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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1876 - 1880


Transcribed by George McCaig   gmccaig@sympatico.ca


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and
place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


 June Porter, 6 days, August 11, 1880 at Mauchline, Single,
James Porter, Boxmaker, and Jane Gibson,
James Porter, Father.

Ann Gibb, 82, August 14, 1880 at Mauchline, Widow of James Gibb, Spirit Merchant,
William Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Miller (dec)
James Gibb, Son.

Thomas Gemmill, 28, August 17, 1880 at Hillhead, Mauchline, Single, Farmer's son,
Cuthbert Gemmill, Farmer, and Jane Leiper,
John R. Gemmill, Brother.

Ellen Richmond, 78, October 19, 1879 at Dalry, Single, Domestic,
William Richmond, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Janet Greig (dec),
John Small, Brother-in-law.

Fanny McNeish, 2, October 23, 1879 at Dalry, Single,
Patrick McNeish, Iron Miner, and Margaret Cassidy,
Patrick McNeish, Father (X).

Hugh Speirs, 65, October 23, 1879 at Dalry, Foreman on Railway, Married to Jean Galloway,
Robert Speirs, Weaving Agent (dec) and Jean Steel (dec)
George Gunn, Brother-in-law.

Barbara Russell, 17, August 7, 1876 at Darvel, Single, Muslin Weaver,
John Russell, Shoemaker (Master) and Barbara Mair,
John Russell, Father.

Francis Findlay Richmond, 56, August 6, 1876 at Newmilns,
Draper, Married to Ellen Torrance, Widower of Mary Gemmell,
Robert Richmond, Shoemaker (dec) and Agnes Findlay (dec),
John G. Richmond, Son.
(I have quite a bit of info on this family if anyone has an interest here.)

James Dick, 6 yrs. and 8 mos., August 9, 1876 at Loudoun Parish, Single,
John Dick, Coal Miner, and Margaret Taylor,
John Dick, Father.

George Richmond, 83, February 24, 1876 at Beith, Late Postmaster, Widower of Agnes Smith,
Alexander Richmond, Surgeon (dec) and Janet Aitkenhead (dec)
Thomas McMicken, Son-in-law.

Catherine Dempster, 46, March 3, 1876 at Beith, Married to Robert Dempster, Pit-roadsman,
James Dempster, Shoemaker (dec) and Sarah Carson (dec)
Robert Dempster, Widower (X).

Hugh Wilson Templeton, 30, February 29, 1876 at Beith, Clerk, Single,
Robert Templeton, Late Farmer, and Jane Ferguson (dec),
Janet Templeton, Sister.

(This page is a very poor copy)
Helen Richmond, 71, April 20, 1877 at Newmilns, Muslin Dipper, Single,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Helen Pollock (dec)
William Richmond, Nephew.

Isabella Baird, 17 yrs. and 5 mos., April 27, 1877 at Darvel, Muslin Darner, Single,
David Baird, Stationer, and Martha Stirling,
David Baird, Father.

Andrew Jack, 50, April 25, 1877 at Newmilns, Muslin Cloth Warehouseman, Single,
Andrew Jack, Muslin Weaver, and Jean Allan (dec),
James Jack, Brother.

Jessie Wyper, 3 weeks, September 28, 1878 at Galston, Single,
Allan Wyper, Coal Miner, and Flora McKenzie,
Allan Wyper, Father (X)

David Watson, 72, October 1, 1878 at Galston, Hairdresser, Married to Agnes McHoull,
David Watson, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Robina Hendrie (dec),
John McCallum, Son-in-law.

James Richmond, 67, October 6, 1878 at Galston, Coal Miner, Widower of Mary Anderson,
John Richmond, Woollen Weaver (dec) and Marion Hodge.
George Richmond, Son.


Jane Richmond, 66, August 2, 1876 at Kilmarnock, Single,
George Richmond, Carpet Weaver (dec) and Margaret Gibson (dec),
George Richmond, Brother.

James Sodden, 22, August 4, 1876 at Kilmarnock, Boiler Maker, Single,
John Sodden, Boiler Maker, and Ann Millen,
John Sodden, Father.

Adam Smith Roberton, 14 weeks, August 4, 1876 at Kilmarnock, Single,
William Roberton, Carpet Weaver, and Jane Smith,
William Roberton, Father.

Henry Ralph Harvey, 45, January 21, 1878 at Kilmarnock, Master Mariner, Married to Marion Browning,
Henry Ralph Harvey, Master Mariner (dec) and Sarah Clemente (dec),
John Reid, Nephew-in-law.

Janet Hopkin, 67, January 25, 1878 at Kilmarnock, Widow of William Hopkin, Carpet Weaver,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaving Agent (dec) and Janet Stewart (dec)
Sarah H. Hopkin, Daughter.

Unnamed Brown, 16 days, January 27, 1878 at Kilmarnock, Single,
James Brown, Shoemaker Foreman, and Janet McDonald,
James Brown, Father.

Janet Ritchie, 83, July 21, 1878 at Loudoun Parish, Widow of James Ritchie, Toll Keeper,
Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker (Master) (dec) and Margaret Pollock (dec)
Ronald Banfield, Son-in-law.

Margaret Dewar, 21, July 26, 1878 at Loudoun Parish, Married to Thomas Dewar, Blacksmith (Journeyman)
John Nimmo, Coal Miner (dec) and Jane Hillhouse,
Thomas Dewar, Widower.

Mary Hill, 5 yrs. and 11 months, at Newmilns, Single,
John Hill, Joiner (Journeyman) and Margaret Torrance,
John Hill, Father.

Margaret Richmond, 74, November 3, 1878 at Darvel, Single, Muslin Weaver,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Wyllie (dec),
George Richmond, Brother.

Allan Roxburgh, 17, November 7, 1878 at Loudoun Parish, Single, Coal Miner,
James Roxburgh, Coal Miner, and Susan Fullarton,
James Roxburgh, Father (X)

John Mackay, 82, November 12, 1878 at Newmilns, Single, Muslin Weaver,
Stewart Mackay, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Martha Parker (dec)
Adam Mackay, Brother.

James Howat, 47, December 18, 1879 at Cumnock, Married to Mary Young, Mason (Journeyman)
James Howat, Cooper (Master) (dec) and Margaret Murdoch (dec)
James Howat, Son.

Margaret Richmond, 75, December 21, 1879 at Cumnock, Married to James Richmond, Retired Farmer,
John Sillars, Farmer (dec), and Janet Rankine (dec)
James Richmond, Widower.

Thomas Barr, 16 months, December 18, 1879 at Cumnock, Single,
John Barr, Iron Miner, and Abigail Martin,
John Barr, Father.

Marion Richmond, 92, August 27, 1880 at Riccarton, Widow of John Richmond, Customer Weaver,
George Hodge, Ploughman (dec) and (no maiden name given)
John Richmond, Grandson,

Elizabeth-Sanders Mitchell, 14 mths,August 30, 1880 at Riccarton, Single,
William Mitchell, Engine Driver, and Annie-Sanders Mitchell,
William Mitchell, Father.

Agnes Nisbet Irvine, 1, September 1, 1880 at Hurlford. Single,
John Irvine, Coal Miner, and Janet Nisbet,
John Irvine, Father.

Elizabeth Pollock, 12 days, April 2, 1877 at Galston, Single,
Robert Pollock, Carter (General) and Ann Armstrong,
Robert Pollock, Father (X)

Mary Richmond, 68, April 7, 1877 at Galston, Married to James Richmond, Coal Miner,
John Anderson, Seaman (dec) and Mary Pick---(last of name no legible) (dec)
James Richmond, Widower.

Sarah Copland McDill, 3 weeks, April 9, 1877 at Galston, Single,
John McDill, Colliery Enginekeeper, and Margaret Copland,
John McDill, Father.

Mary Richmond, 66, November 3, 1877 at Kilmarnock, Widow of Robert Richmond, Carpet Weaver,
Adam Reyburn, Bonnet dresser (dec) and Mary Hill (dec)
James Goldie Richmond, Son.

Henry Brown, 12 weeks, November 5, 1877 at Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Jane Brown, Machinist,
Jane Brown, Mother.

William Gray, 4, November 5, 1877 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Matthew Gray, Iron Forger (dec) and Mary Craig,
John Miller Master.

James Crawford, 62, March 26, 1880 at St. Quivox, Grain Storeman, Married to Alice Jess,
James Crawford, Farmer (dec) and Mary Wilson (dec)
Hugh Beggs, Grandson.

Rebecca Jamieson, 69, March 25, 1880 at Ayr, Widow of Thomas Jamieson, Watchmaker,
John Richmond, Tailor and Clothier (dec) and Mary Paton (dec_
Peter McConnacher, Nephew.

Daniel McGinnis, 1, March 27, 1880 at Newton Ayr, Single,
John McGinnis, Coal Trimmer, and Mary Hunter,
John McGinnis, Father.

Agnes Gibson Taddy Wilson, 3, August 18, 1880 at St. Quivox, Single,
John Wilson, Cork Cutter (dec) and Margaret Alexander Gibson,
Margaret Wilson, Mother.

James Aitken, 60, August 19, 1880 at Ayr, Tailor (Journeyman), Married to Sarah Martin,
James Aitken, Tailor (Journeyman) (dec) and Euphemia Mitchell (dec)
Hugh Aitken, Brother.

Sarah Cunningham, 73, August 19, 1880 at St. Quivox, Married to Archibald Cunningham, Tailor (Journeyman)
John Richmond, Tailor (Journeyman) (dec) and Mary Paton (dec)
Charles Cunningham, Son.

Janet Millar, 72, April 3, 1876 at West Kilbride, Widow of Robert Millar, Farmer,
Peter Stewart, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Shaw (dec)
Robert Millar, Son.

Thomas Richmond, 78, April 1, 1876 at West Kilbride, Miller, Widower of Janet Craig,
William Richmond, (dec) (mothers name and father's trade not given)
John Richmond, Son.

Margaret Lindsay, 48 yrs. & 8 mos., April 11, 1876 at West Kilbride, Single, Nurse,
John Lindsay, Thatcher (dec) and Agnes Jamieson (dec)
Jeanie W. Lindsay, Niece.






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