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Some Ayrshire Deaths 1871

Transcribed by George McCaig 


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and
place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


Margaret McLeod, 13, April 24, 1871 at
Dalry, Single,
William McLeod, Iron Miner, and Margaret Kerr,
William McLeod, Father (X)

James Logan, 73, April 27, 1871 at
Dalry, Single, Weaver,
Hugh Logan, Shoemaker (dec) and Elizabeth Frew (dec)
James Logan, Nephew.

Peter Biggs, 20 months, April 30, 1871 at
Dalry, Single,
Peter Biggs, Iron Miner, and Elizabeth Thompson,
Robert Thompson, Uncle.

William Young, 5 minutes, January 17, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
William Young, Coal Miner, and Mary Smith,
William Young, Father (X)

Robert Dick Frew, 14 months, January 15, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
John Frew, Muslin Cutter (Journeyman) and Margaret Dick,
Margaret Dick, Grandmother (X)

Mary Nisbet, 4, January 21, 1871 at
Galston, Single, Illegitimate,
Sarah Johnston, M.S. Nisbet,
James Johnston, Step Father (X)

Unnamed Dentford, 4 hours, September 24, 1871 at
Irvine, Single,
John Dentford, Coal Miner, and Hellen Frew,
John Dentford, Father (X)

Ann Galt, 63, September 25, 1871 at
Irvine, Married to John Galt, Cotton Weaver,
William Millar, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Ann McGavin (dec)
John Galt, Widower.

Mary Fisher Clark, 14 months, September 20, 1871 at
Irvine, Single,
John Clark, Baker, and Mary Wilson,
John Clark, Father.

William Gibson, 9 months, February 12, 1871 at New
Ardrossan, Single,
John Gibson, Stableman, and Jean Richmond,
John Gibson, Father.

Janet Caldwell, 77, February 5, 1871 at New
Ardrossan, Widow of John Caldwell, Coal Miner,
James Kerr, Weaver (dec) and Mary McGown (dec)
Janet Morrison, Niece.

Thomas Orr, 4 months, February 26, 1871 at New
Ardrossan, Single,
Thomas Orr, Grocer, and Margaret Wilson Osbourne,
Thos. Orr, Father.

Robert Telfer, 9 days, June 21, 1871 at
Auchinleck, Single,
Robert Telfer, Iron Miner, and Ellen Richmond,
Robert Telfer, Father (X)

William Watson, 1, June 25, 1871 at
Auchinleck, Single,
William Watson, Pithead Man, and Janet Mackie,
William Watson, Father.

Mary Williamson Stewart, 3, June 26, 1871 at
Auchinleck, Single,
Matthew Stewart, Collier, and Mary Merry,
Matthew Stewart, Father.

John Lang Miller, 7 months, January 6, 1871 at
Beith, Single,
William Miller, Handloom Weaver, and Janet Robertson (dec)
Thomas Robertson, Grandfather.

Christina Tassie Richmond, 15, January 1, 1871 at
Beith, Single,
Robert Richmond, Upholsterer, and Ellen Tassie,
Robert Richmond, Father.

James McMillan, 5, January 10, 1871 at
Beith, Single,
Edward McMillan, Ironwork Labourer, and Mary Jane Davidson,
Edward McMillan, Father (X)


John Fulton, 49, July 3, 1871 at
Dailly, Single, Saw-miller,
James Fulton, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)
William Fulton, Brother.

James Wright, 8 months, July 20, 1871 at
Cairnhill, Single,
James Wright, Farmer, and Jean Ferguson,
James Wright, Father.

Hugh Law, 7, August 24, 1871 at
Kilgrammie, Single,
Hugh Law, Blacksmith, and Mary Beggs,
Hugh Law, Father.

Walter Broadburn, 52, August 26, 1871 at
Troon, Railway Guard, Married to Mary Fulton, (Illegitimate)
Elizabeth Armstrong, (dec)
Mary Broadburn, Widow (X)

Margaret Houston, 40, September 7, 1871 at
Troon, Married to William Houston, Mariner,
David Smith, Harbour Pilot, and Margaret Henderson (dec)
Elizabeth Smith, Sister.

William Hamilton Baird, 2 months, September 23, 1871 at
Troon, Single,
John Baird, Iron Merchant, and Sarah Buchannan Hamilton,
John Baird, Father.

Jane Richmond, 57, November 1, 1871 at
Troon, Widow of John Richmond, Baker.
James Gemmell, Inspector of Poor (dec) and Margaret Steel (dec)
John Richmond, Son.

Margaret Moffat, 14, November 28, 1871 at
Troon, Single,
Robert Moffat, Dock Labourer, and Elizabeth Skelly,
Robert Moffat, Father.

Maitland McCutcheson Andrew, 33, November 26, 1871 at
Troon, Baker, Married to Elizabeth Nicol,
James Andrew, Baker (dec) and Agnes Harbert (dec)
Elizabeth Andrew, Widow.

Hugh Derbie, 71, February 21, 1871 at
Kirktown, Fenwick, Shoemaker (Illegitimate), Married to Janet Richmond,
Dick Derbie, Soldier (dec) and Charlotte Couper (dec)
Charlotte Derbie, Daughter.

James Gemmill, 11 months, February 26, 1871 at
Fenwick, Single,
William Gemmill, Farmer, and Ellen Douglas,
William Gemmell, Father. (signature shows ell, while registrar spelled ill)

William Fulton, 24, March 26, 1871 at
Fenwick, Single, Teacher,
William Fulton, Shoemaker, and Margaret Anderson (dec)
William Fulton, Father.

George Young, 5 1/2, January 1, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
Thomas Young, Cotton Weaver, and Janet Donald,
Thomas Young, Father.

Annie Brown, 10 1/2, January 7, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
John Brown, Cotton Weaver, and Marjory Jamieson,
John Brown, Father.

Robert Richmond, 2, January 10, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
Robert Richmond, Cotton Weaver, and Helen Smith,
Robert Richmond, Father.

Charlotte Cuthbert, 5, June 8, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
Andrew Cuthbert Woollen Weaver (dec) and Charlotte Murdoch,
Charlotte Cuthbert, Mother (X)

Janet McConochie, 54, June 13, 1871 at
Galston, Widow of John McConochie, Sea Captain,
Hugh Miller, Farmer (dec), (no mother listed)
Margaret Finnie, House-maid to the deceased (X)

Isabella Wallace McHoull, 1 month, June 17, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
Hugh McHoull, Cotton Weaver, and Mary Richmond,
Hugh McHoull, Father.

Jeanie Robertson, 19 months, August 24, 1871 at
Galston, Single, Illegitimate,
Jeanie Robertson, Cotton Weaver,
Thomas Robertson, Grandfather.

Margaret Boyd, 3 1/4, August 27, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
Thomas Boyd, Cotton Weaver, and Marion Mair,
Thomas Boyd, Father (X)

William Richmond, 14 months, August 27, 1871 at
Galston, Single,
William Richmond, Coal Miner, and Isabella Nisbet,
William Richmond, Father.

David Reid, 69, August 9, 1871 at
Irvine, Retired Grocer, Widower of Sarah Torrance,
John Reid, Joiner (dec) and Janet Pattison (dec)
(cannot make out signature) Son-in-law

Unnamed Duncan, 1 day, August 5, 1871 at
Irvine, Single, Illegitimate,
Catherine Duncan, Farm Labourer,
Catherine Duncan, Mother (X)

John Richmond, 27, August 14, 1871 at
Irvine, Single, Moulder,
John Richmond, Miner (dec) and Margaret Hume,
Margaret Richmond, Mother (X)

David McLaughlan, 4 months, October 30, 1871 at
Irvine, Single,
John McLaughlan, Coal Miner, and Sarah Hart,
John McLaughlan, Father (X)

Thomas Richmond, 78, November 6, 1871 at
Cunninghame Combination Poor House, Widower,
No parents listed.
Alex R. Findlay, Governor

Elizabeth Crawford, 15, November 9, 1871 at
Dundonald, Single,
James Crawford, Coal Trimmer, and Margaret Hughes,
James Crawford, Father (X)

Matilda Gas, 5 months, June 20, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Gas, Surfaceman, and Matilda McGee,
David Innes, Joiner (believe this to be undertaker)

Janet Manson, 61, June 24, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Married to John Manson, Tailor,
Allan Beattie, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
Agnes Walker, Daughter.

Agnes McSkimming, 76, June 25, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Widow of John McSkimming, Labourer,
William Glen, Labourer (dec) and Catherine (?) writing very poor
Robert Shanks, Son-in-law.

James Farrell McManus, 10 weeks, August 11, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Ann Farrell or McManus, Sewer,
Ann Farrell or McManus, Mother (X)

Jane Richmond, 4 months, August 13, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Hugh Richmond, Engine Driver, and Jane Mair,
David Innes, Joiner.
(I have the child as Jean, and the mother's maiden name as Muir)

Jemima Erskine, 1 month, August 14, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
James Erskine, Joiner, and Jessie Muir,
James Erskine, Father.

Duncan McDougall McLaughland, 2, November 30, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
James McLaughland, Carpet Weaver, and Rachael McDougall,
James McLaughland, Father.

Mary Messer, 1 year & 9 months, November 29, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Messer, Coal Miner, and Annie Richmond,
Annie Messer, Mother (X)

James Paton, 68, November 29, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Flesher, Widower of Christina Clark,
Thomas Paton, Flesher (dec) and Jane Brown (dec)
Thomas Paton, Son.

Samuel McEwing, 3 months, December 19, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Terrance McEwing, Hawker, and Mary Murdoch (dec)
Ann Messer, Nurse (X)

Alexander Wilson, 33, December 19, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Spirit Dealer, Married to Mary Brown,
Hugh Wilson, Coal Miner and Mary Law,
James Brown, Father-in-law.

Joseph Richmond, 2 years and 4 months, December 19, 1871 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Richmond, Labourer, and Jane Robertson,
Thomas Richmond, Father.

Elizabeth McCrindle Hillhouse, 1 5/12, January 19.1871 at
Kilmaurs, Single,
John Hillhouse, Coal Miner and Grace Cunningham,
John Hillhouse, Father.

Elizabeth Stevenson, 17, January 26, 1871 at
Kilmaurs, Single,
Hugh Stevenson, Farm Labourer and Jean McQuhirter,
Hugh Stevenson, Father.

Janet Anderson, 26, January 27, 1871 at
Kilmaurs, Married to David Anderson, Grocer,
Andrew Roxburgh, Quarrier, and Janet Steel,
George Roxburgh, Uncle.

John Wylie, 80, January 26, 1871 at
Kilwinning, Builder, Widower of Jean Kenneth,
John Wylie, Builder (dec) and Jean Spurling (dec)
John Wylie, Son.

Martha Hay, 45, January 29, 1871 at
Kilwinning, Married to John Hay, Coal Miner,
John Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Margaret Spence,
John Hay, Widower.

Margaret McPherson, 48, January 31, 1871 at
Kilwinning, Married to Peter McPherson, Pit Oversman,
John Ramsay, Coal Miner (dec) and Jean Letham,
Peter McPherson, Widower.

John Richmond, 9, August 13, 1871 at
Kilwinning, Single,
John Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Jane Duff,
William Richmond, Father.

Mary McLaughlan, 7, August 20, 1871 at
Kilwinning, Single,
William McLaughlan, Coal Miner (dec) and Elizabeth Ramsay, formerly McLaughlan, M.S. Boyd,
Thomas McCullum, Uncle-in-law (X)

Samuel Brown, 56, August 22, 1871 at
Kilwinning, Brusher, Married to Elizabeth McCulloch,
Alexander Brown, Labourer (dec) and Mary Ross (dec)
Eliza Brown, Widow (X)

Helen Richmond, 32, September 25, 1871 at
Kirkmichael, Single, Domestic Servant,
David Richmond, Ploughman, and Hamilton Lusk (dec)
James Robertson, Uncle-in-law.

Isabella Wright, 40, September 27, 1871 at
Kirkmichael, Married to Robert Wright, Grocer,
James Hayburn, Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth Murphy (dec)
Robert Wright, Widower.

Charles Duncan, 75, October 2, 1871 at
Kirkmichael, Retired Farmer, Widower of Rachel Lochead,
Allan Duncan, Farmer (dec) and Helen Kay (dec)
Mary Duncan, Sister (X)

Isabella Hamilton, 77, January 8, 1871 at
Darvel, Single, Housekeeper,
? ? Hamilton, Farmer (dec) and unknown (dec)
James Young, Son of niece.

James Collins, 6, January 10, 1871 at
Loudoun, Single,
Charles Collins, Coal Miner, and Mary Cairney,
Charles Collins, Father (X)

William Richmond, 1, January 13, 1871 at
Darvel, Single,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Brown,
John Murphy, Uncle-in-law.

Mary Wilson, 11 months, February 17, 1871 at
Darvel, Single,
Andrew Wilson, Muslin Weaver, and Helen Lawson,
Andrew Wilson, Father.

Alexander Robb, 64, February 18, 1871 at
Loudoun, Single, Street Merchant,
William Robb, Farmer (dec) and Jean Richmond (dec)
John Richmond, Cousin.

John Mudge, 5, February 27, 1871 at
Loudoun, Single,
James Mudge, Coal Miner, and Marion Giles,
James Mudge, Father.

Agnes Woodburn, 65, April 15, 1871 at
Darvel, Married to John Woodburn, Muslin Weaver,
William Woodburn, Flesher (dec) and Agnes Mason (dec)
John Woodburn, Widower.

William Orr, 3 weeks, April 15, 1871 at
Loudoun, Single,
James Orr, Farmer, and Agnes Mitchell,
James Orr, Father.

James Richmond, 54, April 19, 1871 at
Darvel, Carrier, Married to Janet Rankin, Illegitimate,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Miller, afterwards Paterson (dec)
John Richmond, Cousin. *

Agnes Richmond, 77, August 11, 1871 at
Loudoun, Widow of William Richmond, Gardener,
George King, General Labourer (dec) and Janet Dickie (dec)
John Richmond, Son * (These are the same person)

Mary Richmond, 43, August 12, 1871 at
Newmilns, Married to Francis Findlay Richmond, Draper,
John Gemmell, Wright (Master) (dec) and Jane Montgomery,
John Richmond, Son.

Mary Duncan, 19 hours, September 3, 1871 at
Newmilns, Single,
Andrew Duncan, Muslin Weaver, and Jane Morton,
Andrew Duncan, Father.

Margaret Richmond, 7, November 27, 1871 at
Newmilns, Single,
Matthew Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Janet McKelvie,
Matthew Richmond, Father.

Robert Lawson, 1, November 30, 1871 at
Newmilns, Single,
James Lawson, Slater and Muslin Weaver, and Jane Lawson, previously Morton (M.S. Steel)
James Lawson, Father.

James Milne, 47, November 7, 1871 at
Bankhead Colliery, Loudoun, not given
no parents listed,
died of injuries in the mine, F.C.Gross, Procurator Fiscal.

Janet Richmond, 63, October 15, 1871 at
Mauchline, Married to David Richmond, Box Maker,
William Steven, Butler (dec) and Agnes McI - - (very poor copy) (dec)
David Richmond, Husband.

William McWilliam, 7, October 16, 1871 at
Mauchline, Single,
George McWilliam, Mason, and Margaret Samson,
David Samson, Uncle.

Mary Gibb, 88, October 20, 1871 at
Mauchline, Single, Tambourer (?)
Robert Gibb, Kirk Officer (dec) and Sarah Lusk (dec)
Hugh Gibb, Nephew.

Adam Begg, 19, May 15, 1871 at
Muirkirk, Single,
Adam Begg, Coal Miner (dec) and Isabella McKenzie (dec)
Charlotte Archibald, Cousin (X)

David Bryson, 45, May 30, 1871 at
Muirkirk, Gardener, Married to Elizabeth McKinnon,
Mungo Bryson, Farrier (or Farmer) and Grace Dickie,
Andrew Bryson, Brother.

John Richmond, 5 months, June 5, 1871 at
Muirkirk, Single,
Robert Richmond, Pauper, formerly Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Hardie,
Robert Richmond, Father (X)

Thomas Campbell, 5 months, April 4, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Single,
James Campbell, Iron Miner, and Mary Campbell, M.S.
Mary Campbell, Mother

Marion Allan, 65, April 9, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Widow of Robert Allan, Iron Miner,
William Young, Moulder (dec), and Mary Nisbet (dec)
Robert Allan, Son.

Jane Richmond, 82, April 11, 1871 at O
ld Cumnock, Widow of John Richmond, Butler.
James Crawford, Banker (dec) and Jane Murray,(no notation of deceased)
William Richmond, Son.

George McKervail, 21, May 30, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Single, Draper's Clerk,
George McKervail, Shoemaker, and Mary Glen,
George McKervail, Father.

John Richmond, 27, May 30, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Single, Weaver,
John Richmond, Weaver, and Catharine Wilson,
John Richmond, Father.

Hugh Carruthers, about 39, April 25, 1871 at
Glengyron, Miner, Married to Margaret Frew,
Bryce Carruthers, Coachman (dec) and Catharine Cumming (dec)
James Frew, Brother-in-law.

Hugh McCrae Wallace, 12 weeks, August 28, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Single,
William Wallace, Tailor, and Jean Waters (dec)
William Wallace, Father.

Catharine Richmond, 66, August 29, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Married to John Richmond, Weaver,
John Wilson, Gardener (dec) and Catharine Simpson (dec)
John Richmond, Widower.

William White, 57, July 9, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Single, Weaver,
James White, Formerly Carrier (dec) and Jane McCall (dec)
John White, Brother.

Robert McGill, 44, December 6, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Miner, Married to Janet Smith,
James McGill, Miner (dec) and Jane Glover (dec)
James McGill, Son.

Margaret Steel, 11, December 9, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Single,
Matthew Steel, Farm Servant, and Janet Steven,
Matthew Steel, Father.

Jessie McClymont Richmond, 29, December 14, 1871 at
Old Cumnock, Single, Confectioner,
John Richmond, Mason (dec) and Jane McClymont (dec)
Elizabeth Richmond, Sister.

Mary Landles, 7, January 17, 1871 at
Hurlford, Single,
Henry Landles, Engine Driver, and Margaret Cole,
Henry Landles, Father (X)

Alexander Jones or Kelly, 9 months, January 17, 1871 at
Riccarton, Single, Illegitimate,
Martin Kelly, Limestone Miner (Reputed Father) and Agnes Jones, Farm Servant,
James Young, Coal Miner (no relationship given)

Jean Richmond, 49, January 20, 1871 at
Hurlford, Married to John Richmond, Coal Miner, Illegitimate,
Robert Pollock, Coal Miner (Reputed Father) (dec) and Jean Orr (dec)
John Richmond, Husband.

Mary Young, 15 1/2, January 30, 1871 at
Riccarton, Single, Domestic Servant,
John Young Coal Miner, and Ann Neilson,
John Young Father.

James Miller, 8, February 2, 1871 at
Hurlford, Single,
Henry Miller, Coal Miner, and Janet Galloway,
Henry Miller, Father.

Mary Graham, 77, February 2, 1871 at
Hurlford, Widow of William Graham, Coal Miner.
John Kennedy, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)
William Graham, Son.

Thomas Young, 7, May 31, 1871 at
Hurlford, Single,
David Young, Overseer of Colliery, and Jane Richmond,
David Young, Father.

Thomas Allan, 1 day, May 31, 1871 at
Riccarton, Single, Illegitimate,
Elizabeth Allan, Worker in Printfield.
Elizabeth Campbell, Grandmother (X)

Alexander Knox, 14 months, June 2, 1871 at
Hurlford, Single,
James Knox, Engine Keeper, and Jane Baird McMillan,
James Knox, Father.

Sarah Fisher, 40, November 10, 1871 at
Riccarton, Married to Robert Fisher, Pitheadman,
John Tannock, Muslin Printer, and Elizabeth Gibson (dec)
Robert Fisher, Widower.

Mary Paterson, 65, November 10, 1871 at
Treesbank Stables, Riccarton, Single,
John Paterson, Labourer at Coalpit (dec) and Susan Cork (dec)
Alexander Draper, Nephew.

Hugh Richmond, 24, November 11, 1871 at
Hurlford, Coal Miner, Married to Ann Gibson,
John Richmond, Coal Miner, and Jean Pollock (dec)
John Richmond, Father.

Mary Anderson, 86, July 12, 1871 at
Catrine, Single, Formerly Domestic Servant,
Hugh Anderson, Lint Miller (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
Hugh Anderson, Grand-Nephew.

Mary McBride, 14, July 29, 1871 at
Catrine, Single, Mill Worker,
Janet McBride,
Janet McBride, Mother (X)

Margaret Cowan, 56, August 6, 1871 at
Catrine, Single, Powerloom Weaver,
William Cowan, Grocer (dec) and Jean Lindsay (dec)
Hugh Hay, Nephew-in-law.

James Gray or McCallum or McAulay, 55, January 3, 1871 at
Stewarton, Single, Farm Servant,
No parents listed.
John Watson, Police Sergeant.

Elizabeth Richmond, 63, January 5, 1871 at
Stewarton, Single, Dress Maker,
Robert Richmond, Tailor (dec) and Jean Stevenson (dec)
Jessie Markland, Niece.

Eliza Smith Hastings, 6, January 9, 1871 at
Stewarton, Single,
William Hastings, Farmer, and Elizabeth Williamson Smith,
William Hastings, Father.

Charles Ross, 29, October 26, 1871 at
Stewarton, Joiner (Journeyman), Married to Janet Goldie,
Charles Ross, Printsman, no mother listed,
Matthew Goldie, Brother-in-law.

Janet Richmond, 75, November 3, 1871 at
Stewarton, Single, Dress Maker,
Robert Richmond, Tailor (dec) and Jean Stevenson (dec)
James Markland, Nephew.

Jane Wyllie Smith, 24, November 6, 1871 at
Stewarton, Married to John Smith, Spindle Maker,
John Cunningham, Flesher (dec) and Mary Laughland (dec)
John Smith, Widower.

Elizabeth Ruddocks, 60, October 16, 1871 at
Tarbolton, Married to Alexander Ruddocks, Shoemaker,
John Geery, Small Farmer (dec), no mother listed,
James Ruddocks, Son.

Catherine McWhirter, 23, October 15, 1871 at
Tarbolton, Single, Domestic Servant,
James McWhirter, Mason, and Marjory Richmond,
Alex McWhirter, Brother.

Robert Miller Brown, 6 months, October 23, 1871 at
Tarbolton, Single,
James Brown, Pitheadman, and Christina O'Harro,
James Brown, Father.









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