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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1891

Transcribed by George McCaig


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and
place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)

Phoebe Milligan Linton, 34, October 11, 1891 at Ardrossan, Married to Henry James Linton, Surgeon-Major,
John McEwen Henderson, Tweed Manufacture (dec) and Phoebe Milligan,
Annie Alexander Henderson, Sister.


Jane Gibson, 59, October 12, 1891 at
Ardrossan, Widow of John Gibson, Coachman,
Thomas Richmond, Miller (dec) and Janet Craig (dec)
Thomas Gibson, Son.

Robert Easton, 3 months, October 13, 1891 at
Ardrossan, Single,
Robert Easton, Locomotive Stoker, and Margaret Riddell,
Robert Easton, Father.

Robert Turner Wyllie, 20, May 30, 1891 at
Newton-Ayr, Single, Mason (Journeyman),
Andrew Wyllie, Builder (dec) and Elizabeth Turner,
George Wyllie, Brother.

Sarah Gibson, 59, May 30, 1891 at
Newton-Ayr, Widow of James Gibson, Confectioner,
William Richmond, Dairyman (dec) and Sarah Reid (dec)
James Gibson, Son.

Catherine Fisher, 68, May 31, 1891 at
Ayr, Married to Hamilton Fisher, Carpet Weaver,
Nathaniel Kitson, General Dealer (dec) and Sarah McClusky (dec)
H. Fisher, Widower.

William Bryson, 68, November 1, 1891 at
Ayr, Umbrella Maker, Married to Mary Brown,
William Bryson, Weaver (dec) and Mary (M.S.not listed) (dec)
Mary Bryson, Widow.

Jeannie Murray Cunningham, 3, November 1, 1891 at
Ayr, Single,
Andrew Cunningham, Organising Secretary Conservative Association, and Lillias Cochrane Crawford,
A. Cunningham, Father.

Jane Montgomerie Richmond, 27, November 1, 1891 at
Ayr, Single,
Francis Findlay Richmond, Draper (dec) and Mary Gemmell (dec),
Thos. F. Richmond, Brother.

William Affleck ??? Houston, 3 6/12 years, March 27, 1891 at
Beith, Single,
(Cannot read one middle name - looks like Sorely) Peter Houston, Handloom Weaver, and Annie Stewart,
Peter Houston, Father.

Isabella McKay McLean, 21, March 28, 1891 at
Beith, Single,
John McLean, Railway Labourer (dec) and Janet, previously Peacock, M.S. Watson (dec)
Janet Jamieson, Half Sister.

Agnes Millar, 56, March 31, 1891 at
Beith, Washerwoman, Married to George Millar, Builders Labourer, previously widow of James Bell, Carter,
Thomas Richmond, Corn Miller (dec) and Janet Craig (dec)
John Millar, Son.

Isabella Law, 75, October 16, 1891 at
Coylton, Widow of Thomas Law, General Labourer,
James Richmond, Road Surfaceman (dec) and Helen Hunter (dec)
James Law, Son.

William Bennie, 53, October 22, 1891 at
Coylton, Coal Miner, Married to Mary Howie,
Matthew Bennie, Coal Miner (dec) and Cumming Littlejohn (dec)
Walter Bennie, Son.

Jane McConnell, 85, October 23, 1891 at
Coylton, Widow of William McConnell, Blacksmith (Master)
William Cuthbert, Joiner (dec) and Jane Mitchell (dec)
William McConnell, Son.

Jane Walker, 72, February 8, 1891 at
Dreghorn, Widow of James Walker, Gardener,
John Richmond, Cabinetmaker (dec) and Elizabeth Morris (dec)
William Cockburn, Nephew.

Alexander Gray, 47, February 13, 1891 at
Newmill Farm, Dreghorn, Farmer, Married to Mary Barbour,
David Gray, Farmer (dec) and Jane Wallace (dec)
Hugh Gray, Brother.

James Kerr Steel, 3 months, March 1, 1891 at
Dreghorn, Single,
John Steel, Fireclay Worker, and Madeline Bennet- Kerr,
John Steel, Father.

John Richmond, 15, June 11, 1891 at Galston, Single, Justice-boy at a Colliery,
John Richmond, Grocer, and Agnes Morton (dec)
Hugh Richmond, Brother.

Thomas Mack Gibson, 50, June 15, 1891 at
Galston, Baker (Master), Married to Janet Cook,
Robert Gibson, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Agnes Paterson (dec)
John Gibson, Brother.

Janet Bruce, 33, June 17, 1891 at
Galston, Married to Andrew Bruce, Coal Miner,
Andrew Muir, Colliery Engine Keeper (dec) and Elizabeth Nisbet,
Andrew Bruce, Widower.

Charles Mair, 11 months, December 1, 1891 at
Galston, Single,
Charles Mair, Lace Weaver, and Isabella Dykes (possibly deceased - poor copy)
Charles Mair, Father.

James Richmond, 78, December 2, 1891 at
Galston, Muslin Weaver, Married to Robina Neill,
Andrew Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Maxwell (dec)
Andrew Richmond, Son.

Mary Miller, 65, December 3, 1891 at
Galston, Married to Hugh Miller, Farmer,
Robert Gemmell, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Jamieson (dec)
James Boyd Gemmell, Nephew.

Jean Young, 33, December 16, 1891 at
Galston, Widow of Thomas Young, Muslin Weaver,
James Young, Army Pensioner (dec) and Sarah Richmond (dec)
John Richmond Young, Son.

John Tannahill, 72, December 18, 1891 at
Galston, Single, Pauper, (another word that I cannot make out)
John Tannahill, General Labourer (dec) and Margaret (cannot make out M.S.)
Janet Steven, Sister (X)

Thomas Pollock, 85, December 19, 1891 at
Galston, Muslin Weaver, Widower of Janet ---hill,
Robert Pollock, Stone Quarrier (dec) and Elizabeth Duncan (dec)
John Pollock, Son.

Ellen Stevenson McLean Gemmell, 21 months, September 16, 1891 at
Dundonald, Single,
James Gemmell, Fisherman, and Margaret McLean,
Margaret Gemmell, Mother (X)

William McFarlane, 75, September 8, 1891 at
Irvine, Single, Labourer,
Dougald McFarlane, Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth McLean (dec)
Hugh Lockhart, Governor (of C.C. Poorhouse)

Jean Neilly, 81, September 10, 1891 at
Irvine, Single,
Samuel Neilly (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)
Hugh Lockhart, Governor.

William Divers Crawford, 16 months, March 2, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Crawford, Engine Keeper, and Mary Divers,
Robert Crawford, Father.

Mary Howie Barbour, 21 months, March 2, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
William Barbour, Factory Mechanic, and Janet Richmond,
William Barbour, Father.

Allan Thomson, 3 hours, March 1, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Allan Thomson, Carter, and Annie Howat,
Allan Thomson, Father.

James Smith, 69, April 27, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Retired Draper, Married to Lucy Ellen Wilkinson,
James Smith, Draper (dec) and Margaret Anderson (dec)
Charles W. Smith, Son.

John Richmond McKerrow, 7, April 24, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas McKerrow, General Labourer, and Mary Richmond,
W. Richmond, Uncle.

Margaret Gallogly, 8 months, April 28, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
John Gallogly, Blacksmith (Journeyman) and Ellen Stevenson,
John Gallogly, Father.


Isabella Middleton Richmond, 3 months, May 3, 1891 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Andrew Richmond, General Labourer, and Agnes Elliott,
A. Richmond, Father.

Charlotte Armour, 78, May 4, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Widow of Robert Armour, Gardener,
Francis Frew, Coal Miner (dec) and Margaret Wilson (dec),
James Armour, Son.

Charles Shields, 39, May 4, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Shoemaker (Journeyman), Widower of Lizzie Lynch,
Hugh Shields, Shoemaker (Master) (dec) and Catherine Graham (dec)
Charles Shields, Son.

John Nisbet, 47, June 26, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Carpet Weaver (Journeyman), Married to Ann Lang,
John Nisbet, Carpet Weaver (Journeyman) (dec) and Patience Hannah (dec)
William Nisbet, Son.

Sarah Howie Murray, 39, June 26, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Married to Andrew Murray, Iron Moulder Foreman,
William Hopkin, Carpet Weaver (Journeyman) (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
Andrew Murray, Widower.

Richard Glover, 87, June 26, 1891 in
Kilmarnock, Tea Dealer, Widower of Agnes Goudie,
Robert Glover, Ploughman (dec) and Jean Jacob (dec)
Elizabeth Glover, Daughter.

John Brown, 85, July 3, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Handloom Weaver, Widower of Agnes Laughland,
Francis Bain, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)
Hugh Cunningham, Son-in-law.

William Milloy, 71, July 5, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Calico Printer (Journeyman), Married to Janet Berry,
Richard Milloy, Handloom Weaver,(dec), and Elizabeth Weir (dec)
Archibald Milloy, Son.

Mary Ann McCallum Blane, 15, July 6, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single, Dressmaker's Apprentice,
Peter Blane, Coach Trimmer (Journeyman) and Annie Carnahan,
Peter Blane, Father.

Esther McBride Stewart, 4 months, August 25, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
William Stewart, General Labourer and Susan McBride,
William Stewart, Father.

Ronald Gillies, 2 days, August 26, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Gillies, Manager of Fire Clay Works, and Jessie Johnson,
Robert Gillies, Father.

Matthew Richmond, 19, August 27, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single, Coal Miner,
John Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Ruth Sutherland (dec)
John Arnott, Cousin-in-law.

Janet Alexander, 48, October 15, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Married to David Alexander, Barman,
Robert Irvine, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Janet Lambie,
William Alexander, Son.

Janet Derby, 80, October 15, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Widow of Hugh Derby, Shoemaker (Master),
James Richmond, Game Keeper (dec) and Agnes Borland (dec)
James Black, Grandson.

Sarah Powell, 48, October 15, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single, Bonnet Knitter, Pauper,
William Powell, General Labourer (dec) and (no mother listed)
Hannah Tannahill, Neighbour.

Jane Richmond, 59, November 20, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Widow of John Richmond, General Labourer,
James Martin, Shoemaker (Master) (dec), and Mary Love (dec)
W. Richmond, Son.

Agnes Craig Paton, 36, November 20, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Married to Thomas Paton, Smallware Merchant,
William Robertson, Tea Merchant, and Marion Salton (dec)
Thomas Paton, Widower.

Hugh Dunlop, 85, November 21, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Handloom Weaver, Married to Janet Wylie,
John Dunlop, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Mary Kelly (dec)
A. Dunlop, Son.

Martin Shepherd, 54, November 22, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Coal Miner, Married to Jane Robertson,
Robert Shepherd, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth Martin (dec)
Martin Shepherd, Son.

Thomas Girvan Watson, 4 months, November 21, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Girvan Watson, Iron Moulder (Journeyman, and Elizabeth Strachan,
T.G.Watson, Father.

Euphemia Kay Campbell Johnston, 61, November 22, 1891 at
Kilmarnock, Widow of Thomas Johnston, Coal Miner,
John Richmond, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Marion Hodge (dec)
Margaret McDougall, Daughter.

Martha Neil Richmond, 71, February 1, 1891 at
Kilwinning, Single,
William Richmond, Coal miner and Margaret McConochie (neither noted as deceased - error?)
William Rodger, Brother-in-law.

Margaret Gemmell Stevenson, 12, February 20, 1891 at
Kilwinning, Single,
Andrew Stevenson, Seed Merchant, and Annie Robertson (dec)
Andrew Stevenson, Father.

Elizabeth Mackay Gallacher, 1, February 23, 1891 at
Kilwinning, Single,
Thomas Gallacher, Coal Miner, and Ann Donachie,
Thomas Gallacher, Father.

John Mair, 72, February 9, 1891 at
Darvel, Tailor (Master), Widower of Mary Craig,
James Mair, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Anderson (dec)
John Mair, Son.

Jean Richmond, 72, February 13, 1891 at
Newmilns, Widow of James Richmond, Muslin Weaver,
George Smith, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Brown (dec)
George Richmond, Son.

William Norton, 27, February 13, 1891 at
Darvel, Single, Chenille Turner,
Archibald Norton, Engine Keeper at Lace Factory, and Mary Jamieson (dec)
Archibald Morton, Father.

Isabella Allan, 31, December 5, 1891 at
Newmilns, Married to David Allan, Lace Weaver,
Alexander Smith, Assistant Gardener, and Jean Borland,
David Allan, Widower.

Elizabeth Steel, 11 months, December 10, 1891 at
Newmilns, Single,
James Steel, Muslin Weaver and Ann Wilson,
James Steel, Father.

Hugh Richmond, 1 year & 5 months, December 11, 1891 at
Newmilns, Single,
Robert Richmond, Engine Keeper in Lace Factory, and Helen Irvine,
Robert Richmond, Father.

John McKenna, 57, Aril 15, 1891 at
Maybole, General Labourer, Married 1st to ? ? ? ?, 2nd Ann Brown,
Patrick McKenna, Tailor (dec) (Mothers name not known)
Ann McKenna, Widow (X)

Matthew Paterson Richmond, 16 days, April 20, 1891 at
Maybole, Single,
Matthew Peterson Richmond, Currier (Journeyman) and Elizabeth Anderson,
Matthew Richmond, Father.

Thomas Currans, 26, April 20, 1891 at
Maybole, Single, Shoemaker (Journeyman) Illegitimate,
? ? Currans, Reputed Father, and Mary McLatchie, Handsewer,
James Watson, Brother-in-law.

John Simson, 5, May 21, 1891 at
Maybole, Single,
Robert Simson, Blacksmith (Master) and Elizabeth Chapple (dec)
Robert Simson, Father.

Robert Burns, 6, May 25, 1891 at
Maybole, Single,
John Burns, Currier (Journeyman) and Agnes McGarvie,
John Burns, Father.

William Richmond, 76, May 29, 1891 at
Maybole, General Labourer, Married to Mary Provans,
John Richmond, Limeburner (dec) and Barbara McQueen (dec)
John Andrew, Nephew.


Robert Duff, 55, September 6, 1891 at Maybole, Bower, Married to Mary Fergusson,
Robert Duff, Shepherd (dec) and Agnes McCreath (dec)
James Duff, Son.

Margaret Richmond
, 4 months, September 6, 1891 at
Maybole, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Ploughman, and Elizabeth Stevenson,
Elizabeth Richmond, Mother.

Bridget Carbery, 50, September 17, 1891 at
Maybole, Married to Peter Carbery, Road Surfaceman,
Peter McIlhone, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Martha McLaren (dec)
P. Carbery, Widower (Signature very shaky - could be Carberry)

Sarah Wallace Richmond, 3, December 23, 1891 at
Maybole, Single,
Matthew Richmond, Currier (Journeyman) and Elizabeth Anderson,
Matthew Richmond, Father.

Agnes Kidd
, 36, December 22, 1891 at
Maybole, Married to Thomas Kidd, Currier (Journeyman),
John Fulton, Smiths Hammerman, and Sarah Wilson (dec)
Thomas Kidd, Widower.

Charles Campbell Thomson, 1, December 26, 1891 at
Maybole, Single,
William Thomson, Shoemaker (Journeyman) and Agnes Campbell (dec)
William Thomson, Father.

Agnes Allan Ferguson, 10 days, June 30, 1891 at
Craigbank, Single,
John Allan Ferguson, Coal Miner, and Margaret McLatchie,
John Allan Ferguson, Father.

Janet Lennox, 66, July 4, 1891 at
Auchingee, Farmer, Widow of James Lennox, Farmer,
John Paterson, Farmer (dec) and Elspeth Gibb (dec)
John Lennox, Son.

James McWhirter, 56, July 5, 1891 at
Woodend Cottages, New Cumnock, Coal Miner, Married to Sarah Samson,
James McWhirter, Stone Mason (dec) and Marjory Richmond (dec)
William McWhirter, Son.

Henry Francis Campbell, 2, May 21, 1891 at
Catrine, Single,
William Campbell, Sergt. Instructor, 2nd N.B.R.S. F----, and Mary Williams,
William Campbell, Father.

David Richmond, 68, May 29, 1891 at
Catrine, Mason (Master) Married to Janet Anderson,
John Richmond, Mason (Journeyman) (dec) and Jane McClymont (dec)
Thomas Nimmo, Nephew-in-law.

Elen (or Elene) Nelson, 20, June 6, 1891 at
Catrine, Married to Archibald Nelson, Coal Miner,
William Reid, Enginekeeper and Grace Hind,
Archibald Nelson, Widower.

Martha Boyd Blane, 6 weeks, September 18, 1891 at
Stair, Single,
Robert Blane, Coal Miner, and Janet Keirs,
Robert Blane, Father.

Hugh Simpson, 1 1/3, September 28, 1891 at
Stair, Single,
Robert Simpson, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Gibson,
Robert Simpson, Father.

John Lennox, 72, October 2, 1891 at
Stair, Master Joiner, Married to Margaret Lennox,
John Lennox, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)
Grace Lithgow, Daughter.

Mary McRaith, 88, December 11, 1891 at
Stewarton, Widow of Mungo McRaith, Tailor and Clothier,
Robert Richmond, Tailor (Master) (dec) and Jean Stevenson (dec)
James McRaith, Son.

John Wilson, 2 days, December 14, 1891 at
Stewarton, Single,
James Wilson, General Carter, and Jane Nairn,
James Wilson, Father.

Helen Wilson, 78, December 14, 1891 at
Stewarton, Widow of William Wilson, Gas Worker,
Adam Dunlop, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Jean Wyllie (dec)
Robert Taylor, Nephew.










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