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Some Ayrshire Deaths in 1864

Transcribed by George M. McCaig, Burlington, Ontario. 


Info as follows:

Name, age, date and place of death

Marital status, trade (if any)


Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)



Mary Stevenson, 74, June 22, 1864 at Ardrossan,

Married to Robert Stevenson, Farmer,

James Dickie, Farmer (dec) and Mary Allen (dec)

Robert Stevenson, Son.


Jane McTear, 30, June 22, 1864 at Saltcoats,

Married to Robert McTear, Labourer,

John Lundie, Labourer (dec) and Ann Lundie (MS)

Robert McTear, Widower (X)


James Shaw, 56, June 30, 1864 at Saltcoats, Single,

Neil Shaw, Shoemaker (dec) and Janet Bain (dec)

Isabella Boreland, Sister (X)


Agnes Bowman, 78, March 14, 1864 at Coylton, Pauper, Single,

Andrew Bowman, Farmer (dec) and Jean McCrae (dec)

Margaret Adams, Occupant (X)


Robert Paton, 74, March 30, 1864 at Coylton,

Pauper, formerly Ag. Lab, Widower of Jean Richmond,

Parents names not given,

Elizabeth Paton, Granddaughter.

(Robert & Jean were married in Stair, August 13, 1813. Jean died December 17, 1860)


William Donachie, 6, April 19, 1864 at Coylton, Single, Illegitimate,

James Donachie, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Bruce,

William ??(cannot read) cousin.


Janet Borland Wardrop Wallace, 5, May 6, 1864 at Troon, Single,

James Wallace, Forester, and Janet Hutchison,

James Wallace, Father.


Helen Richmond, 85, May 5, 1864 at Dundonald,

Widow of John Richmond, Thatcher,

John Wilson, Agricultural labourer (dec) and Margaret Sinclair (dec)

Margaret Loudon (I think) Niece (X)


Norman McKay, 51, May 9, 1864 at Gateside,

Married to Jane McKensie, (or McKinsie)

John McKay, Farmer (dec) and Christina McDermont (dec)

Robert Paton, Neighbour.


Agnes Derbie, 25, February 3, 1864 at Kirkton, Single,

Hugh Derbie, Shoemaker, and Janet Richmond,

Hugh Derbie, Father.


Janet Foulds, 90, February 20, 1864 at Fenwick,

Married to Andrew Foulds, Weaver,

John Dunn (dec) and Mary Borland (dec)

Margaret Foulds, Daughter (X)


Jean Millar Lindsay, 9 months, March 6, 1864 at Landyke, Single,

Thomas Lindsay, Farmer, and Ellen Allan,

Thomas Lindsay, Father.


Daniel Greenlees, 52, April 9, 1864 at Galston,

Watchmaker, Married to Margaret Maisland,

John Greenlees, (dec) and Margaret Ralston (dec)

John Greenlees, Son.


William Ramage, 18 months, April 11, 1864 at Galston, Single,

John Ramage, Ploughman (dec) and Jean Richmond,

David Richmond, Grandfather.


John Nisbet, 1, April 17, 1864 at Galston, Single,

Matthew Nisbet, Blacksmith, and Janet Napier,

Mathew Nisbet, Father. 


Elizabeth McGougan, 8 months, October 5, 1864 at Kilbirnie, Single,

Hyndman McGougan, Iron Miner, and Martha Richmond,

Hyndman McGougan, Father (X)


Mary Lamberton, 5 weeks, October 9, 1864 at Kilbirnie, Single,

Alexander Lamberton, Merchant, and Elizabeth Davies,

Alexander Lamberton, Father.


Margaret Mitchell, 21, October 13, 1864 at Kilbirnie, Single,

John Mitchell, Ironstone Drawer, and Rachel Gregg (dec)

John Mitchell, Father.


Elizabeth Lang, 5, January 24, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

John Lang, Labourer, and Jane Richmond (dec)

 John Lang, Father.


John Peebles, 22 months, January 24, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,

Elizabeth Peebles, Country Servant,

John Peebles, Uncle (X)


Helen McIntyre, 6 1/2, January 25, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

William McIntyre, Calico Printer, and Elizabeth Black,

D. McIntyre, Brother.


William McKaig, 3, April 1, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

William McKaig, Hammerman, and Margaret Adams,

Agnes Brown, Neighbour (X)

(This is a brother to my grandfather)


John McEwan, 15mos, April 3, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Thomas McEwan, Coal Miner, and Mary Mclaughland,

Mary McEwan, Mother (X)


Jane Hutchison Wight, 11 weeks, April 3, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Alexander Jamieson Wight, Skinner, and Elizabeth Brown,

Alex Jamieson Wight, Father.


Robert Barnes, 19 months, April 12, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

John Barnes, Calico Printer, and Mary Richmond,

John Barnes, Father.


Isabella Richmond, 9 months, April 15, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Hugh Richmond, Fireman, and Janet Muir,

Hugh Richmond, Father.


John Becket Grant, 2 months, April 16, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

John Grant, Railway Guard, and Jane Becket,

John Grant, Father.


Unnamed McCulloch, 30 minutes, May 9, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

William McCulloch, Labourer, and Sarah Donnachie,

William McCulloch, Father (X)


Margaret McCulloch, 29,May 10, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single, Domestic Servant,

Andrew McCulloch, Ploughman, and Margaret Wilson,

James Cunningham, Related.


Jean Johnstone, 80, May 14, 1864 at Kilmarnock,

Widow of William Johnstone (cannot make out trade)

John Clark, Mason (dec) and Agnes McCann (or McCowan)

Thomas Johnstone, Son. 


William Russell, 70, May 19, 1864 in Kilmarnock,

Wood Turner, Married to Agnes Muir,

Charles Russell, Wood Turner (dec) and Margaret Carswell (dec)

Charles Russell, Son.


Unnamed Lauder, 13 days, May 20, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single, Female Twin,

William Lauder, Boot Closer, and Jessie Richmond,

William Lauder, Father.


William Gibb, 79, May 19, 1864 at Kilmarnock,

Labourer, Married to Janet Marr (dec)

James Gibb, Labourer (dec) and Jean Wilson (dec)

John Gibb, Son.


Marion Scott, 22 months, June 9, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Thomas Scott, Joiner, and Susan Baird,

Thomas Scott, Father.


Agnes Aird, 16, June 9, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Charles Aird, Tailor, and Agnes McKillop,

Charles Aird, Father.


Janet McGee, 5, June 10, 1864 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Archibald McGee, Police Constable, and Helen Richmond

Archibald McGee, Father.


William Stewart, 38, August 1, 1864 at Kilmarnock,

Spirit Merchant, Married to Janet Barclay,

Thomas Stewart, Blacksmith (dec) and Janet Thomson,

John Hutchison, Cousin.


John Lymburn, 85, August 2, 1864 at Kilmarnock,

Shoemaker, Married to Ann Andrew,

John Lymburn, Shoemaker (dec) and Janet Stevenson (dec)

John Craig (cannot make out if related)


Marion Richmond, 2, August 3, 1964 at Kilmarnock, Single,

James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Margaret Thomson,

James Richmond, Father.


Jane Taylor, 71, September 30, 1864 at Kilmarnock,

Widow of Alex Patrick, Muslin Weaver, and Peter Taylor, Pensioner,

Robert Fleming, Mill Wright (dec) and Barbara Houston (dec)

Robert Patrick, Son.


John Murphy, 72, October 2, 1864 at Kilmarnock,

Labourer, Married to Helen Campbell,

Felix Murphy, Weaver (dec) (no mothers name given)

John Murphy, Son.


Elizabeth Richmond, 55, October 3, 1864 at Kilmarnock,

Single, Domestic Servant,

Ninian Richmond, Groom (dec) and Elizabeth Sawers (dec)

John Campbell, Son-in-law.


Jane Dunlop, 73, March 5, 1864 at Kilmaurs, Single, Dairymaid,

Robert Dunlop (dec) and Margaret Wyllie (dec)

George Morton, Farmer.


Margaret Richmond, 84, March 23, 1864 at Kilmaurs, Pauper, Single,

John Richmond, Pit Headman (dec) and Agnes Love (dec)

Peter Candlish, Son-in-law (X)


Mary Dunlop Dickie, 3, March 26, 1864 at Kilmaurs, Single,

James Dickie, Shoemaker, and Mary Raeburn,

James Dickie, Father (X)


Marion Wilson, 38, May 12, 1864 at Kilwinning,

Married to John Wilson, Baker,

James Baillie, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Jean Skeoch (dec)

John Wilson, Widower (X)


John Fleming, 18, May 12, 1864 at Kilwinning, Single, Joiner Apprentice,

Samuel Fleming, Labourer (dec) and Mary McKim,

Mary Fleming, Mother (X)


Unnamed Richmond, 38 hours, May 18, 1864 at Kilwinning, Single,

John Richmond, Coalpit Ovensman, and Jean Duff,

John Richmond, Father.


Jean Brown, 60, July 27, 1864 at Kilwinning,

Married to Henry Brown, Labourer,

Finlay Ross, Coal Miner (dec) and Janet Banks (dec)

Henry Brown, Widower.


Jean Rodger, 74, August 1, 1864 in Kilwinning,

Widow of Hugh Rodger, Farmer,

John Howit, Cattle Dealer (dec) and Janet Dunbarr (dec)

Thomas Rodger, Son.


John Richmond, 49, June 3, 1864 at Kilwinning,

Coal Pit Ovensman,

No parents given - I believe this is the same man listed above married to Jean Duff.


I.F. Murdoch. P.L., John killed in a rock fall in the coal pit.


Janet Hendry Scade, 15 months, November 12, 1864h at Darvel. Single,

Robert Anderson Scade, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Cunningham Cox,

Robert A. Scade, Father.


Margaret Campbell, 58, November 9, 1864 at Newmilns,

Married to John Campbell, Muslin Weaver,

Hugh Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Smith (dec)

John Campbell, Widower.


Agnes Richmond, 24, November 13, 1864 at Darvel,

Married to Alexander Richmond, Muslin Weaver,

Mathew Brown, Muslin Weaver, and Jean McMath ???

Alex Richmond, Widower.


Mary Anderson, 28, November 20, 1864 at Darvel, Single, Muslin Darner,

Hugh Anderson, Muslin Weaver, and Jean McMaster (dec)

Hugh Anderson, Father.


Agnes Pollock, 70, November 25, 1864 at Newmilns,

Widow of James Pollock, Muslin Weaver,

James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Helen Pollock (dec)

Richmond Pollock, Son.


Robert Thorburn, 1, November 28, 1864 at Loudoun Kirk, Single, Illegitimate,

Daniel Thorburn, Coal Miner, and Mary Levine ???, Lint Mill Worker,

Daniel Thorburn, Father.


Elizabeth Milligan, 11 days, February 17, 1864 at Mauchline, Single,

Joseph Milligan, Labourer, and Margaret Bone,

Joseph Milligan, Father.


John Smith, 72, February 28, 1964 at Mauchline, Single, Boxmaker,

James Smith, Wright (dec) and Whitefore Patrick (dec)

Adam Train, Inmate.


Elizabeth Richmond, 78, March 2, 1864 at Mauchline,

Widow of John Richmond, Weaver,

John Newlands, Labourer (dec) and Janet Clark (dec)

John Richmond, Son.


Andrew Richmond, 76, March 29, 1864 at Mauchline,
Labourer, Married to Jean Goldie,
John Richmond, Proprietor (dec) and Jean Lindsay (dec)
John Richmond, Son.

Thomas Brownlie, 7, April 15, 1964 at Mauchline, Single,
John Brownlie, Farmer, and Elizabeth Crawford,
John Brownlie, Father.

Elizabeth Hillhouse, 51, April 18, 1864 at Mauchline,
Widow of Robert Hillhouse, Brewer,
Thomas Murray, and Jean Guthrie,
John Rankin, Son-in-law.

Unnamed Inglis, 8 days, May 24, 1864 at Muirkirk,
Single, male child,
George Inglis, Mineral Contractor (?) and Jane Peterson,
George Inglis, Father.

James Richmond, 32, May 19, 1864 at Muirkirk, Single, Coal Miner,
James Richmond, Stone Breaker (dec) and Janet McIlreath (dec),
Janet Angus, Sister (X)

Francis Bell, 3 1/2, May 20, 1864 at Muirkirk, Single,
Robert Bell, Coal Miner, and Jane Gall,
Robert Bell, Father.

Jessie Lees, 5 3/4, January 7, 1864 at Old Cumnock, Single,
William Lees, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Sloan,
Mary Lees, Mother.

Jane Blackwood, 46, January 12, 1864 at Old Cumnock,
Widow of Richard Blackwood, Miner.
Hugh Cuthbertson, Collier (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
Thomas Blackwood, Son.

Agnes Maxwell, 93, January 9, 1864 at Old Cumnock,
Widow of Joseph Maxwell, Labourer,
John Black, Farmer (dec) and ----- Seaton, (dec)
----- Johnston, Son-in-law.

Margaret Richmond, 1, March 18, 1864 at Old Cumnock, Single,
Robert Richmond, Woollen Weaver, and Mary Brydan
Robert Richmond, Father.

Alexander Kerr, 73, March 19, 1864 at Old Cumnock,
Iron Miner, Married to Mary Sim,
Archibald Kerr, Labourer (dec) and Sarah White,
Archibald Kerr, Son.

George Hamilton Smith, 1 1/2, March 12, 1864 at Old Cumnock, Single,
James Smith, Baker (dec) and Agnes Hamilton,
David Smith, Grandfather.

John Garret, 22, January 20, 1864 at Riccarton, Single, Coal Miner,
Andrew Garret, Coal Miner, and Mary Bowie,
Andrew Garret, Father.

Agnes Murray Young, 17 weeks, January 22, 1864 at Hurlford, Single,
David Young, Timekeeper, and Jane Richmond,
David Young, Father.

Robert Speir, 3 1/2, January 24, 1864 at Hurlford, Single,
Robert Speir, General Labourer, and Jean Clark,
Robert Speir, Father. 
Mary Ann Fyfe, 4 1/6, July 3, 1864 at Riccarton, Single,
George Fyfe, Gardener, and Ann Storie,
George Fyfe, Father.

David Breckenridge, 2 yrs 3 mos, July 2, 1864 at Riccarton, Single,
James Breckenridge, Saw Mill Labourer, and Agnes Richmond,
James Breckenridge, Father.

David Auld, 4 2/3, July 5, 1864 at Riccarton, Single,
John Auld, Coal Miner, and Agnes Rodman,
John Auld, Father.

James Robertson, 3 1/2, July 11, 1864 at Riccarton, Single,
James Robertson, Coal Miner, and Mary Livingston,
James Robertson, Father.

Thomas Black, 14 months, July 11, 1864 at Hurlford, Single,
George Black, Coal Miner, and Margaret Richmond,
George Black, Father.

Mary Pollock Agnew, 15 1/2 months, July 11, 1864 at Riccarton, Single,
Thomas Agnew, Mineral Borer, and Mary Reid,
Thomas Agnew, Father.

John Paterson, 72, March 23, 1864 at Catrine,
Inn Keeper, Married to Janet Samson,
Alexander Paterson, Grocer (dec) and (neither christian or maiden names given) (dec)
William Paterson, Son.

Hugh Anderson, 73, March 24, 1864 at Catrine,
Mason, Married to Helen Reid,
Hugh Anderson, Lint Miller (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
Hugh Anderson, Son.

John Osborne, 16, March 24, 1864 at Sorn, Single,
William Osborne, Farmer (dec) and Janet Wyllie (dec)
James Kerr, Cousin.

Agnes Speirs, 78, April 18, 1864 at Catrine,
Widow of William Speirs, Mason,
John Kirkland, Labourer (dec) and Janet Wisman (dec)
John Roney, Son-in-law.

Janet Johnston, 21, April 19, 1864 at Catrine,
Married to Alexander Johnston, Blacksmith,
George Mair, Ironstone Miner (dec) and Janet Rogerson,
Alexander Johnston, Widower.

James Reid, 41, April 19, 1864 at Catrine, Single, Corn Miller,
Hugh Reid, Grocer (dec) and Agnes Richmond,
Hugh Reid Graton (? very hard to read signature), Nephew.

William Tod, 57, September 26, 1864, at Stevenston,
Labourer, Married to Elizabeth Kerr,
James Tod, Farm Labourer, and Margaret Mercer (dec)
James Tod, Son.

Jean Craig, 37, September 28, 1864 at Stevenston,
Married to Robert Craig, Master Baker,
Peter Orr, Skinner (dec) and Margaret Richmond,
James Craig, Father-in-law.

Mary Arnot, 39, September 28, 1864 at Saltcoats,
Married to William Arnot, Mason, Journeyman,
Robert Brown, Weaver (dec) and Mary Brownlie (dec)
William Arnot, Husband.

??? Anderson Ward (female), 9 mos., February 28, 1864 at West Kilbride, Single,
Patrick Ward, Labourer, and Ann Devlin,
Patrick Ward, Father (X)

Robert Speirs, 1 month, February 29, 1864 at West Kilbride, Single,
Robert Speirs, Seaman, and Elizabeth Richmond,
William Wilson, Uncle.

Rachel Armstrong, 12, March 3, 1864 at West Kilbride, Single,
William Armstrong, Labourer, and Isabella Anderson,
William Armstrong, Father (X)

The West Kilbride page was very hard to read - very faint.  


Elizabeth Anderson, 8 months, June 14, 1864 at Saltcoats, Single,
James Anderson, Ships Carpenter Journeyman, and Catherine McConnochy,
James Anderson, Father.

William Richmond, 49, May 29, 1864 at Saltcoats, Single, Illegitimate 
William Richmond, Miner (dec) and Jean Fraser,
Thomas Reid, Brother-in-law.

Elizabeth Taylor, 3, June 4, 1864 at Saltcoats, Single,
Duncan Taylor, Shipsmaster, and Mary Martin,
Jane Kerr, Aunt.










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