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Largs and Fairlie

  Ayrshire Directories by Pigot & Co  1837

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Largs is a neat town and sea-bathing place, in the parish of its name; 73 miles w. by s. from Edinburgh, 30 s.w. from Glasgow, 14 s. from Greenock, and 20 n. from Irvine; beautifully situate on the Firth of Clyde, in the northern extremity of the county, in a remarkably healthy and well-sheltered district. It is now one of the most favoured retreats on the west coast for ruralising and bathing, the communication with Glasgow, and other large towns on this side of the country, being rendered convenient and expeditious by means by means of steam-boats: during the season it is enlivened by the presence of a great number of visiters; and the general accommodation afforded by the abundance and superior style of the lodging-houses, together with the agreeable manners of the residents, fuuly entitles it to the extensive patronage it enjoys. An elegant suite of baths was erected by public subscription in 1816, some of them after the model of those at Seafield, Leith; and there is one vapour bath. Attached to these are a reading room and a library, supplied with numerous papers weekly, and every popular work as soon as published. Considerable business is carried on in the fishery; and formerly the fair held on St Colm's-day was a scene of bustle and active traffic - it was attended by the people from the highlands, who used to resort hither to exchange their produce for that of the lowland trader.

The parish church is a handsome structure of stone, with a spire and clock, and is a great ornament to the town. There are several benevolent societies, and two sabbath-schools, which form the principal charitable institutions. Three circulating libraries afford literary amusement to domestic readers, and a company of comedians generally attends during the summer.  Few districts possess more romantic scenery; the old castles of Kilmorly, Shelmurly, Knock, and Fairley, with Brisbane House, ornament this parish.

It was on the plain of Largs that the celebrated battle was fought between the Scots and the Danes, in their last invasion of this country, in 1263. The glen, near Kelburn - the cascade, which has a fall of 50 feet perpendicular - and various other natural beauties, irresistibly arrest the attention and excite the admiration of the traveller. Fairs are held on the first Tuesday in June (which lasts three days), old style; the first Wednesday in February, third Wednesday in July, and fourth Wednesday in October.

Fairlie, or Fairley, parish of Largs, about two miles south from that town. In the vicinity is Kelburn castle, the picturesque seat and family mansion of the Earl of Glasgow; formerly a seat of a family of that name. The extensive plantations around Kelburn castle are highly ornamental to the general landscape. There are, besides, some very elegant villas, which harmonize with and adorn the prevelent features of the parish; and the marine scenery is truly beautiful and enlivening.

Post Office, Main-street, Largs, William McCall, Postmaster. The London mail arrives every evening at seven, and is despatched every morning at seven. The Glasgow and Greenock Mails arrive every morning at half-past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past four. The West Kilbride mail arrives every afternoon at a quarter past four, and is despatched every morning at ten.

Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy

Boyd Mrs. Crescent / Boyd Mr. Wm. 9 Main st / Brisburn Thos. esq. Woodbank cottage / Cairnie Jno. esq. Curling hall, Crescent / Campbell A. D. esq of Ashaig / Dow Rev. John, Manse / Dunlop Alexander, esq. Priory lodge / Flemming James, esq. Silver rae / Fullerton John, esq. Cochran bldngs / Gardner Rev. James, Fairlie / Glasgow Right Hon. Earl of, Kelburn / Graham Rev. Gilbert, Hill st / Hay Capt. George James, R. N. Fairlie / Henderson Geo. esq. of Bank house / Jamieson Mrs. John, Crescent / Johnston John, esq. Fairlie mill / Kerr William, esq. Haeley / Kerr Mr. William. 17 Main st / Lang Hugh, esq. Mansefield / Lang Jas. esq of Farralside, Bath st / Lang John, esq. Routenburn / Lang Miss, Gogo street / Lang Robert, esq. Blockdales / McCall Miss, Fairlie / McCall Mrs, Haeley / Morris Capt. Robert, of Moorburn / Mylne Professor, Fairlie / Parker Mrs, Fairlie / Paton Mrs, 1 Main street / Pollock Miss, Crescent / Pollock Mrs, Crescent / Richardson Mrs, Rosebank / Robertson John, esq. Northfield / Scott John, sen. esq. Hawk hill / Spiers Mrs. Margaret, Crescent / Struther Robert, esq. Acre cottage / Tennant Hugh, esq. Fairlie / Tudehope Rev. John H. 12 Hill st / Wilson James, esq. Haylee / Young Capt. Alexr. Broomcraig park

Academies and Schools

Barclay Thomas, 15 Lade st / Jamieson John, New st / Lindsay Elizabeth, Gogo st / McLean Daniel, Boyd st, / Parochial School, 12 Hill st Rev Gilbert Graham, master / Scott James, 18 Winton st / Tudehope Rev. John H. 12 Hill st / Malcolm William, Nelson st, Tyre Robert, Hill st

Agents to Manufacturers

Chirry James, 20 Nelson st / Henry Peter, 5 Main st / Hill Archibald, 53 Main st / Jamieson John, New st / McNeil Robert, Boyd st / Malcolm John, New st


McArthur Charles, 51 & 75 Main st / Patrick Robert & Co. 8 Main st


Cowper Peter & John, 51 Gateside st / Crawford William, 62 Main st / Frazer Archibald, 22 Main st / Mackie James, Paper row

Boat Builders

Fife John, Fairlie / Fife William, Fairlie

Boot and Shoe Makers

Campbell Daniel, 2 Bath st / Crawford James, 8 Main st / Hamilton William, 4 Main st / Hendry James, 10 Main st / Hopkirk James, 9 Nelson st / Lamont Laughlan, 63 Main st / Lamont Peter, 9 Nelson st / McNeilage Robert, 4 Nelson st / Ryburn James, 25 Main st / Wallace James, 19 Main st / Wright John, 68 Nelson st

Carpenters, Wrights & Cabinet Makers

Alexander William, 2 Lade st / Blair Robert, 42 Main st / Carswell Alexander, 24 Main st / Crawford James, 7 Troon st / Duff John & Co, 52 Main st / Fife Robert, 13 Boyd st / Fleck James, 66 Main st / Hendry Alexander, 51 Gateside st / Jack Adam, 3 Troon st / Sawers John, 1 Waterside st / Snodgrass John, 18 Main st


Greg James, Main st / McNeil William, Gallowgate st

Fire & Office Agents

Hercules, James Lang, Bath st / McNeil William, Gallowgate street


Boag Hugh, 11 Gallowgate square / Jamieson Janet, 1 Main st / Logan John, 10 Gallowgate square / McFarlane John, 65 Main st / Spiers John, 16 Main st


Blair Margaret, 13 Paper row / Boag Janet (tea dealer), Gallowgate square / Craig Hugh, 61 Nelson st / Gemmell William, 1 Main st / Henderson Jean, Boyd st / Hendry Girzel, 52 Main st / Hendry Peter, 5 Main st / Hill Archibald, 53 Main st / Knox William, Fairlie / Lyle John, 38 Main st / McKechnie John, 28 Main st / McLean Janet, 22 New st / Moudie John, 21 Gateside st / Patrick Robert, 10 Kirk close / Spiers John, 16 Main st / Stewart William, 20 Wilson st / Underwood Matthew, 75 Main st / Wardrop Robert, 12 Wilson st / Whiteford Robert, 16 Main st

Hair Dressers

Johnston Edward, 12 main st / Wilson Richard, 20 Main st

Innkeepers & Vitners

Arthur Jno. (White Hart) 9 Gallowgate / Boag James, Fairlie / Clark Wm, (Glasgow Arms) 8 Gallowgate / Craig Hugh, 61 Nelson st / Fleek John, 66 Main st / Gemmell William, 1 Main st / Hendry Peter, 5 Main st / Hill Archibald, 53 Main st / Hill Janet (Weavers' Arms), Gallowgate / Jamieson Robert, (Thistle) Gallowgate / King Barbara, 24 Main st / King Mary, 18 Gallowgate / Knox William, Fairlie / Lade John, 70 Main st / Logan John, 10 Gallowgate square / McFarlane John, 65 Main st / McMillan Archibald, 6 Troon st / McNaught Jean, Fairlie / Morris Dani(Burns' Tavern) 1 Waterside st / Morris John, 5 Gallowgate / Muir John, (Star) Forth st / Patrick Robert, 10 Kirk close / Small Robt, 64 Main st / Strachan Thos. (Brisbane Arms) 3 Main st / Underwood Matthew, 75 Main st / Whiteford Robert, 16 Main st / Workman John, 35 main st / Wyllie Hugh, 2 Troon st

Linen & Woollen Drapers

Clark James, 69 Main st / Malcolm William, Nelson st


Henry John, Nosedale / Morris John, Gogo mill

Milliners and Dress Makers

Hall Anne, 9 Boyd st / Jamieson Janet, 6 Main st / McLean Charlotte, 13 Nelson st


Cunningham John, hill st / McLennan William & Co. 14 Main st 

Seedsmen & Gardeners

Armour Jean, Haeley / Martin Daniel, 21 Gallowgate st

Stone Masons

Beith Robert, (& builder) 62 Nelson st / Peterson Jno. (& builder) 6 Wilson st


Campbell John, M.D. 3 Gallowgate st / Caskie James, 70 main st


Angus Hugh, 20 Gallowgate / Hendry Archibald,  13 Main st / McKellar Neil, 2 Bath st / McKirdy John, 16 Main st / McNicol Peter, 6 main st / Miller John, 24 main st / Wishart William, 5 Main st

Tin-Plate Workers and Ironmongers

Armstrong David, 13 main st / Banker David, 19 Gallowgate / Glen Robert, 69 Main st


See carpenters & Cabinet Makers


Beith John, 1 Main st / Orr Robert, Gogo st


Boyd William, druggist, 18 Gallowgate st / Brown Robert, coast waiter, Boyd st / Campbell Hugh, harbour master, Boyd st / Crawford Archibald, watch maker, 6 Manse ct / Fleek Ann, coal dealer, 13 Gallowgate sq / Henderson Janet, straw hat maker, Forth st / Kelly Kitty, earthenware dealer, 11 Main st / McLuckie William, plasterer, 65 Nelson st / Malcolm Jas, piano-forte tuner, 21 Nelson st / Morris John, fishmonger, Gallowgate st / Morrison James, bookseller and circulating library, 6 Main st / Savings Bank, 1 Main st - John Beith treasurer / Spence John, bath-keeper, Bath st

Places of Worship

Established Church, Largs - Rev. John Dow / United Sucession, Largs Rev. / Relief Church, Largs / Established Church, Fairlie - Rev. James Gardner


To GLASGOW and PAISLEY, James Allan, from Wilson st, every Tuesday.

To GREENOCK, James Arthur, from Main st, every Tuesday, and James Allan, from Wilson st, every Friday.

To IRVINE and SALTCOATS, Jas Allan, from Wilson st every Wednesday.

Conveyance by Water

Steam Packets

To ARDROSSAN, the St Mungo and the Victor, daily (Sunday excepted), calling at Millport.

To AYR, the St Mun, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the Nimrod every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, both calling at Millport.

To GREENOCK and GLASGOW, the James Denniston, every morning at seven, the Victor at eight, the St Mungo at nine, and the Nimrod and St Mun every alternate day.

To the ISLE OF CUMBRAE, a ferry Boat, three times a day.

To MILLPORT, the James Denniston daily.







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