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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1881


Transcribed by George McCaig


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and
place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


Andrew Mitchell, 3 months, October 18, 1881 at Ardrossan, Single,
Andrew Mitchell, Potter (Journeyman) and Margaret McIsmaill (I think)
Andrew Mitchell, Father (X)

William Turnbull, 1 months, October 20, 1881 at
Ardrossan, Single, Illegitimate,
William Turnbull, Coachman (Domestic Servant) and Elizabeth McLarty, Domestic Servant,
William Turnbull, Father.

Alexander Templeton, 18 months, October 13, 1881 at
Ardrossan, Single,
William Templeton, Foundry Timekeeper, and Janet Richmond,
W. Templeton, Father.

Margaret Purdie, 25, December 3, 1881, at
Beith, Married to Robert Purdie, Mason's Labourer, Illegitimate,
- - - Anderson, Reputed Father, and Janet Boyd, Daughter of a Farmer,
Robert Purdie, Widower (X)

- - -Forsyth, 16 days, December 6, 1881 at
Beith, Single,
George Forsyth, Cabinet Maker (Journeyman) and Christina Hurrower,
George Forsyth, Father.

- - - Hamilton, 1 day, December 8, 1881 at
Beith, Single,
William Hamilton, Carrier and Isabella Richmond,
Wm. Hamilton, Father.

James Goldie, 81, May 26, 1881 at
Galston, Farmer, Widower of Annie Dickie,
John Goldie, Farmer (dec) and Helen Peden (dec)
William Smith, Nephew.

Mary Anderson McHoull, 7 weeks, May 30, 1881 at
Galston, Single,
Hugh McHoull, Cotton Weaver, and Mary Richmond,
Hugh McHoull, Father.

Martha Torrance, 42, May 29, 1881 at
Galston, Married to Robert Torrance, House Painter (Illegitimate)
Father not listed, Mary Brownlee, Muslin Weaver,
Robert Torrance, Widower.

James Farquhar, 81, November 2, 1881, at
Galston, Cotton Weaver, Married to Jean Templeton,
John Farquhar, Brick Layer (dec) and Margaret Murdoch (dec)
James Thomson, Son-in-law (X)

Lilias Young, 15 days, November 4, 1881 at
Galston, Single,
John Young, Coal Miner, and Agnes Campbell,
John Young, Father.

Mary Brown, 54, November 8, 1881 at
Galston, Widow of William Brown, Coal Miner,
John Brown, Blanket Manufacturer (dec) and Elizabeth Richmond (dec)
John Brown, Son.

Margaret Ronald, 57, June 10, 1881 at
Girvan, Widow of John Ronald, Farmer,
Andrew Lambie, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Richmond (dec)
C.A.Ronald, Son.

Archibald Davidson, 41 (or 71), June 23, 1881 at
Girvan, Shoemaker, Married to Janet McGarra (or McGarva) Archibald Davidson, Shoemaker (dec) and Susan Sales (dec)
Quintin Davidson, Son.

Helen Carruthers, 3 months, June 26, 1881 at
Girvan, Single, Illegitimate,
Jane Carruthers, White Seam Sewer,
Jane Carruthers, Mother (X)

Agnes Howatson Richmond, 3, July 17, 1881 at
Girvan, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Station Master, and Christina Gemmell,
John Richmond, Brother.

Thomas Loudon, 42, July 23, 1881 at
Girvan, Engine Man in Shoe Factory, Married to Margaret Shanks, formerly Moffat,
- - - Loudon, Blacksmith (dec) and mother not known,
W. Moffat, Step Son.

Robert Arnot, 72, April 1, 1881 at
Girvan, General Hawker, Widower of - - - -
Robert Arnot, (dec) and Mary - - - (dec)
William Lusk, Occupier.

[Difficult to read whether registrar was writing a 4 or a 7 for these last two pages.]

William Stirrat, 4 8/12, December 31, 1880 at Irvine, Single,
David Stirrat, General Labourer, and Jeanie (I cannot make out the writing)
David Stirrat, Father (X)

Hugh Orr, 70, December 30, 1880 at
Irvine, Sawyer (Journeyman) Single,
Hugh Orr, Sawyer (Journeyman) (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
Robert Orr, Brother.

Alexander Bigham Mitchell, 2 9/12, January 6, 1881 at
Dundonald, Single,
John Mitchell, Chemists Labourer, and Mary Jane Bigham,
John Mitchell, Father.

Francis Milligan, 37, February 16, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Iron Moulder, Married to Helen Gilchrist,
Edward Milligan, Raily (?) Overseer (dec), and Mary Fairlie (dec)
James Milligan, Brother.

Marginna (I have her as Magdalene) Watt, 73, February 16, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Widow of Thomas Watt, Carpet Weaver,
David Richmond, Butler (dec) and Margaret Campbell (dec)
Margaret Parker, Daughter (X)

William McLean, 2 months, February 17, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
William McLean, Commercial Clerk, and Agnes Armour,
William McLean, Father.

Adam McLean, 78, March 10, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Shawl Manufacturer, Married to Annie Kirkland,
Adam McLean, Shawl Manufacturer (dec) and Elizabeth Fraser (dec)
John McLean, Son.

John Richmond, 36, March 10, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Coal Miner, Widower of 1st Ruth Sutherland, and 2nd Elizabeth Highet,
John Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Agnes Hutchieson,
James Richmond, Brother.

Hugh Roy, 54, March 11, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Bonnet Dresser, Married to Margaret Mitchell,
Alexander Roy, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Fulton (dec)
Peter Hamilton, Son-in-law.

Jean Gilmour, 80, March 23, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Married to John Gilmour, Engine Keeper,
Thomas Aiton, Farmer (dec) and Jean Mason (dec)
William Gilmour, Son.

William King, 10 days, March 24, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Alexander Dunlop King, Minister of Braehead Church, and Ellen Gowans Robertson,
A. Dunlop King, Father.

Sarah Howie, 72, March 25, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Hand Sewer, Widow of Robert Howie, Carpet Weaver,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Janet Stewart (dec)
John Gibson, Inmate.

Christina-Cadyon Teesdale, 3, March 29, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Teesdale, Sergeant Instructor Artillery Volunteers, and Margaret Benson,
Robert Teesdale, Father.

Janet Scott, 69, March 29, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Married to James Scott, Venetian Weaver,
George Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Gibson (dec)
James Scott, Widower.

Jane Barr Thomson, 10 days, March 31, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Hugh Thomson, Farmer, and Maggie Sillars,
Hugh Thomson, Father.

George Gilchrist, 23 months, August 2, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
George Gilchrist, Provision Merchant, and Jane Willock Paterson,
George Gilchrist, Father.

James Stewart McDougal, 13, August 1, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Sarah McDougal, Domestic Servant,
William M. Clark, Friend.

Hugh Steele, 19, August 2, 1881 at
Kilmarnock, (Usual residence Galston) Single, Farm Servant,
Hugh Steele, Weaver (Muslin) (dec) and Bethia Young, previously Steele, M.S. Richmond,
James Young, Step-father (X)


Margaret Barr, 39, February 11, 1881 at Kilwinning, Married to James Barr, Coal Miner,
John Richmond, Pit Oversman (dec) and Margaret Humes (dec)
James Barr, Widower.

Janet Beveridge Hamilton, 13 months, February 20, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Single,
John Beveridge Hamilton, Tailor (Master) and Annie Maria Jenkin,
John Beveridge Hamilton, Father.

Alexander Frew, 2, February 20, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Single,
Alexander Frew, Joiner (Journeyman) and Jeanie Ralston,
Alexander Frew, Father.

Elizabeth Richmond, 67, February 21, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Widow of Hugh Richmond, Coal Miner,
Samuel Boag, Print Field Worker (dec) and Janet Weir (dec)
Agnes Barr, Daughter (X) ( Note: She could be the wife of Robert)

Robert Hunter, 42, February 17, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Quarry Clerk, Married to Ann McDonald,
David Hunter, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Chalmers (dec)
A. B. McDonald, Cousin-in-law.

Agnes Horn, 67, February 26, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Married to Neil Horn, Carter,
William Kilpatrick, Shoemaker (Master) (dec) and Elizabeth Smith (dec)
Neil Horn, widower.

Elizabeth Babington, 42, March 9, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Married to Robert Babington, Baker (Master)
James McFarlane, Coal Miner (dec) and Mary Stevenson (dec)
Robert Babington, Widower.

Elizabeth Babington, 10 days, March 10, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Single,
Robert Babington, Baker (Master) and Elizabeth McFarlane (dec)
Robert Babington, Father.

Stephen Barr, 2 months, March 12, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Single,
James Barr, Coal Miner, and Margaret Richmond,
James Barr, Father.

James Frew, 45, November 14, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Single, Coal Miner,
Joseph Frew, Coal Miner (dec) and Margaret Love (dec)
Joseph Frew, Brother.

Thomas McLauchlan, 6 months, November 13, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Single,
Robert McLauchlan, Grocer, and Ann Wylie Watt,
Robert McLauchlan, Father.

Jeanie Richmond, 53, November 20, 1881 at
Kilwinning, Married to John Richmond, Quarryman,
James Allan, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Jane Watson (dec)
John Richmond, Widower.

Hannah Auld, 80, January 19, 1881 at
Newmilns, Muslin Weaver, Widow of James Auld, Muslin Weaver,
John Tribe (or Tube), Muslin Weaver (dec) and Agnes Lambie (dec),
James Auld Lawson, Grandson.

Agnes Pollock, 69, January 19, 1881 at
Newmilns, Married to John Pollock, Muslin Weaver,
John Jackson, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Donald (dec)
John Pollock, Widower.

William Richmond, 80, January 24, 1881 at
Newmilns, Muslin Weaver, Married to Marion Morton, Widower of Janet Aiton,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Jean Mair (dec)
Adam Taylor, Step-son.

Agnes Helen Wilson, 5 days, August 4, 1881 at
Darvel, Single,
George Wilson, Muslin Weaver, and Barbara Richmond,
George Wilson, Father.

Hugh Morton, 69, August 8, 1881 at
Newmilns, Retired Provision Merchant, Married to Ann Dickson,
Adam Morton, Muslin Manufacturer (dec) and Jean Brown (dec)
Hugh Morton, Son.

Hugh Gallacher, 6, August 7, 1881 at
Newmilns, Single,
Robert Gallacher, Coal Miner, and Margaret Wilson,
Robert Gallacher, Father.


 Agnes Richmond, 16, September 9, 1881 at Newmilns, Single, Power Loom Muslin Winder,
John Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Morton,
John Richmond, Father (X)

Robert Aaron, 14 months, September 13, 1881 at
Newmilns, Single,
James Aaron, Power Loom Lace Weaver, and Agnes Millar,
James Aaron, Father.

Isabella Currie Mair, about 2 days, September 8, 1881 at
Darvel, Single, Illegitimate,
No mother given, John Milne, Constable.
(Note: Childs name filled in after the entry originally made)

Jeanie Richmond, 8 years & 11 months, November 9, 1881 at
Newmilns, Single,
Matthew Richmond, Power Loom Lace Weaver, and Janet McKelvie,
Matthew Richmond, Father.

Marion Hood, 35, December 4, 1881 at Galston, Married to Thomas Hood, Colliery Pit Roadsman,
Alexander Aird, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Agnes Cameron (dec)
Thomas Hood, Widower.

Helen Findlay, 16 months, December 4, 1881 at
Darvel, Single,
Robert Findlay, Power Loom Lace Manufacturer, and Mary Lawson,
Robert Findlay, Father.

James Richmond, 64, December 8, 1881 at
Darvel, Tapestry Handloom Weaver, Married to Katheraine Cochran,
Alexander Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Young (dec)
Hugh Richmond, Son.

John Vickers, 5, December 8, 1881 at
Galston, Single,
Joseph Vickers, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Shannachan,
Rosanna Shannachan, Aunt (X)

Elizabeth Murphy Christie, 9 months, December 20, 1881 at
Galston, Single,
David Christie, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Murphy,
David Christie, Father (X)

John Muir, 26, February 13, 1881 at
Mauchline, Single, Farmers Son,
James Muir, Farmer and Mary Brownlie,
James Muir, Father.

Robina Hay Dickie, 27, February 12, 1881 at
Mauchline, Single, Worker in Boxwork,
Hugh Dickie, Boxmaker, and Ann Hay,
Hugh Dickie, Father.

Jane Richmond, 69, February 24, 1881 at
Mauchline, Widow of Andrew Richmond, Agricultural Labourer,
Robert Goldie, Joiner (dec) and Margaret Murchoch (dec)
Robert Richmond, Son.

Robert McQuisten, 21, February 1, 1881 at
Monkton, Single, Illegitimate, Pupil Teacher,
Hugh McQuisten, Reputed Father, Farmer (dec) and Mary Mitchell, Dairymaid,
Samuel Tait, Uncle.

Hannah Richmond, 46, February 4, 1881 at
Prestwick, Married to William Richmond, Farmer.
Thomas Orr, Farmer (dec) and Hannah Longmuir (dec)
Thomas Orr Richmond, Son.

Wallace Andrew, 9, February 5, 1881 at
Monkton, Single,
William Andrew, Builder, and Margaret Hamilton-Dykes,
William Andrew, Father.

Ann Wallace, 65, December 10, 1881 at
Cumnock, Single, Dressmaker,
William Wallace, Hardware Merchant (dec) and Jane Kay (dec),
Robert Wallace, Brother.

John Hughes, 48, December 10, 1881 at
Cumnock, Iron Miner, Married to Catharine Kilts (very difficult to make out this name)
Philip Hughes, Farmer (dec) and Mary Murphy (dec)
Patrick Burns, Brother-in-law.

Hugh Cuthbertson
, 52, December 12, 1881 at
Cumnock, Iron Miner, Married to Marion Murdoch,
Hugh Cuthbertson, Iron Miner (dec) and Jane Richmond (dec)
Hugh Cuthbertson, Son.

James Gilmour, 2 months, July 10, 1881 at Hurlford, Single,
Thomas Gilmour, Coal Miner, and Agnes Monaghan,
Thomas Gilmour, Father.

William Broadley, 54, July 12, 1881 at
Hurlford, Furnaceman, Married to Jane Rae,
William Broadley, General Labourer (dec) and Annie McLauchlan (dec)
John Broadley, Son.

Janet Richmond McAlpine Young
, 14, July 18, 1881 at
Hurlford, Single,
James Young, General Contractor, and Helen Richmond,
James Young, Father.

Mary McNeil Banks, 3, October 1, 1881 at
Hurlford, Single, Illegitimate,
Elizabeth Banks, Mill Worker,
William Banks, Uncle.

Jane Pollock Richmond, 1 , September 13, 1881 at
Hurlford, Single,
John Richmond, Coal Miner, and Mary McCrorie,
John Richmond, Father.

William Mitchell, 62, September 13, 1881 at
Riccarton, Superintendent of Bellfields House, Married to Jan McFarlane,
James Mitchell, Gardener (dec) and Mary Goudielock (dec)
Sarah Mitchell, Daughter.

Archibald Millar, 59, May 6, 1881 at
Catrine, Road Surfaceman, Married to Janet Richmond, previously Agnes Donachie, previously Jane Macadam,
John Millar, Stone Dyker (dec) and Mary Paterson (dec)
Archibald Millar, Son.

John Brown, 19 months, May 7, 1881 at
Catrine, Single,
Hugh Brown, Ironstone Miner, and Margaret Moore,
Hugh Brown, Father (X)

James Meikle, 24, May 6, 1881 at
Sorn, Single, Ploughman,
James Meikle, Blacksmith (Master) (dec) and Janet Burgess,
William Kirkland, Step-brother.

William Urquhart, 21 days, June 5, 1881 at
Catrine, Single,
Thomas Urquhart, Carding Tenter, and Mary Wyllie,
Thomas Urquhart, Father.

Margaret Blane, 3, June 11, 1881 at
Catrine, Single,
James Blane, Ironstone Miner, and Elizabeth Dunsmuir,
James Blane, Father.

Hugh Reid, 15, June 21, 1881 at
Catrine, Single, Mill Worker,
Alexander Reid, Blacksmith (dec) and Elizabeth Jamieson, previously Reid, M.S. Richmond (dec)
Mary Barber, Nurse.

Andrew Galla, 82, January 31, 1881 at
Stair, Pauper, Formerly Coal Miner, Single,
John Robertson, Inspector of Poor.

Annie Murdoch, 81, February 7, 1881 at
Davidston, Widow of James Murdoch, Farmer.
Matthew Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Christina Spiers (dec)
James Murdoch, Son.

Jessie Reid, 17, February 12, 1881 at
Redkiln, Single, Millworker,
Alexander Reid, Blacksmith (dec) and Elizabeth Richmond (dec)
Mary McMunn (?), Aunt.

Jane Brackenridge, 73, May 29, 1881 at
Tarbolton, Widow of Andrew Brackenridge, Shoemaker,
William Smith, Shoemaker (dec) and Janet Hutchieson (dec)
John Barbour, Grand Nephew.

Alexander Barbour, 60, June 10, 1881 at
Tarbolton, Single, Farmer,
John Barbour, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Grey (dec)
Matthew Barbour, Brother.

Janet Richmond Anderson, 68, June 17, 1881 at
Tarbolton, Married to Robert Anderson, Draper,
Robert Leggat, Farmer (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec),
 Robert Anderson, Husband.









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