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Some Ayrshire Deaths 1868

Transcribed by George McCaig 


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)



James McGill, 70, January 9, 1868 at Barbiston, Auchinleck, Collier, Married to Jane Richmond,
James McGill, (dec) and Janet Auld (dec)
David McGill, Son.

Cornelius Kelly, 45, January 11, 1868 at Lugar, Auchinleck, Drawer, Married to Catherine McGorrey,
No parents names recorded.
Theddeas Kelly, Nephew (X)

Catherine Monashan, 9, January 16, 1868 at Auchinleck, Single,
Michael Monashan, Miner, and Catherine McGrade,
Michael Monashan, Father (X)

Unnamed Mitchell, 7 days, January 30, 1868 at Auchinleck, Single,
Francis Mitchell, Rail Labourer, and Jane Burgess,
Francis Mitchell, Father.

Ellen Telfer, 10 weeks, January 30, 1868 at Auchinleck, Single,
Robert Telfer, Miner, and Ellen Richmond,
Robert Telfer, Father (X)

John Penman, 66, February 4, 1868 at Auchinleck, Pauper, Miner, Married to Jane Stuart,
No parents listed.
Robert Dunsmuir, Grandson.

Mary Dalrymple, 27, June 1, 1868 at Auchinleck, Single,
John Dalrymple, Box Painter (dec) and Ellen Neil,
William Dalrymple, Brother.

Hugh Brown, 67, June 2, 1868 at Auchinleck, Shoemaker, Married to Sarah Wilson,
John Brown, Weaver (dec) and Margaret McCrone (dec)
Robert Brown, Son.

George Burns, 72, June 6, 1868 at Auchinleck, Late Grocer, Married to Janet Richmond,
George Burns, Mason (dec) and Agnes Dalziel (dec)
William Burns, Son.

Elizabeth Scanlan, 1, August 26, 2868 at Auchinleck, Single,
Peter Scanlan, Pithead Man, and Mary Caveny (?)
Peter Scanlan, Father.

William Cassels, 1, August 31, 1868 at Auchinleck, Single,
William Cassels, Miner, and Janet Richmond,
William Cassels, Father (X)

Jessie Vanalce Lapraik, 13, September 7, 1868 at Auchinleck, Farm Servant, Single,
John Lapraik, Farm Labourer, and Janet Vallance,
John Lapraik, Father.

Margaret Gray, 94, March 11, 1868 at Newton Ayr, Widow of Peter Gray, Cotton Weaver,
Allan McRae, Fisherman (dec) and Agnes Lawson (dec)
Kennedy Crawford, No relationship given.

Elizabeth Merkland, 12 days, March 14, 1868 at St. Quivox, Single, Illegitimate,
Annie Merkland, Sewer, Annie Merkland,
Mother (X)

John Richmond, 3, March 14, 1868 at Newton Ayr, Single,
William Richmond, Railway Guard, and Margaret Christie,
William Richmond, Father.


Robert Murchie, 33, June 28.1868 at St. Quivox, Single, Seaman,
John Murchie, Sawyer, (dec) and Janet Boyd,
Thomas Dalton, Nephew,

William Richmond, 45, June 27. 1868 at Ayr, Tailor, Married to Helen Mills,
Robert Richmond, Tailor (dec), and Euphemia McClure (dec)
William Richmond, Son.

Robert White, 23, July 1, 1868 at Newton Ayr, Single, Compositor,
Robert White, Joiner, and Susan McIlwraith,
Robert White, Father.


Alexander Kerr, 26, March 3, 1868 at Ballantrae, Single, Warehouseman,
Alexander Kerr, Surfaceman (dec) and Margaret Wylie (dec)
Andrew Kerr, Uncle.

Anne Coulter, 20 months, May 1, 1868 at Ballantrae, Single,
William Coulter, Fisherman, and Margaret Birch,
Margaret Coulter, Mother.

James Thom Orr, 13 days, May 23, 1868 at Ballantrae, Single,
Helen Orr, Kitchenmaid,
William Orr, Grandfather (X)

Andrew Brackenridge, 26, May 6, 1868 at Dailly, Single, Engineer,
Allan Brackenridge, Farmer, and Jane Campbell,
Allan Brackenridge, Father.

James McCreath, 19 days, May 6, 1868 at Dailly, Single,
Thomas McCreath, Farmer, and Mary Wilson,
Thomas McCreath, Father.

Mary Fulton, 85, May 16, 1868 at Dailly, Widow of James Fulton, Weaver,
Alexander Richmond, Thatcher (dec) and Jane Fulton (dec)
William Fulton, Son.

Agnes Beveridge, 37, April 16, 1868 at Dalry, Married to David Beveridge, Mining Contractor,
William Rodger, Mining Overseer, and Agnes Kerr,
David Beveridge, Widower.

William Conory, 45, April 17, 1868 at Dalry, Iron Miner, Married to Rosey Higgins,
William Conory, Coal Miner (dec) and Agnes Higgins (dec)
James Higgins, Brother-in-law (X)

Ellen Gorman, 3 1/2 months, April 18, 1868 at Dalry, Single,
Samuel Gorman, Carter, and Susan Proctor,
Samuel Gorman, Father (X)


Thomas Dick Muir, 23 months, April 5, 1868 at Galston, Single,
Samuel Muir, Station Master, and Catherine Brown,
Samuel Muir, Father.

John White, 71, April 5, 1868 at Galston, Woodman, Widower of Isabella Taylor,
James White, Farmer (dec) and Grace Morton (dec)
David Crawford, Nephew.

Thomas Thomson, 23 months, April 12, 1868 at Galston, Single, Illegitimate,
Janet Thomson, Now married to Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker,
Hugh Richmond, Step-father.

Janet Roxburgh, 51, May 11, 1868 at Galston, Married to Matthew Roxburgh, Cotton Weaver,
David Law, Farmer (dec) and Jean Walker (dec),
Matthew Roxburgh, Husband.

Elizabeth Covington, 5 months, May 13, 1868 at Galston, Single,
Henry Covington, Groom, and Harriet Osborne,
Harriet Covington, Mother.


Elizabeth Caldwell, 6, May 16, 1868 at Galston, Single, Illegitimate,
Alexander Caldwell, Miner (Reputed Father) and Margaret Gibson - M.S. Hood,
James Hood, Grandfather.

Robert Lawson, 50, May 15, 1868 at Galston, Miner (?), Married to Catherine Somerville,
Robert Lawson, Miner (dec) and Jean B---ing (Writing incredibly bad)(dec)
John Lawson, Brother.

Matthew Morton, 76, May 16, 1868 at Galston, Road Surfaceman, Married to Janet Morton,
Matthew Morton, Farmer (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)
Thomas Morton, Cousin.

Margaret Steel, 4 months, May 19, 1868 at Galston, Single,
John Steel, Cotton Weaver, and Jeannie (?) Robertson,
John Steel, Father.


Roxannah Corrigan, 30, August 7, 1868 at Galston, Single,
Philip Corrigan, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Agnes Carrol,
Agnes Corrigan, Mother (X)

Agnes Limond Parker, 3 1/2 months, August 8. 1868 at Galston, Single, Illegitimate,
Allan Parker, Coal Miner, and Margaret Stewart, Domestic Servant,
George Stewart, Grandfather.

Charles Richmond, 17, August 9, 1868 at Galston, Single, Coal Miner,
James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Mary Anderson,
James Richmond, Father.

Janet Richmond, 65, August 10, 1868 at Galston, Married to James Richmond, Coal Miner,
James Neill, Coal Miner (dec) and Jean Brown (dec)
James Richmond, Husband.

Robert Cochrane, 65, August 12, 1868 at Galston, Farmer, Married to Margaret Woodburn,
Thomas Cochrane, Cheese Dealer (dec) and Jean Stevenson,
Thomas Cochrane, Son.

Robert Cameron Mackinnon, 18, August 12, 1868 at Galston, Single, Cotton Weaver,
William Mackinnon, Cotton Weaver, and Janet Holland,
William Mackinnon, Father (X)

Margaret Smith, 25, August 13, 1868 at Galston, Married to Peter Smith, Journeyman Slater,
John Richmond, Ploughman (dec) and Grace Cunningham,
Peter Smith, Husband.

William Campbell, 8 months, August 19, 1868 at Galston, Single,
George Campbell, Woolen Weaver, and Marion Sym,
George Campbell, Father.

Margaret Reid Torrance, 7 weeks, August 19, 1868 at Galston, Single,
David Torrance, Cotton Weaver, Margaret Young,
David Torrance, Father.

Helen Richmond, 8 months, March 16, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Single,
John Richmond, Hammerman, and Jane Martin,
John Richmond, Father (X)

Hugh Findlay, 36, March 17, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Single, Photographer,
Alexander Findlay, Coal Miner (dec) and Janet Richmond,
John Howie, Brother-in-law.

David Innes, 27 days, March 16, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Single,
James Innes, Joiner, and Mary Weir,
James Innes, Father.

Mary Murphy, 70, October 24, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Widow of William Murphy, Labourer,
Michael McEwing, Carrier (dec) and Catherine McCabb (dec)
Bernard Murphy, Son.

Janet Storrie, 65, October 25, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Widow of John Storrie,
Bowling Alley Manager 
- - - McCartney, Quarrier (dec) and Janet Bell (dec)
John Storrie, Son (X)

Mary Arthur, 25, October 24, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Married to George Arthur, Draper,
William Johnston, Draper, and Elizabeth Kenyon,
George Arthur, Widower.

Janet Henderson, 8, December 20, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Single,
James Henderson, Coal Miner, and Mary Armour,
James Henderson, Father.

James Parker, 77, December 17, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Spirit Merchant, Married to Margaret Wallace,
John Parker, Farmer (dec) - mother unknown,
George Parker, Son.

James McKenzie, 79, December 21, 1868 at Kilmarnock, Shoemaker, Widower of Margaret McLachlan,
James McKenzie (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
Hugh McKenzie, Son.  

Marion Stewart, 1, October 18, 1868 at Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, Single,
James Stewart, Coal Miner and Janet Ward,
James Stewart, Father (X)

John Ness, 2, October 21, 1868 at West Gatehead, Kilmaurs, Single,
John Ness, Carter, and Mary Clark,
John Ness, Father.

Jane Richmond, 1 1/2, October 24, 1868 at Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, Single,
James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Jane Miller,
James Richmond, Father (X)

Agnes Waddle, 5 months, November 5, 1868 at Kilwinning, Single, Illegitimate,
Thomas Waddle, Forest Labourer, and Agnes Bell, Domestic Servant,
Agnes Bell, Mother.

Elizabeth Young, 2 months, November 17, 1868 at Kilwinning, Single,
William Young, Baker, and Margaret Wilson,
William Young, Father.

James Smith, 5 minutes, November 18, 1868 at Kilwinning, Single,
Andrew Smith, Coal Miner, and Jane Richmond (formerly married name of McKechnie)
Andrew Smith, Father.

John Kerr, 61, December 10, 1868 at Kilwinning, Blacksmith, Married to Elizabeth Lawson,
Alexander Kerr, Farmer (dec) and Janet Thomson (dec),
Alexander Kerr, Son.

Janet Richmond, 70, December 8, 1868 at Kilwinning, Married to Mathew Richmond,
James Watson, House Painter (dec) and Catherine Smith (dec),
Mathew Richmond, Widower.

Archibald Young, 82, December 5, 1868 at Kilwinning, Farmer, Married to Mary Smith,
James Young, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Murchland (dec)
George Young, Son.

Margaret Connell, 65, February 17, 1868 at Loudoun, Married to Robert Connell, Muslin Weaver,
Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker (Master) (dec) and Margaret Pollock (dec)
Robert Connell, Widower.

Agnes Tarbet
, 65, February 19, 1868 at Darvel, Loudoun, Married to Peter Tarbet, Muslin Weaver,
John Patterson, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Christina Russell (dec),
Robert Tarbet, Son.

Agnes Morton, 69, February 22, 1868 at Darvel, Loudoun, Married to John Morton, Muslin Weaver,
James Findlay, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Christina Wilson,
John Morton, Widower.

Archibald Campbell Jamie, 5, April 24, 1868 at Newmilns, Loudoun, Single, Illegitimate,
Mary Jamie, (Now Richmond)
William Jamie, Grandfather.

Ann Houston, 70, April 25, 1868 at Loudoun, Widow of David Houston, Coal Miner,
John Latta, Carrier (dec) and Margaret Hunter (dec),
John Holland, Son-in-law.

Margaret Gebbie, about 100, April 22, 1868 at Brownhill Farm, Loudoun, Widow of John Gebbie, Farmer,
Robert Lindsay, Farmer (dec) and (mother's name not known)
Thomas Gebbie, Son.

Margaret Morton, 2 years and 10 months, May 28, 1868 at Newmilns, Loudoun, Single,
Thomas Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Reid,
Thomas Morton, Father.

John Robertson Gallacher, 3, June 2, 1868 at Newmilns, Loudoun, Single,
James Gallacher, Coal Miner, and Agnes Campbell,
James Gallacher, Father (X)

Thomas Findlay Richmond, 11 months, June 1, 1868 at Newmilns, Loudoun, Single,
Francis Findlay Richmond, Draper, and Mary Gemmell,
F.F. Richmond, Father.


Isabella Richmond, 17, March 27, 1868 at Mauchline, Single,
John Richmond, Time Keeper(dec) and Jean McKenna,
Helen Richmond, Aunt.

Mary Kirk, 28, April 5, 1868 at Mauchline, Single, Steam Loom Weaver,
George Kirk, Weaver, and Jean Hyde (dec)
David Lyell, Brother -in-law.

Mary Gibson, 15, 1868 at Mauchline, Single,
William Gibson, Joiner, and Marion Goldie,
William Gibson, Father.

Agnes Marshall, 26, July 14, 1868 at Mauchline, Single,
Alexander Marshall, Box Maker, and Jean Marshall (M.S.)
Alex Marshall, Father.

William Smith, 82, August 7, 1868 at Mauchline, Farmer, Married to May Smillie,
John Smith, Farmer, (dec)and Mary Lindsay (dec)
William Smith, Son.

Janet Alexander, 80, August 7, 1868 at Mauchline, Widow of William Alexander, Proprietor,
John Richmond, Writer (dec) and Janet Sojourner (dec)
Chas. G. Reston, Son-in-law
(Believe she was actually 76 or 77 as parents married in 1791)

William McMaster, 83, May 16, 1868 at Maybole, Cotton Weaver, Widower of Rachel Paterson,
William McMaster, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Elizabeth Brown (dec)
William Brown, Grandson.

Hugh Stevenson, 7 months, May 23, 1868 at Maybole, Single, Illegitimate,
Agnes Stevenson, Domestic Servant,
Agnes Stevenson, Mother.

Elizabeth Jamieson, 42, June 1, 1868 at Maybole, Married to Robert Jamieson, Farm Overseer,
James Richmond, Ploughman (dec), and Helen Hunter,
Robert Jamieson, Widower.

Jessie Whyte, 5 1/2 months, June 1, 1868 at Muirkirk, Single, Illegitimate,
Agnes Whyte, Domestic Servant,
Adam Whyte, Grandfather.

Janet Graham, 61, May 31, 1868 at Muirkirk, Married to William Graham, Farm Servant,
John Richmond, Stone Quarrier (dec) and Barbara McQueen (dec)
William Graham, Widower.

Janet Dalziel, 80, June 17, 1868 at Muirkirk, Widow of John Dalziel, Coal Miner,
William Lyle, Coal Miner (dec) and Margaret Anderson (dec)
Gavin Dalziel, Son (X)

Catherine McAllister, 2 years and 5 months, January 17, 1868 at Old Cumnock, Single,
Robert McAllister, Miner, and Rosanne Devlin,
Robert McAllister, Father (X)

Montgomery Richmond, 1 year and 10 months, January 26, 1868 at Old Cumnock, Single,
Robert Richmond, Weaver, and Mary Brydan.
Robert Richmond, Father.

Jane Cowan Halliday, 2 years and 10 months, January 29, 1868 at Old Cumnock, Single,
Thomas Halliday, Miner, and Elizabeth Jamie,
Thomas Halliday, Father.

Robert Britton, 2 weeks, February 12, 1868 at Longhouse, Old Cumnock, Single,
Robert Britton, Miner, and Jane Anderson, Domestic Servant,
Robert Britton, Father.

Jane Richmond, 70, February 10, 1868 at Old Cumnock,  Widow of John Richmond, Mason,
William McClymont, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Stoddart (dec)
William Richmond, Son.

Margaret Baird, 73, February 13, 1868 at Old Cumnock, Married to John Baird, Carter,
James Templeton, Farmer ((dec) and Agnes Lammie (dec)
Alexander Cross, Son-in-law.

Margaret McGuinness, 70, June 1, 1868 at Riccarton, Widow of James McGuinness, Block Printer,
Mark Arnould, Land Steward (dec) and Margaret McCall (dec)
James (?) McGuinness, Son.

William Craig, about 47, June 19, 1868 at Riccarton, Pitheadman, Married to Helen Douglas,
James Craig, Tenant Farmer (dec) and Mary Ann Richmond (dec)
James Craig, Son.

Mary Boyd, 39 1/3, June 24, 1868 at Ditton, Riccarton, Married to William Boyd, Tenant Farmer,
Peter Dickie, Tenant Farmer (dec) and Janet Marchland (dec)
William Boyd, Husband.

Mary Stevenson, 17 5/6, August 6, 1868 at Hurlford, Riccarton, Married to Andrew Stevenson, Coal Miner,
John Copland, Coal Miner, and Mary Bailie,
Andrew Stevenson, Husband. (X)

Annie Young, 10 weeks, August 7, 1868 at Hurlford, Riccarton, Single,
David Young, Overseer of Colliers, and Jane Richmond,
David Young, Father.

Robert McCourt, about 49, August 16, 1868 at Hurlford, Riccarton, Coal Miner, Married to Elizabeth Irvine,
James McCourt, Labourer(dec), and Margaret Davidson (dec),
James McCourt, Son.

James Cree, 1/2 hour, October 30, 1868 at Riccarton, Single,
John Cree, Coal Miner, and Annie Goudie,
John Cree, Father (X)

Mary Donnell, 10 days, November 1, 1868 at Hurlford, Riccarton, Single,
William Donnell, Roadsman at Colliery, and Sarah Michael,
William Donnell, Father (X)

Janet Richmond, 6 1/4, November 12, 1868 at Hurlford, Riccarton, Single,
John Richmond, Coal Miner, and Jean Pollock,
John Richmond, Father.

Hugh Dalziel, 50, June 20, 1868 at Sorn, Quarryman, Married to Margaret Richmond,
John Dalziel, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Hamilton (dec)
James Murdoch Dalziel, Half-brother.

Jane Buchanan, 35, June 26, 1868 at Catrine, Sorn, Married to Alexander Buchanan, Mill Worker,
William Shaw, Joiner (dec) and Jean Clachan (dec)
Alexander Buchanan, Widower.

Alexander Smith
, 2 1/2, June 27, 1868 at Sorn, Single, Illegitimate,
Isabella Smith, now married to Adam Simpson,
Adam Simpson, Step-father.


James Bell, 3 weeks, April 25, 1868 at Dalry, Single,
Robert Bell, Iron Miner, and Jane Hagan,
Robert Bell, Father.

Janet Small, 63, April 29, 1868 at Dalry, Married to John Small, Blacksmith,
William Richmond, Weaver (dec) and Janet Greig (dec) (OPR had her name spelled Gregg)
Robert Small, Son.

Patrick Gillespie, 45, May 6, 1868 at Dalry, Single, Iron Miner,
Patrick Gillespie, Labourer (dec) and Hannah Gillespie (M.S.) (dec)
Patrick Harley, Cousin (X)










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