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What is known of PREHISTORIC MAN IN AYRSHIRE, as revealed to us from ancient caves, cairns, stone coffins, mounds, long barrows, shell heaps, remains of cannibal feasts, cromlechs, crannogs, rock-graves, camps, turf-spirals, hillforts, stockades, dinans, kits, military trenches, ' Druidical circles,' hut-circles, vitrified walls, monoliths, rocking-stones, treaty-stones, sanctuary-stones, rock-sculpturings, cups and rings ; and by flint, stone, jasper, agate, bone, horn, Druid's glass, iron, bronze, brass, gold, silver, leather, etc., implements, utensils, ornaments, and weapons; wood-carving, urn s with human ashes, etc,; pottery, pigments, etc.

Besides consulting the available literature on the subject, I have traversed nearly ' every inch' of the county on foot, and have collected with my own hands hundreds of prehistoric relics from caves, crannogs, shell-mounds, rock-shelters, sands, gravels, etc" taking measurements, and making drawings which have been reproduced in this volume. I have been fortunate, through the kind offices of R. W. Cochran Patrick, Esq., LL. D., of Ladyland, etc., in getting electro-cliches of some of the blocks wherewith the Ayr-Wigton and Galloway collect ions are illustrated, and these will speak for themselves.







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