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Since 1617 the registration of sasines (transfers of land rights) has been compulsory outwith royal burghs. The original registers are in the National Archives, but for the early period there are various indexes of persons and places (some are available in the Mitchell Library). From 1781 there are printed abridgements with indexes of persons and places (available for counties within the old Strathclyde Region at the Glasgow City Archives) A Separate register for the burgh of Glasgow was kept from 1694 to 1927.


National Archives


Sasines and other property records (owners) held at the National Archives: the Register of Sasines records the sale and purchase of heritable (landed) property. There are in fact three types of register :

The General Register of Sasines, covering the whole of Scotland (1617-1868); 

Particular or County Registers (c.1617 to current);

Burgh registers (c1681-1963).

Notaries Protocol Books (from 1469 - 1936) record sasines and other legal transactions of people from all walks of life. Some have been published by the Scottish Record Society. Retours and Services of Heirs record the entry of heirs to their property from c. 1545. All are indexed and some are available in print.


Held at the Local History Library Ardrossan


Index to the register of Sasines Argyll, Dumbarton, Arran and Tarbert  1617 - 1780
Index to the register of Sasines Ayr, Kyle, Carrick,and Cunningham 1599 - 1609


Sasine Abridgements

In 1821 the Record Office began the process of compiling abridgements, going back to 1781, combining short summaries of all the entries for a particular county or registration area in a single chronological series.







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