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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1872 - Part 2

[Part 1]


Transcribed by George McCaig contact George for further information on any of these deaths.



James Murray, 5 hours, December 17, 1872 at Cronberry, Auchinleck, Single, John Murray, iron Miner, and Sarah Keenan, John Murray, Father (X)

Herriot McGown, 2, December 19, 1872 at Holmhead, Auchinleck, Single, Joseph McGown, Wauk Miller, and Helen Lowrie, Joseph McGown, Father.

John Stewart, 36, December 21, 1872 at Common Dyke, Auchinleck, Engine Keeper, Married to Mary Richmond, William Stewart, Wheat Miller (dec) and Mary Boys, James Stewart, Brother.


Helen Rodger, 1, March 13, 1872 at Main Street, Newton Ayr, Single, Thomas Rodger, Carpet Weaver, and Jane Whiteside, Thomas Rodger, Father (X)

James Richmond, 49, March 13, 1872 at 39 High Street, Ayr, Annuitant, Married to Rachel Kiers, James Richmond, Gamekeeper ((dec) and Mary Campbell (dec) Agnes Campbell, Step-daughter.

Jean Haddow, 42, March 14, 1872 at Rozelle Offices by Ayr, Married to Andrew Haddow, Butler, John Thompson, Miner (dec) and Jean Hunter (dec) Andrew Haddow, Widower.

Elizabeth McCulloch, 28, July 30, 1872 at Fever Hospital, Ayr, Pauper, Single, No parents listed. William R. MacDonald, House Surgeon.

William Craig, 71, August 6, 1872 at 14 Cathcart Street, Ayr. Surgeon, Widower of Marion McRae, John Craig, Manufacturer (dec) and Agnes Wright (dec) J.M.Craig, Son.

John Richmond Smith, 5, August 11, 1872 at 24 Mill Street, Ayr, Single, Peter Smith, Slater (Journeyman) and Margaret Richmond (dec) Grace Richmond, Grandmother (X)


David Clark, 53, November 29, 1872 at the home called Patkelly, Ballantrae, Not given. No parents listed. R.D.Murdoch, Procurator Fiscal.

Mathew Richmond, 59, December 23, 1872 at Currarie, Ballantrae, Bachelor, Farmer. James Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Lees (dec)  - - - Campbell, Nephew.


Jane Biggart, 39, December 21, 1872 at Townhead, Beith, Single, John Biggart, Proprietor & Farmer (dec) and Margaret Stevenson, Robert Biggart, Brother.

James Richmond, 1, December 26, 1872 at Main Street, Beith, Single, James Richmond, Carter, and Letitia Craig, James Richmond, Father.

John Love, 69, December 22, 1872 at Mitchell street, Beith, House Factor, Married to Margaret Kerr, Robert Love, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Elizabeth Caldwell (dec) John Love, Son.

Jane Cuthbert McConnell, 3, December 30, 1871, Single, William McConnell, Blacksmith (Master) and Margaret McCartney, William McConnell, Father.


John Sturgeon, 1 month, January 6, 1872 at Quarry House, Coylton, Single, John Sturgeon, Farm Servant, and Ann Jane Taylor, John Sturgeon, Father.

Samuel Richmond, 15 1/2, January 22, 1872 at Killhead, Coylton, Single, Shoemaker apprentice, Hugh Richmond, Coal Miner, and Mary Hay, Hugh Richmond, Father.


Agnes McGuckian, 17, April 14, 1872 at Pitcon, Dalry, Single, Hyndman McGuckian, Ironstone Miner, and Martha Richmond, Hyndman McGuckian, Father (X)

Mary Crew, 25, April 14, 1872 at Drakemyre, Dalry, Single, Pierce Crew, Labourer, and Elizabeth Cook, Pierce Crew, Father (X)

Arthur O'Neil, 64, April 21, 8172 at Bridgend, Drakemyre, Dalry, Pit Bottomer, Married to Ann Martin, No parents listed. Peter O'Neil, Son.


William Hunter, 35, January 3, 1872 at Cessnock Mill, Galston, Single, Farmer. William Hunter, Farmer, and Janet Gemmell, James Smith, Half Brother.

Margaret Baird, 54, January 8, 1872 at Henrietta Street, Galston, Married to John Baird, Cotton Weaver, Hugh Richmond, Joiner, and Janet Cameron, Hugh Baird, Son.

Grace Nisbet, 5 days, January 12, 1872 at Garden Street, Galston, Single, Robert Nisbet, Coal Miner, and Rachel Wilson, Robert Nisbet, Father.

Annie Frew, 20, April 19, 1872 at Bridge Street, Galston, Single, Domestic Servant, Robert Frew, Sea Captain (dec) and Mary McGregor (dec) John Murdoch, Occupier.

Isabella Wyllie, 82, April 20, 1872 at Blair Street, Galston, Widow of John Wyllie, Farmer. John McKerrow, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec) John McLanachan, Nephew.

Mary Murdoch, 5 minutes, April 17, 1872 at Orchard Street, Galston, Single, Illegitimate, Charlotte Murdoch, Widow of Andrew Cuthbert, Woollen Weaver who died 1869, June 4, Fenwick, Charlotte Cuthbert (X)

James Mair, 2 days, May 18, 1872 at Greenfield, Galston, Single, Thomas Mair, Farmer, and Margaret Paton, Thomas Mair, Father.

John Richmond, 70, May 14, 1872 at Dalquharran, Galston, Cotton Weaver, Married to Jane Granger, James Richmond, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Mary Wyllie (dec) Hugh Morton, Son-in-law.

John Roxburgh, 72 1/2, May 18, 1872 at Brewland Street, Galston, Cotton Weaver, Widower of Agnes Sharp, John Roxburgh, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Jean Dinning (dec) George Roxburgh, Son (X)

Andrew Richmond, 15 1/2, June 4, 1872 at Orchard Street, Galston, Single, Coal Miner William Richmond, Coal Miner, and Ann Connell, William Richmond, Father.(X)

William Carnduff, 88, June 5, 1872 at Orchard Street Galston, Cotton Weaver, Married to Helen Mushet, Andrew Carnduff, Nail Maker (dec) and Jean Duncan (dec) Andrew Galbraith, Stepson (X)

Robert Fulton Paterson, 34, June 5, 1872 at Rolwarth Street, Galston, Single, M.D. Glasgow and St. Andrews, George Paterson, Teacher at a school, and Agnes Fulton. G. Paterson, Father.


Jane Goudie, 64, August 14, 1872 at High Street, Irvine, Married to James Goudie, Commission Agent, James Hunter, Weaver (dec) and Mary Robertson (dec) James Goudie, Widower.

Mary Murray, 70,August 17, 1872 at Cunninghame Combination Poorhouse, A Pauper, Widow. No parents listed. A. R. Findlay, Governor.

Unnamed Wales, 10 days, August 20, 1872 at Seagate, Irvine, Single, Robert Wales, Cotton Weaver, and Jane Richmond, Robert Wales, Father (X)

Agnes Lindsay, 2, August 22, 1872 at (looks like) Annicklodge Colliery, Single, William Lindsay, Coal Miner, and Janet Storey, William Lindsay, Father (X)

Robert Wales, 12 days, August 22, 1872 at Seagate, Irvine, Single, Robert Wales, Cotton Weaver, and Jane Richmond, Robert Wales, Father (X)

Joan Kilpatrick, 66, August 22, 1872 at Cunninghame Combination Poorhouse, Single, A Pauper, No parents listed. A.R. Findlay, Governor.


Thomas Davidson, 86, December 31, 1871 at 3 Morton Place, Kilmarnock, Stone Mason, Widower of Agnes Morton, Hugh Davidson, Flax Hechler (dec) and Lucy Oliver (dec) Hugh Davidson, Son.

Grace Blair, 72, December 30, 1871 at Parkhead Farm, Kilmarnock, Widow of William Blair, Farm Servant, John Allan, Farmer (dec) and Grace Richmond (dec)  - - - Blair, Son.

Margaret Fleming, 30, January 1, 1872 at 76 Robertson Place, Kilmarnock, Widow of Thomas Fleming, Coal Miner, Alexander Marshall, Calico Printer (dec) and Grace Scoullar, John Mitchell, Friend.

John Shearer, 72, January 15, 1872 at Shand St. Kilmarnock, Hawker, Married to - - - - -, Parents unknown, Thomas Highet, Asst. Inspector of Poor,

John McIntosh, 7 weeks, January 17, 1872 at 28 Langlands St., Kilmarnock, Single, Adam McIntosh, Boiler Maker, and Janet Richmond. Adam McIntosh, Father.

John Gemmell Stevenson, 39, January 16, 1872 at Dundonald Road, Kilmarnock, Saddler, Widower of Mary McAlister, James Stevenson, Saddler (dec) and Margaret Howie Young (dec) J. T. Stevenson, Cousin.

George Brown, 15 months, January 24, 1872 at 35 Bonnieton (?) Square, Kilmarnock, Single, David Brown, Coach Painter, and Ellen Gibson, David Brown, Father.

Elizabeth Richmond, 74, January 20, 1872 at Laigh Holmes, Kilmarnock, Widow of James Orr, Carter & Widow of Thomas Richmond, Engine Keeper, James Muir, Farmer (dec) and Janet Wilson (dec) David Innes, Joiner.

David Wyllie, 70, January 24, 1872 at Boyd St. Kilmarnock, Labourer, Widower of Mary King, James Wyllie, Labourer (dec) and Mary McQueen (dec) Thomas Gardner, Stepson (X)

Thomas Jenkins, 11 months, February 6, 1872 at 9 Sandbed St., Kilmarnock, Single, Robert Jenkins, Labourer, and Mary Tannock, Robert Jenkins, Father.

Jane Richmond, 8, February 7, 1872 at Cheapside, Kilmarnock, Single, John Richmond, Hammerman, and Jane Martin, John Richmond, Father (X)

Catherine Cunningham Reid, 32, February 6, 1872 at F.C.Manse, Crookedholm, Kilmarnock, Married to William Reid, Minister, William Somervail, Wool Spinner, and Catherine Cunningham Francis (?) Andrew McMillan, Undertaker.

Agnes Findlay, 9, March 14, 1872 at 28 Nelson St.. Kilmarnock, Single, James Findlay, Coal Miner, and Christina Richmond, David Innes, Joiner.

Agnes Murdoch, 27, March 16, 1872 at 13 North Hamilton St. Kilmarnock, Married to John Murdoch, Blacksmith, Hugh Wallace, Drayman (dec) and Jean Anderson, John Murdoch, Husband.

Helen Cook, 70, March 16, 1872 at 24 West Shaw St., Kilmarnock, Married to John Cook, Shoemaker, Robert Taylor, Carpet Weaver (dec) and Ellen Giffen (dec) Robert Cook, Son.

Unnamed Cowan, 5 days, May 3, 1872 at 15 Douglas St. Kilmarnock, Single, Henry Cowan, Carpet Weaver, and Isabella Scott, Henry Cowan, Father (X)

Janet Fraser, 19, May 3, 1872 at 4 East Shaw St., Kilmarnock, Single, William Fraser, Schoolmaster, and Ellen Williamson, William Fraser, Father.

Grace Richmond, 2, May 3, 1872 at 17 Douglas St., Kilmarnock, Single, Hugh Richmond, Block Printer, and Margaret McCrone, William Sawers, Uncle.

Robert Morton, 51, September 7, 1872 at 20 St. Marnock St., Kilmarnock, Iron Turner, Married to Jane Muir, John Morton, Spirit Dealer, and Agnes Richmond, John Keller, Brother-in-law.

Nancy McCulloch, 35, September 6, 1872 at 56 Langlands St., Kilmarnock, Married to Thomas McCulloch, Flesher, David McMillan, Railway Porter, and Jane Barlow (dec) Thomas McCulloch, Widower.

James Nelson, 2, September 8, 1872 at 24 Dean St., Kilmarnock, Single, Robert Nelson, Labourer, and Jeannie Paton, Robert Nelson, Father.


James McFarlane, 12, August 11, 1872 at Main St. Kilmaurs, Single, Scholar, James McFarlane, Baker, and Margaret Thomson, James McFarlane, Father.

Jean McGill, 75, August 11, 1872 at Elderslie, Widow of James McGill, Coal Miner, James Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Agnes Brown (dec) James George, Son-in-law.

John Brown, 67, August 14, 1872 at Causewayside, Kilmaurs, Quarrier, Married to Jean Barbour, James Brown, Quarrier (dec) and Janet Glen (dec)
William Armour, Son-in-law.


Margaret Rodger, 3 weeks, October 25, 1872 at Seven Acres, Kilwinning, Single, Thomas Rodger, Oil Work Firesman, and Ann Willock, Thomas Rodger, Father.

Ann Stirrat, 65, November 2, 1872 at Main Street, Kilwinning, Married to David Stirrat, Butcher, Allan Boyle, Farm Labourer (dec) and Ann Chalmers (dec) David Stirrat, Widower.

Margaret Richmond, 1 7/12, November 4, 1872 at 5 Front Row, Fergushill, Kilwinning, Single, William Richmond, Coal Miner, and Margaret Barr,
William Richmond, Father.


ames Coulter, 71, March 7, 1872 at Crosshill Village, Kirkmichael, Weaver, Married to Mary Hunter, William Coulter, Weaver (dec) and Mary McGee (dec) William Coulter, Son.

Margaret Andrew, 68, March 8, 1872 at Barnshead (?) Kirkmichael, Widow of John Andrew, Farmer, John Richmond, Limestone Quarrier (dec) and Barbara McQueen (dec) Robert Andrew, Son.

Crawford Chalmers, 81, March 23, 1872 at Kirkmichael Village, Single, Andrew Chalmers, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Speirs (dec) Elizabeth Caldwell, Niece.


William Donald, 17 days, February 21, 1872 at Loudoun Rows, Single, William Donald, Coal Work Bottomer, and Sarah Michael, William Donald, Father.

Mary Richmond, 74, February 22, 1872 at Main Street, Newmilns, Single, Muslin Cutter, James Richmond, Woollen Weaver (dec) and Helen Pollock (dec) William Richmond, Nephew.

Elizabeth Campbell, 11, February 25, 1872 at Back Street, Newmilns, Single, Archibald Campbell, Builder (Master( and Jane Brown, Archibald Campbell, Father.

Marjory Parker, 62, March 25, 1872 at Kilnholm Street, Newmilns, Widow of James Parker, Muslin Weaver, George Young, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Mitchell (dec) Alister(?) Parker, Son.

Alexander McLachlan, 21, April 2, 1872 at East Main Street, Darvel, Carter, Married to Barbara Richmond, David McLachlan, Tailor (Master) and Jane McKinlay (dec) David McLachlan, Brother.

Ann Wyper, 15, April 5, 1872 at 16 Boyd Street, Loudoun Parish, Single, Housekeeper, Peter Wyper, Coal Miner (dec) and Isabella Mathie (dec)
Charles Wyper, Brother.

Mary Richmond, 9, April 22, 1872 at Gray street, Newmilns, single, James Richmond, Shoemaker (Master) and Helen Young,
James Richmond, Father.

James Campbell Young, 2 weeks, May 2, 1872 at Dillburn(?) Street, Newmilns, Single, Thomas Young, Muslin Weaver, and Marion Brown Campbell,
Thomas Young, Father.

Elizabeth Alexander, about 81, May 2, 1872 at Beck Street, Newmilns, Single, Housekeeper, James Alexander, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Agnes Campbell (dec) William Gray, Nephew-in-law.

William Neil, 3 weeks, May 16, 1872 at Main Street, Newmilns, Single, James Neil, Blacksmith, and Janet Morton, James Neil, Father.

Elizabeth Pollock, 6 days, May 24, 1872 at East Main Street, Darvel, Single, James Pollock, Muslin Weaver, and Elizabeth Stirling, James Pollock, Father.

Matthew Mitchell, 41, June 14, 1872 at Whatriggs Farms, Loudoun Parish, Farm Manager, Married Elizabeth Howie, Archibald Mitchell, Farmer, and Janet Richmond, Archibald Mitchell, Father.

Isabella Rankin, 32, June 28, 1872 at Ronald Coup(?) Road, Darvel, Single, Muslin Weaver, Hugh Rankin, Joiner (Master) and Elizabeth Armour,\
Hugh Rankin, Father.

William Wilson, 2 years and 7 months, July 26, 1872 at Dodburn(?) Street, Newmilns, Single, George Wilson, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Jamie,
George Wilson, Father.

Mary Findlay, 80, August 5, 1872 at West Main Street, Darvel, Widow of Gavin Findlay, Muslin Weaver, Ninian Jamieson, Mason(Master) and Joiner (dec) and Agnes Stewart (dec) Ninian Findlay, Son.

Margaret Brown, 21, August 9, 1872 at 17 Brock Street, Newmilns, Married to Hugh Brown, Muslin Cutter, John Lawson, Carter (dec) and Mary Borland, Hugh Brown, Widower (X)

Hugh Cochran, 54, August 19, 1872 on Law Road near Templehill Farm, Loudoun, Muslin Weaver, Married to Helen Richmond, Andrew Cochran, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Agnes Brown (dec) Alexander Cochran, Son.

Robert Morton, 4 years and 6 months, August 21, 1872 at West Main Street, Darvel, Single, Robert Morton, Muslin Manufacturer, and Mary Gebbie,
Robert Morton, Father.

Hugh Richmond, 66, August 22, 1872 at Dodburn Street, Newmilns, Shoemaker (Master) , Married to Margaret Boyd, Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker (Master) (dec) and Margaret Pollock (dec) John Richmond, Son.

William Duncan Mackintosh, 11 years & 7 months, August 24, 1872 at Freechurch Schoolhouse, Newmilns, Single, Malcolm Mackintosh, Schoolmaster, and Elizabeth Graham Dunbar, Malcolm Mackintosh, Father.

Isabella Morton Richmond, 2, October 28, 1872 at 25 High Street, Newmilns, Single, James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Gordon Mair,
James Richmond, Father.

Andrew Mair, 7 hours, October 29, 1872 at 25 West Main Street, Darvel, Single, Andrew Mair, Joiner (Journeyman) and Janet Cleland,\ Andrew Mair, Father.

Mary Young, 5 hours, October 30, 1872, at 28 East Main Street, Darvel, Single, Robert Young, Muslin Weaver and Susan Ramage, Robert Young, Father.


Margaret Mitchell, 53, December 18, 1872 at Fowler, Mauchline, Married to John Mitchell, Farmer. James Mair, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Craig (dec)
John Mitchell, Husband.

Jane Weir Richmond, 26, December 16, 1872 at Mauchline, Widow of John Richmond, Wood Turner, Matthew Dickie, Joiner, and Margaret Bankhead (dec) Matthew Dickie, Father.

Margaret Nicolson, 27, December 31, 1872 at Mauchline, Widow of Robert Nicolson, Farmer. Thomas Ronald, Wright (dec) and Elizabeth McGaan (dec) George Templeton, Nephew-in-law.


Thomas Peden, 1, November 3, 1872 at Coral Glen, Maybole, Single, Alexander Peden, Woollen Weaver, and Helen Fitzpatrick, Alexander Peden, Father.

Janet Davidson, 58, November 4, 1872 at Croy Tollhouse, Maybole, Widow of Robert Davidson, Forester. James Galloway, Coal Miner (dec) and Margaret Richmond (dec) Margaret Davidson, Daughter.

Jane Hendry, 92, November 4, 1872 at Coral Glen, Maybole, Widow of William Hendry, Sawyer, Parents not listed, but maiden name McBroom.
James McCubbie, Grandson.


Robert Richmond, 36, January 25, 1872 at Smallburn, Muirkirk, Pauper, Married to Elizabeth Hardie, James Richmond, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Janet McIlwraith, John Richmond, Brother.

Mary Campbell, 21, January 29, 1872 at Muirkirk, Domestic Servant, Single, Illegitimate, Robert Campbell, Nail Maker and Isabella Greig, James Hogg, Cousin.

Margaret Wallace, 52, February 2, 1872 at Muirkirk, Married to John Wallace, Innkeeper. William Bryden, Coal Miner (dec) and Jane Anderson (dec)
John Wallace, Widower.


Alison Miller, 2, January 1, 1872 at Townhead, Cumnock, Single, Hunter Miller, Iron Miner and Jane Hutchison, Hunter Miller, Father.

James Morris, 31, January 2, 1872 at Townhead, Cumnock, Labourer, No parents listed. James Burns, Occupier (X)

Jane McClymont Richmond, 2, January 8, 1872 at Townhead, Cumnock, Single, John Richmond, Mason, and Agnes Kerr, John Richmond, Father.

John Wilson Miller, 11 days, February 13, 1872 at Strand, Cumnock, Single, James Miller, Mineral Borer, and Helen Wilson, James Miller, Father.

Barbara Richmond, 59, February 19, 1872 at Woodend, Cumnock, Single, John Richmond, Tenant of Limeworks (dec) and Barbara McQueen (dec)
John Gibson, Son  ? (listed as single)

James Howat, 76, December 8, 1872 at Townhead, Cumnock, Cooper, Widower of Margaret Murdoch, James Howat, Cooper (dec) and Jane Begg (dec) Robert Howat, Son.

Margaret Swan, 82, December 12, 1872 at Glaisnook (?) St. Cumnock, Single, James Swan, Farmer (dec) and Janet Pagan (dec) Jane (?) Ramage, Neighbour.

Elizabeth Richmond, 10 weeks, December 25, 1872 at Cumnock, Single, James Richmond, Millwright, and Elizabeth Park,
Alexander Richmond, Grandfather.


Janet Campbell, 10 months, July 19, 1872 at Academy Street, Riccarton, Single, John Campbell, Coal Miner, and Agnes Richmond, Agnes Campbell, Mother (X)

Mary Thomson or McIntyre, 17, July 20, 1872 at New Street , Riccarton, Single, Illegitimate, Works in Cotton Mill. James Thomson, Calico Printer (Reputed Father) and Jean Shaw, M.S. McIntyre, Andrew McIntyre, Uncle.


Robert Milligan, 6, February 8, 1872 at Annbank, Tarbolton, Single, Robert Milligan, Rodsman, and Mary Ann Burrows, Robert Milligan, Father.

John Hanney, 50, February 5, 1872 at Annbank, Tarbolton, Coal Miner, Married to Mary Jane Docharty, John Hanney, Labourer (dec) and Mary Smith (dec) Charles Hanney, Son (X)

Marjory McWhirter, 59, February 16, 1872 at Tarlbolton, Married to James McWhirter, Mason, James Richmond, Gentlemans Overseer (dec) and Ann Terbet (dec) Alexander McWhirter, Son.

West Kilbride

William Richmond Wilson, 23, January 22m 1872 at West Kilbride, Single, Clerk. William Wilson, Mole Catcher, and Janet Richmond, William Wilson, Father.

John McLeod Templeton, 11, February 20, 1872 at West Kilbride, Single, Illegitimate, Janet Templeton, Domestic Servant, John McTice, Occupier.

Archibald Scoular, 84, February 21, 1872 at West Kilbride, Formerly Hawker, Married to Mary Gillespie, Paul Scoular, Schoolmaster (dec) and Alice Mullar (dec) William Black, Inspector of Poor.










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