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Some Ayrshire Marriages in 1862

Some Marriages transcribed from Marriage Certificates 

Many thanks to George M. McCaig , in  Canada. For transcribing these.


They are displayed in the following format :- 

Date & place of marriage
Groom, age, occupation, status, where born
Father, trade, Mother
Bride, age, occupation, status, where born
Father, trade, Mother 



August 22, 1862 at Auchinleck,
Robert Sharky, 24, Miner, Bachelor, of Auchinleck,
Son of Edward Sharky, Miner, and Margaret Barr,
Mary Thomson, 22, Spinster, of Auchinleck,
Daughter of James Thomson, Miner, and Agnes Scollie,

September 12, 1862 at Auchinleck,
Andrew Richmond, 25, Engine Keeper, Bachelor, of Cumnock,
Son of Peter Richmond, Farm Labourer (dec) and Helen Glencourse (dec)
Catherine Findlay, 20, Spinster, of Auchinleck,
Daughter of George Findlay, Farmer, and Ann Bowie.

September 16, 1862 at Troon,
John Buchanan, 34, Shipwright, Bachelor, of Troon,
Son of James Buchanan, Ploughman, and Mary Kerr,
Margaret Henderson, 22, Spinster of Troon,
Daughter of David Henderson, Plaster (Master) and Isabella Drinnan.

September 19, 1862 at Muirhead,
James Richmond, 32, Land Steward, Bachelor of Galston,
Son of Andrew Richmond, and Mary Young,
Mary Ann McLean, 30, Dressmaker, Spinster, of Muirhead,
Daughter of William McLean, Surfaceman Foreman, and Margaret Allan.

May 20, 1862 at Galston,
Matthew Todd, 24, Cotton Weaver, Bachelor, of Galston,
Son of James Todd, Cotton Weaver, and Agnes McCardle,
Jane Marshall, 30, Domestic Servant, Spinster, of Galston,
Daughter of Alexander Marshall, Saddler, and Christina Wallace  (dec)

June 3, 1862 at Galston,
William Richmond, 28,Coal Miner, Widower, of Galston,
Son of James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Mary Anderson.
Isabella Clark, 25, Domestic Servant, Spinster, of Galston,
Daughter of Francis Clark, Labourer in Coalpit, and Elizabeth McRae.

June 6, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
Samuel McLimont, 20,Tailor, Bachelor of Kilmarnock
Son of James McLimont, Labourer, and Jane Park (dec)
Marion Borland, 20, Dress Maker, Spinster,
Daughter of James Borland, Carpet Weaver, and Janet Crawford.

June 13, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
Robert King, 25, Plasterer, Bachelor, of Glasgow,
Son of Thomas King, Miller, and Isabella S----ie (dec) (cannot make out writing)
Catherine Richmond, 21, Steam Loom Weaver, Spinster,
Daughter of John Richmond, Block Printer, (dec) and Janet Millar.

July 11, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
John Barnes, 25, Calico Printer, Bachelor, of Riccarton,
Son of Robert Barnes, Hand Loom Weaver, and Agnes Gemmel,
Mary Richmond, 25, Spinster, of Kilmarnock,
Daughter of Roxburgh Richmond, Carpet Weaver (dec) and Janet Thomson (dec)

July 11, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
James Kirkwood, 24, Coal Miner, Bachelor, of Kilmarnock,
Son of Robert Kirkwood, Coal Miner (dec) and Ellen Ferguson.
Mary McCabe, 20, Mill Worker, Spinster, of Kilmarnock,
Daughter of Peter McCabe, Labourer (dec) and Agnes Stewart.
February 14, 1862 at Kilmaurs,
Hugh Gibson, 36, Putter in Coalpit, Single, of Irvine,
Son of Thomas Gibson, Pensioner, and Margaret Johnston,
Marion Smith, 37, Hand Sewer, Single,
Daughter of John Smith, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Jane Elliot (dec)

February 28, 1862 at Kilmaurs,
James Findlay, 26, Coal Miner, Single (Cousins)
Son of Alexander Findlay, Coal Miner (dec) and Janet Richmond,
Christina Richmond, 21, Hand Sewer, Single,
Daughter of William Richmond, Engine Keeper, and Agnes Wilson.

June 9, 1862 at Mauchline,
James Gibson, 27, Wright, Widower, of Mauchline,
Son of James Gibson, Wright, and Agnes Miller,
Sarah Richmond, 30, Straw Hat Maker, Widow,
Daughter of William Richmond, Labourer (dec) and Sarah Reid (dec)

June 13, 1862 at Mauchline,
William Roxburgh, 24, Farm Servant, Bachelor, of Ochiltree,
Son of Walter Roxburgh, Blacksmith, and Agnes Reid.
Elizabeth Young, 21 (or 26), Spinster,
Daughter of Robert Young, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Templeton.

December 5, 1862 at Riccarton,
William Templeton, 22, Railway Porter, Single, of Kilmarnock,
Son of William Templeton, Railway Porter, and Elizabeth Morton,
Jane Richmond, 20, Single, of Riccarton,
Daughter of Matthew Richmond, Coal Carter, and Janet Martin (dec)

December 19, 1862 at Hurlford,
James Barbour, 25, Miner, Single, of Hurlford,
Son of John Barbour, Coal Miner, and Catherine Adam (dec)
Margaret Mitchell, 23, Servant, Single,
Daughter of Ebenezer Mitchell, Coal Miner (dec) and Jane Ramage.

June 3, 1862 at Sorn,
James Wilson, 58,Wright, Widower, of Mauchline,
Son of David Wilson, Smith (dec) and Marion Wallace (dec)
Mary Mitchell, 33, Spinster, of Sorn,
Daughter of George Mitchell, Thatcher, and Agnes Reid (dec)
June 6, 1862 at Sorn,
Thomas Cuthbertson, 25, Railway Carter, Bachelor, of Glasgow,
Son of Hugh Cuthbertson, Cotton Weaver, and Agnes Connel,
Elizabeth Richmond, 31, Spinster, of Darnhay,
Daughter of John Richmond, Farmer, and Jean Howat (dec)

December 5, 1862 at Stair,
Alexander Thom, 27, Farm Servant, Single, of Tarbolton,
Son of Charles Thom, Labourer, and Minnie Tunnoch,
Margaret Ramsay, 23, Domestic Servant, Spinster, of Ochiltree,
Daughter of James Ramsay, Labourer, and Marion Lees (or Tees)

December 30, 1862 at Stair,
William McMinn, 38, Sawyer, Bachelor, of Barskimming Mill,
Son of Thomas McMinn, Gardner, and Mary Clark (dec)
Mary Richmond, 29, Spinster, of Redhill,
Daughter of Alexander Richmond, Forrester, and Janet Muir.

December 30, 1862 at West Kilbride,
John Richmond, 32, Miller, Single, of West Kilbride,
Son of Thomas Richmond, Miller, and Janet Craig (dec)
Mary McPherson, 35, Farm Servant, Single, of West Kilbride,
Daughter of Donald McPherson, Farmer, and Mary McLean.








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