    Richard Beatty was born About 1712 in Aryshire, Scotland, / Ireland.
v.    22.    Robert Beatty was born About 1714 in Scotland / Ireland?.
vi.    23.    Thomas Beatty was born About 1716 in Scotland / Ireland?.
vii.    24.    William Beatty was born About 1718 in Ballykeel-Ednagonnel. Ireland and died February 1784 in Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, Ireland, Buried in Anahilt glebe, Co Down, IRE.
viii.    25.    John Beatty was born About 1722 in Ireland and died 1765 in Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, County Down, IRE.
ix.    26.    Alexander Beatty was born About 1725 in Ireland and died 1787 in Northumberland County, PA, will probated 6/25/1787.
x.    27.    First name unknown Beatty.
xi.    28.    First name unknown Beatty.
xii.    29.    First name unknown Beatty.
xiii.    30.    First name unknown Beatty.
xiv.    31.    First name unknown Beatty.
xv.    32.    First name unknown Beatty.
xvi.    33.    First name unknown Beatty.
xvii.    34.    First name unknown Beatty.
xviii.    35.    First name unknown Beatty.
xix.    36.    First name unknown Beatty.

Notes on James Beatty
Original notes from file:
_FA2: Place: settle county Down, NIRE, parish of Hillsborough
_FA2: Date: 1690 Place: to IRE after the battle of the Boyne
_FA3: Place: 19 children, 3 wives
Beatty, James emigrated to Ireland shortly after the battle of the Boyne, in 1690, when occurred that large influx of Scotch  families into the Northern counties of the Green Isle. His brother John moved with him. James located in County Down at BallykeelEdnagonnel in the  parish of Hillsborough. he had 19 children by three wives, (note:it is not know which mother gave birth to which children..Nelda)
from Genealogical Record of the families of Beatty, Egle, Muller, Murray Orth and Thomas by William Henry Egle, MD MA dated 1886.

_FA2: Place: settle county Down, NIRE, parish of Hillsborough 997
_FA2: Date: 1690 Place: to IRE after the battle of the Boyne 997
_FA3: Place: 19 children, 3 wives 997











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