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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1887 - 90


Transcribed by George McCaig   gmccaig@sympatico.ca


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and
place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)



Louisa Kenham, 20, March 5, 1888 at Kilmarnock, Single,
William Kenham, Boilermaker Foreman, and Mary Ann Hunts, (previously Hill)
William Kenham, Father.

Annie Richmond, 78, March 3, 1888 at
Kilmarnock, Housekeeper, Widow of Thomas Richmond, Coal Miner,
James Law, Coal Miner, (dec) and Marion Miller (dec)
James Richmond, Son.

Elizabeth McCulloch, 71, March 5, 1888 at
Kilmarnock, Married to Thomas McCulloch, Carpet Weaver (Journeyman)
David Macleod, Stone Quarryman (dec) and Jane Neil (dec)
David McCulloch, Son.

Patricia Murphy McGill, 6 months, April 12, 1888 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
John McGill, General Labourer, and Mary Hannah,
John McGill, Father.

Maggie Dodds, 39, April 12, 1888 at
Kilmarnock, Married to Henry Dodds, Tailor (Master),
William Auld, Road Surfaceman (dec) and Janet Strang,
Henry Dodds, Widower.

Elizabeth Wishart, 87, April 13, 1888 at
Kilmarnock, Widow of David Wishart, Handloom Weaver,
George Richmond, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Margaret Gibson (dec)
David Wishart, Son.

Henry Connelly, 80, January 29, 1887 at
Mauchline, General Dealer, Married to Susan Kelly,
Thomas Connelly, Farmer (dec) and Rosanne Murphy (dec)
Thomas Connelly, Son.

Janet Richmond, 86, February 1, 1887 at
Mauchline, Widow of Matthew Richmond, Farmer.
William Wyllie, Farmer (dec) and Jean Richmond (dec)
John Richmond, Son.

Samuel Gilmour, 2, February 4, 1887 at
Mauchline, Single,
William Gilmour, Railway Jointsman, and Mary Walker,
William Gilmour, Father.

Elizabeth Campbell, 6 weeks, July 24, 1890 at
Irvine, Single, Illegitimate,
Marion Campbell, Outdoor Worker,
Marion Campbell, Mother (X)

Janet Richmond, 78, July 15, 1890 at
Irvine (CC Poorhouse) Widow of John Richmond, Mail Inspector,
John Barr, Butcher (dec) and Margaret Kay (dec)
Hugh Lockhart, Governor.

Janet Kennedy, 78, July 17, 1890 at
Irvine (CC Poorhouse) Widow of Archibald Kennedy, Baker,
Walter Dixon, Gardener (dec) and Jean Cochrane (dec)
Hugh Lockart, Governor.

Margaret Richmond, 74, March 16, 1888 at
Newmilns, Widow of Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker (Master)
James Boyd, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Findlay (dec)
Mary Wallace, Daughter.

James Houston, 70, March 23, 1888 at
Loudoun, Coal Miner, Widower of Esther McLauglin,
Thomas Houston (dec) and Agnes - - - - (dec)
William Houston, Son (X)

Elizabeth Wylie, 41, March 25, 1888 at
Darvel, Married to John Wylie, Mechanic's Labourer,
Thomas Barr, Coal Miner (dec) and Annie Watson (dec)
John Wylie, Widower.

Mary Ballantine, 78, February 21, 1890 at
Kilmarnock, Single, Laundress,
Archibald Ballantine, Shoemaker (Journeyman) (dec) and Jean Ballantine (M.S.) (dec)
Mungo Gilchrist, Friend.

John Martin, 44, January 22, 1890 at
Kilmarnock, Handloom Weaver, Married to Jessie Templeton,
John Martin, General Labourer, and Jane Loves.
Hugh Martin, Brother.

Mary Richmond, 75, January 22, 1890 at
Kilmarnock, Married to John Richmond, Carpet Weaver (Journeyman)
Hugh Leary, Stone Mason (Master) (dec), (No mother's name listed)
Mary Richmond, Daughter.







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